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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Why does corruption exist?

Can it be stopped?  What can bloggers do to help?

Corruption exist because it comes naturally to people.  We humans don’t have some very nice traits, and this is one of them. I’m not saying all humans are corrupt, but  there are many who are.

It’s easy to become corrupt.   We work and work and see nothing for our efforts.  We look at others who are doing well, and we envy them.  Why are their lives so much better than ours?  It’s not by the grace of God that the people we envy are rich.  But we do notice, the people who are rich are not the most honest.  They lie, cheat,  and are  consummate phonies.  We see rich people driving Rolls-Royce*, traveling to exotic locations, living in mansions.  So the image of these rich people stays in our mind.  And when we get an opportunity to gain some wealth, we go for it.  Why should we live a life of barely subsisting when we can be rich?  So we lie, cheat and do whatever it is takes to live the “high life”?  We become corrupt.  We want to be the one people notice and talk about in hushed tones.  We figure we’ll never be caught. If others have gotten away with being corrupt, why can’t we?

I don’t think  corruption can ever be stopped.  Where there are people, there is corruption.  And it doesn’t matter what a person does, corruption is like Eve telling Adam to eat the apple.  People are easily won over.

What can we bloggers do?  We can  call attention to corruption that’s happening all around us.  We can write blogs and pass the information on to the public.

*Out of curiosity, I looked up the price of a RR.  The range is from $380,000 to 450,000. Wow! I didn’t know a RR is so expensive.  No wonder people are corrupt.

Countdown:  87 blogs to write.

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