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Gang Stalking – Disgusted by all the filth.

Lots of broken glass on the sidewalk after the...

Deutsch: Hundehaufen Zeit der Aufnahmen: 16:42...

Sidewalk, Baronne Street, New Orleans Central ...

Sidewalk, Baronne Street, New Orleans Central Business District. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Defunct business name in front sidewalk. Anoth...

Defunct business name in front sidewalk. Another entry to a shop, now a parking lot. Shreveport, Louisiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Business Park Several small businesse...

English: Business Park Several small businesses have been given premises and grants to start up here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just don’t understand it.  How can people who own a business or property let it get ruined?  Usually the gang stalkers do damage to a property by breaking the sidewalks, tearing down trees, dirtying area. And a business will usually have the same damage around their business.  Graffiti on the outside, lawn destroyed, door  broken or bashed in.  I can’t believe that people who worked hard all their lives let a bunch of savages destroy what they’ve built up over the years.  And all the businesses and properties take part in gang stalking.  I’ve always wondered, are they forced to do what they do?  Or do they do it willingly?  Do they get paid for the damage done to their property or business?  That’s the only answer I can come up with. The businesses get paid by the government for letting their business become places of harassment to the targets.  Otherwise, how else can I explain such stupidity by people who supposedly have brains?

And it’s not only the properties and business which allow the damage.  This also happens at the library, banks, churches, on busses, etc.  They all allow damage to be done to whatever they run.  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  None of it.  It’s like the monkeys have been let loose in the world, and are given permission  to do everything in their power to make the world an ugly place to live.  There seems to be no concern on any of their part that the damage is happening; that the world is being made a really nasty place to live in.

I’m sure you targets know what I’m talking about.  I’m sure you see all the damage around wherever you are.  That when you walk the sidewalks are usually a mess, that there’s dirt everywhere, the trees are dying, the bus stop is filthy and the seats broken.  This damage is purposely caused.  It’s not lack of funds.  I’ve seen new trees put in, new bus seats, the area cleaned up .  Within a month or so, the area becomes a disgusting place to be.  Cigarettes butts all over the place, papers strewn around, plastic bags everywhere, bottles, dog feces.  Just disgusting things to see.  All the damage done by the gang stalkers.  And the businesses know it’s being done by them.  But still, they allow them on their property to cause damage.

I’m totally baffled by the whole thing. And disgusted I have to deal with all the filth.

All the pictures above showing broken sidewalks, feces are exactly what the area I live in looks like.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me a nutcase.

Yesterday, I came home to find someone had smeared feces on my door and on outside air conditioning unit. At first, I thought it was chocolate. It had that chocolatey color, but on closer inspection, it was definitely feces. I think someone who walks his dog in front of my apartment did it. It’s supposed to be a lawn, not a place where dogs urinate and relief themselves. People don’t have to worry about where they let their dogs go, management allows it to be done to me with its approval. If what is happening to me happened to someone else, there’d be a big outcry; but it’s just me, so it’s allowed. The management people do it themselves. They let their dog relief himself in front of my apartment.

I ran to the manager and told her what happened. She came to look and left. I also called the police department. They wouldn’t come to take a look because I did not see who did it. But I asked them if I could have a report written up about the incident. They agreed to do that. And the manager returned with a mop and scrubber to clean my door. I was going to leave it on the door for everyone to see. The manager removed the feces because she said it did not look good.

I always find it strange to Google something and that something turns out to be something I’ve written. It’s kind of flattering. It’s another thing, though, to have someone take what I’ve written and make it sound like I belong in a loony bin. When I go to my site, I usually check out who is reading my blog. This time when I checked it out, a site by the name of http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread729366/pg1 appeared. I went into the site and discovered my blog being discussed by a group of people. They think there are three reasons I’m writing this blog: 1) I’m off my meds; 2)for comedic entertainment 3)plea for attention. If there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s attention. I have it non-stop, 24/7, from the gang stalkers. So, believe me, abovetopsecret, I don’t need any more attention. I have a lot more than I want or need. Your remark that “I’m off my meds”…I don’t take any meds. Also, from reading your site, it sounds to me as if you people might need some meds. You seem overly hyper and make silly remarks throughout sounding like people who need meds. And as to writing this blog for comedic entertainment, I only wish I was writing this blog for comedic entertainment. What’s happening to me is not funny, nor made up.

I guess you can sit at your computer and make fun of me. Unless you actually experience what I’m going through, don’t knock it. It’s a gang stalking and psychological harassment game played by a bunch of nitwits hired by the U.S. government. Things done to me seem very normal to someone looking on, but are not. That’s why this gang stalking works. The things gang stalkers do to targets are very subtle … one of the reasons I don’t show videos. If I were to shoot a video, it would look very ordinary to you, but I’d know what is going on. I noticed you had a lot of fun making snide remarks about a woman who shot a video showing what was happening to her. So until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me a nutcase. And be glad it’s not happening to you, because it’s a hellish experience. I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. Now, abovetopsecret, start with the laughter!

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Gang Stalking – Oh, what a good day (week) I’m having…

I’m on the bus now. The bus driver is jerking the bus continuously. He puts a heavy foot on the brake so I’ll fall. The lights on the bus are on and the driver also has the heat on the seat in which I’m sitting.  It feels like 300 degrees on the bus.  Outside, the humidity must be in the 100s.  So you can imagine what it feels like.  A sweat box.  My face is dripping with sweat.  The  heat hasn’t been put on in a while so I’d forgotten about the heat.  In the wintertime, the bus driver puts on the air conditioning.   The savages will do anything to make my life  miserable.   So I can now look forward to having  heat on the bus  for the rest of the summer.  Now I know summer has arrived in  Las Vegas.

This week has not been a good one for me.  All week-long I’ve been hounded like an animal.  The woman upstairs, who sprays me with pesticide non-stop, pushed me and I fell to the ground.  I landed on my back.  I was going to call the police and complain,  but it would have been a waste of time.  She had a friend with her who would have vouched for her.  He would have told the cops that she didn’t do  anything to me.  And the cop would have shown up and treated me like a criminal.

The pushing occurred because I told  her never to speak to me the way she had.    She’s constantly throwing  cigarette butts in front of my apartment.  She  doesn’t even put  the ashes out. She throws them down lit.  A few times, I’ve almost gotten a burn.  So I got angry and threw the cigarettes up  to where she lives.  She came running down, screamed at me and told me to pick up the cigarettes. I told her I wasn’t picking up anything.  She swore up and down that she hadn’t thrown them down. I hadn’t seen her throw the cigarettes down that day, but I’ve seen her on other days.    So since I hadn’t seen her, I went upstairs and picked up the butts.  She followed me downstairs and  told me to pick up some feces someone had put in front of my apartment   I was going to pick up the feces  before she interrupted  me,   so I picked up the feces.   Not because she told me, but because I was going to do it,  anyway.   If I left the feces outside, my apartment would have been overrun with ants and roaches.  That’s why they’re always leaving feces in front of my apartment.

The next day, as I was on my way out, I saw her.  I told her  never to speak to me the way she had.   That’s  when she came toward me and pushed me.  I tried to stop  myself from falling, but the gravel underneath my feet was too slippery and I went down.  She and her friend laughed.

I went into the office and complained to the Manager.    The Manager is involved in  gang stalking, too.   She did say,  though, that  she would talk to her.  I told the Manager  not  to say anything to the woman.  I was informing her of what happened.  The woman from upstairs was obviously drunk and very high.  I figured it was in my best interest not to make too much of a fuss.  Who knows what she would have done to me?  But from now on, I will file a complaint no matter who is  around to back her up.

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