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Gang Stalking – Edward Snowden – Hero and patriot.

Pardon Edward Snowden

Pardon Edward Snowden (Photo credit: Tc Morgan)

In Honor Of Edward Snowden

In Honor Of Edward Snowden (Photo credit: Big Grey Mare)

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Photo credit: svennevenn)

Let’s see, Brazil, Mexico, England, and now the French.  Edward Snowden released information on how the N.S.A. is spying on French citizens. The N.S.A hacked 7* million emails** of French citizens.  If we keep this spying thing up, we’re not going to have any friends left.  Every country will turn against us.  I think that would be very good for us targets.  If other countries start mistrusting the U.S., then we’ll have a country to go to.  We won’t have to worry about being a target in another country.  I hope Edward Snowden keeps releasing information on all the spying the U.S. is doing.  He’s definitely my hero.  Good job, Edward Snowden. Keep up the good work.  Keep on releasing all the information you have.

No apartment yet. I returned to the apartment complex I told you I felt safe in. Well, this time it was a different story.  Perps surrounded me everywhere I went. I guess it was an off day for the perps when I visited the apartment complex the first time. I walked into the manager’s office and he seemed like a different person.  His face even looked different. There wasn’t the smile  that I saw  the first time.  This time, he looked at me as if he was seeing someone very strange.  I asked him, “Is the studio I looked at on Saturday still available?”  He hesitated before he spoke.  He replied, “No, it’s been rented.”  I could tell by his response that he was not telling me the truth. I’m very good with body language. He seemed nervous.  Did he think I was going to do something to him? He began twirling his wedding ring around. I know when a man does this, it means something. I don’t know what it means, but it told me he was lying to me.  Anyway, I replied, “Well, I took a chance by not taking the apartment. I guess it’s not really meant for me to have .”  I said “thank you” and left.  Not only did the complex manager act weird, but perps were coming out of the woodwork in the complex.  And the area surrounding the complex was even dirtier and seedier than I remembered it.  So I guess I’m glad someone else rented(?) the apartment.  I’m glad I didn’t take the apartment. They say God watches out for children and idiots, or something like that, so maybe  he was watching out for me (even though I’m not too much of a believer).

So, on with the hunt…

Correction: *70 million **phone calls

Gang Stalking – Defeat CISPA: don’t allow military and security agencies to get info on you.

Deutsch: Hauptquartier der National Security A...

CISPA - The solution is the problem

CISPA - The solution is the problem (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I have to keep repeating this because I feel it’s important.  Look  behind your oven and refrigerator.  I haven’t checked behind my refrigerator for about 4 days, and, of course, they’d stuck plastic, magazine and bottle caps.  All things to attract electricity.  I also noticed that the compressor has all kind of wires attached to it.  The wires are not supposed to be back there.  The electrical cord is a mess.  The cord has three different wires and they took one wire, shortened it and put another electrical wire through, made a hole in the back of the refrigerator and attached it to the back of it, and cut the wire, so now I’m able to the see the copper.  I turned my refrigerator off  because I’m afraid it’ll cause an electrical fire.  The animals don’t care what they do to you.

I keep  thinking that there must be good people in the world, but where are they?  I keep running into people who have no souls.

We’ve stopped SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act).  Now the law makers have come up with a new law that’s even worse than either of the two.  It’s called CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act).  This act will allow companies to share private information with military and intelligence agencies, agencies like National Security Agency.  Information like private emails, financial records, and medical records will no longer belong solely to you, the goverment will have the right to look at all your information.  I’d like to know why the government needs to see our medical records?  What business is it of theirs to know our medical history.

This smacks to me as an invasion of privacy.  This act infringes on our First Amendment rights, freedom of speech, etc.  Releasing information to National Security Agency  is a real no-no.  The military and security agencies have no business knowing what we’re doing.  The military and National Security Agency won’t even need a warrant to get information on us.  They can, if they want, just start snooping.  This is what’s going in the Middle East now.  The military and security agencies have knowledge of what its citizens are doing.  An act like this can only lead to a government that has control over everything  we do.  It can lead to more spying on citizens, which can eventually lead to a communist type of government.

Some of these things are already happening to me.  I’m sure that the government has not gone to court to get a warrant on me, but it snoops through my mail; my  computer’s hacked; and it  knows my financial information.  The government  knows how much money I have to the penny.  All the things they’re the doing to me are ILLEGAL!  But they’re doing them.  If they can so easily do this to me, why can’t they do it to everybody else?

I’m asking any American who cares about preserving his freedoms to get in touch with your representatives and tell them to vote against CISPA.  Let’s stop CISPA in its tracks.  Let’s knock it out of the ballpark!  Let’s defeat another law that’s dangerous to the few liberties we have left.

I’m sure if this law’s defeated, another one will pop up. They’re going to keep pushing laws like this to wear us out.  But I know how easy it is to lose one’s freedom, so I know how precious our liberties are.  I’ll keep writing against such laws.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Obama worse president on civil rights.

I was listening to the radio (National Public Radio) yesterday and a professor from a university (I don’t remember his name, nor name of school) was talking about human rights abuses. He stated that President Obama is  the worse president so far on human rights abuses.  He stated that  Obama can just say he wants someone dead, and it’s done. Why is Obama getting away with all the things he’s doing? I voted for him because I thought he was going to be a good president, and I wouldn’t to  have to worry about my civil liberties. I was definitely wrong about him. What I don’t understand, why are the Democrats letting him get away with what he’s doing? If the president in office was a Republican, the Democrats would be all over him. But here is Obama committing human rights abuses all over the place, and not one Democrat has spoken up. They’re letting him get away with all kinds of things. I’m disappointed in the Democrats in Congress, and I’m definitely disappointed in Obama.

He had Anwar Al–Awlaki  killed.  Al-Awlaki was an American citizen.  He was born in New Mexico.  Al-Awlaki was accused of working with terrorists in Afghanistan.   At the time, Obama  had no proof that Al-Awlaki was involved in terrorism, but he had him killed anyway.   Why couldn’t he be captured, and brought back to the United States to face a court?  No, he ordered Al-Awlaki killed.  And then there was Osama, why was he not brought back to the U.S. to face a court?  No.  Supposedly, his body is in the ocean.  It seems very strange to me that he’s in the ocean.  It makes me wonder if he’s really dead. 

He also signed into law the Patriot Act.  An act which gives law enforcement the right to search telephone, e-mails and financial records of businesses without  a court order.  Law enforcement also can have access to library records of library patrons.  Law enforcement has also been given the right to “sneak and peek” at records without a search warrant.  They can apply for a search warrant, but they can do a “sneak and peek” before the search warrant is in their hands.  They can also search records and  surveillance can be done  on someone who is  a “lone wolf.”  They’re individuals suspected of terrorists activities, but not linked to any  terrorists groups.

So, Obama, is just another Bush in office.  He’s kept the Patriot Act, and feels he has the right to kill anyone at will.  

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