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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Make a list of five things you’re afraid to write about.

I’m not afraid to write about anything. I write about anything that interests me. The problem I have is  writing about emotional things.

1. I have a problem writing about my mother. I get very emotional. I know if she were still alive, she would not have turned on me as everyone else in my family has.

2.  My family.  I can’t write about them. I get very emotional, too.  That my family turned against me still gets me upset.

3.  Even though I write about this all the time, I don’t like  writing about it.  The things that annoy me  about gang stalking and gang stalkers. I don’t like writing about this because if they know something  annoys me, they will use it  against me.  But I still write about it, because I want others to know what sort of things gang stalkers do.

4.  Loneliness.  I don’t like to write about how lonely being a target is. I feel I have to, though, because it’s true and it might help someone else  not feel so alone.

5.   I don’t really like to write about how crappy a day of mine has been.  Sometimes I’m sure readers would wish I’d shut up and stop complaining.  But if I don’t write about my crappy days, I’m letting all those who are targets down.  It lets them know what crappy days they will have. 

I write  this blog to let other targets know what sort of things they’ll have to face on a day-to-day basis.  If I can help make their lives a little better, it makes me happy. 

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