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Gang Stalking – Experiments will prove I’ve been right all along.

Okay, I would you to try two experiments.

The first one requires a plastic bottle.  A plastic water bottle works very well, preferably a gallon one with a handle.  Take that gallon plastic bottle with the handle, go to your socket and put it over the socket. Make sure the socket is completely covered by the bottle. Now take some tape and attach the plastic bottle to the wall above the socket.  Tell me what you discover.

Now experiment number two.  If you have 8 x 10 mirror, it doesn’t have to be expensive, use it.  You can buy a cheapie at one of those dollar stores.  Now take that 8 x 10 mirror and turn it facing the mirrors you have in your house/apartment. Do it to every mirror. Now tell me what you discover. I know what I discovered, now I you want to tell me what you found out doing both these experiments.  You’ll be very surprised.

I can tell you what I discovered, but if you do it yourself, you’ll remember.  If I tell you, you won’t remember .

Please do this experiment. It’ll back up what I’ve told you all along.

Thank you.

Gang Stalking – Americans will continue to be lab rats.

Nerve experiments with rats

Nerve experiments with rats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




English: Group of men who were test subjects i...

English: Group of men who were test subjects in the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sit in my apartment feeling like a rat.  For a very long time, rats have been targets of government experiments, and they still are.  But now, I feel like one of those rats.  I’m kept in a cage, my apartment, and cameras  are set-up all over my apartment and I’m studied. I’m studied day and night.  And notes are kept on what I do.  Does she feel pain, anger, afraid, lonely, smart, stupid?

The government wants to know all these things about me because I’ve become their target rat, like many others. They are kept in cages and watched,too.  The rats are good enough for experiments, but the government needs living, breathing human beings to get real feedback.  The government wants to know what I and others will do in certain situations.

If we send electricity running into her body, how will she react?  Will she scream?  Will she complain?  Will she ignore it?

If we send vermin into her apartment, how will she react?  Afraid? Not bothered?  Get out her pesticide and kill them?

If we tell her neighbors to make a lot of noise and not ever let her have any peace, how will she react?  Ignore?  Start showing signs of insanity?  Will she make noise back?  Will she scream her neighbors are driving her crazy?

When she goes out, we’ll  break into her apartment and damage her clothes, steal her food, make holes in the walls,  put fingerprints all over her table, leave footprints in her bathtub and do a lot of damage to her apartment, how will she react?’

We’ll follow her everywhere she goes and never leave her alone outside.  We’ll make sure everywhere she goes, she’ll be belittled, ignored, cheated, treated rudely, given bad food, have things stolen from her handbag, or  rip it.  How will she react? Will she stay calm, or lose her cool?

I guess the government needs to know all this information so it knows what to do when it needs to control the American people.  Of course, the government already has a lot of control over us, but they still need to know more.  It needs more information on those people who won’t fall into line so easily. It needs more information on those it thinks will cause trouble.   They need to know how to control us.  The government can then guess how the troublemakers will react.   The government can ready itself to control those that will not obey.  It will know how to control those who will not stay quiet.  The government can’t take a chance on those who’ll speak up getting  citizens to turn against the government.

So we “lab rats” will continue to suffer.  The government will continue to abuse us until they get us to a point where we give up. And when we “lab rats” get to that point, the government will feel it succeeded in its experiments.

Why does it need more people to experiment on?  For many years, the government has done experiments on Americans.  Because there are always new drugs, new ways of acting and the government needs to know that it can control the masses. So, it will never  stop the experiments, and it will continue to make some Americans “lab rats”.

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Gang Stalking – Harassment of citizens by U.S. government.

English: Doctor injects test subject with plac...

Image via Wikipedia - test subject injected by doctor.

English: Group of men who were test subjects i...

Image via Wikipedia - Tuskegee syphilis experiments test subjects.

English: Draft report for part of the Tuskegee...

Image via Wikipedia - Tuskegee syphilis experiment draft report.

On Saturday, I was walking out of my apartment when I saw a girl with blonde hair riding her bike.  She was between the ages of 10-12.  A little chubby.  As I walked by her, she made a u-turn.  I automatically turned my head.  The girl had on a sweater with a v-neck.  She took her v-neck sweater and pulled it down so I was able to see her small breast.  Without thinking, I shouted, “I can’t believe it.  They’re prostituting their grandchild.”  This happens a lot to me with women who are older.  Every time they see me, they pull their sweaters down so I can see their breasts.  It’s part of the harassment I have to put up with.  But to see a little  girl doing the same thing, just shook me!  The little girl is the grandchild of the apartment manager and her husband.  She knew what to do because she was told what to do by her grandparents.  How can people prostitute their grandchildren that way?  The  government tells citizens to involve their children and grandchildren in what they are doing.  To me it is a very sick thing to do.  How can people be so stupid?  How can they go along with a government who tells them to do such disgusting things that involve their own families?  It is sick!

I’m not the only one who has to put with things like this.  They do the same things to men.  A lot of men have to put up with accusations of child molestation or pedophilia.  Men who have done nothing, but have to put up with false accusations. They especially like to do things like this to people who are single and live by themselves.

The people who run the government program of gang stalking are very, very, sick people.

The U.S. government has done things like this before.  It is not their first time.  The U.S. government has a history of secrecy.

In the l940’s, the U.S. government infected with gonorrhea, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases Guatemalan men.  The Guatemalan men though they were getting free health care, but they were just guinea pigs in the U.S. government’s experiments. And the sexually transmitted diseases were passed on to their families.  If you’d like more info on this, Google it.  There’s a lot of information on this experiment.

And then in the rural south, the government infected black men with syphilis. They also thought they were receiving  free health care.  The experiment’s name was Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Over 1500 men were part of this experiment.  A lot of the men got very sick, and some died. And their families also suffered.  The syphilis was passed on to their children and wives.  The experiments went on from l932 – l972.  That’s not too long ago.

The two experiments I cite are only two of the experiments the U.S. has conducted.  There are over hundreds of other experiments done on civilians and soldiers.

And now in the age of terrorists, it is experimenting with American citizens in another way.  Not by infecting us with sexually transmitted diseases, but trying to get us to commit terrorists act,  kill ourselves, or end up in some mental institution.

And citizens who refuse to believe that this is happening to other citizens are also committing crimes by not speaking out. I’ve spoken out, but no one will listen.  What will it take for other citizens to open their minds to the possibility that this is happening?  I just don’t know what to do.

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