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Gang Stalking – Sounds kooky, but it works…


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Belly Ring - Square Button.

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belly button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The property manager‘s grandchildren seem to be just like her.  They always seem to be looking for trouble.  The other day, I was walking to get my mail.  As I walked, a little person popped up.  From her look, I could tell it was one of the grandchildren of the property manager.  The girl made sure I saw her.  As I walked, she quickly caught up to me.  She had a dress on that was way too small for here.  She kept trying to pull down the too-tight dress.  And she  had a smirky smile on her face.  I turned around and paid her no attention.  As I went around the corner, the chubby, little girl went into the property manager’s apartment.  I was right, another family member of the manager.

The family lives on the S.E. corner of the complex, but somehow, the children always find themselves by where I live.  I live in the N.W. corner of the complex and there’s no reason for the little darlings to be anywhere near me.  I guess I’ve become a curiosity for all the awful family.  They’re beginning to remind me of those busy-bodies who are always looking to  gossip about somebody and trying to get them in trouble.

Some more advice I’ve forgotten to give you.  Your body has certain entryways:  the nose, ears, belly button, mouth, and some other entry points I don’t want to mention.  These entry points make it possible for someone to hurt you.    A gang stalker will use his phone to hit you with electricity.  He inputs a code into the phone and then turns the phone toward you.  The phone directs electricity toward you.  If you close off these entry points, the pain you feel will lessen by about 85%.  So always keep your ears covered.  Use something that will make it impossible for them to hurt you through your ears.  Use ear plugs, put some soft tissue paper into your ears.  The electricity can’t enter and will re-direct the electricity elsewhere.   Your bell button is also another entry point.  You might not think of your belly button as an entry point, but it is.  Cover your belly button and you won’t feel the electricity directed at you.  You’ll hear the sound banging around.  And if you do get hit, you’ll barely feel it.  Use a belly button cover, or put some soft tissue inside your belly button.  I know it sound crazy, but it works.  I always wear ear plugs and I hear the electricity bouncing all around me.  As long as the electricity doesn’t hit me, I don’t care where it goes. Same thing with the belly button, electricity is re-directed somewhere else, not toward you.  I know this sounds kooky, but it works.  Try it, and you’ll see that it works.


Gang Stalking – Tips for protecting yourself (1).

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I want to give you some tips on how to protect yourself. I’ve learned  all these things through experience.

Do you feel a pulsating sensation?  Well, that’s done by something they spray at you, or electricity.  When you get this feeling, push down heavily on the item that’s giving the pulsations. Figure out where the pulsating is coming from and push down heavily.  If you usually feel this sensation in bed, again, figure out where it’s coming from and press down heavily on the bed.  Or put some heavy object on the bed to keep it from pulsating (like a brick).  You will probably still feel it a bit, but you won’t get that pulsating feeling.  They’re doing the pulsating from your apartment, they’ve rigged the refrigerator to attract electricity to where you’re sleeping.  Look behind your refrigerator and see if they’ve done anything to it.  They took out the wires on one side of my compressor and twisted the wires around the electrical cord. They also removed the front and back of the refrigerator to make it easy for the electricity to hit me. Also look behind the oven, they’ve removed the inside parts of the oven which prevents electricity from getting through.  They’ve also covered the cord with some plastic covering. They removed the side of the lower kitchen cabinet (it’s right next to the oven) so electricity can get through to me.  I don’t live in a house, so you have to check everything in your house to find out where the pulsating is coming from.

When you’re home, do you get hit?  Use the gallon size water bottles to protect yourself.  Just place them right next to you.  You  will hear pong when it hits.  The plastic bottle attracts  electricity and you won’t get  hit you. After the gallon of water is empty, refill it with faucet water and have it near you.  Carry a small plastic bottle of water when you go out, it will protect you. The bottle gets hit, not you. Use old cartons to protect yourself. Use anything with a bounce to protect yourself –  balls, umbrellas, bottles, etc.  I find umbrellas are really good at picking up  electricity, but get a really good umbrella.  A good umbrella is worth the price. I must warn you that they will break your umbrellas. They’ve broken every umbrella I’ve bought.  Oh, if you get hit through the window, put some large plastic bottles on the window sill.  You will hear the pinging when it hits the plastic bottles.  And also put plastic bottles on the bottom of the window sill.

Do you feel heat?  My sister used to hit me all the time.  I didn’t know how she did it, but I found out one day when she went out.  She was using a heater that looks like a hair dryer, but it’s twice the size of a normal hair dryer.  So basically what they’re using on you is a big hair dryer.  The hair dryer is very quiet and you can barely hear it.

Also the pulsating, get one of those small  fans you can put on the floor.  Be sure the fan is very steady so that you can also use it on a counter.  Direct the fan toward where the pulsations are coming and it will re-direct the pulsating back to the giver (gang stalker).  Make sure the fan is very sturdy.  If it’s wobbly, you’ll have to worry about the fan’s safety.  I should warn you that they will break your fan.  They’ve broken three of my fans already.  The fan works that why they break it .

As I said before, everything done to you the  gang stalkers do. Why do you think they need so many?  I do not believe that directed energy weapons  or satellites hover over you.  You can outwit them if you stop thinking you’re a victim. Think of all those t.v. shows where someone has become a persona non grata.  What do they usually do?  They fight back.  And fight back is what you should do.  Stop thinking of yourself as a victim.  It makes you an easy target.  And as I’ve stated before, do whatever you do subtly.  Good luck.

The things I’ve let you know  worked for me.  That’s why I’m giving you these tips.  Let me know if these things work for you.  And also let me know if you have other tips someone can use. Thanks.

Oh, I forgot.  One more tip.  You know those safety socket covers for babies, get one for all your sockets.  It prevents electricity from getting into your home.  Of course, a little electricity will get through, but you won’t feel electricity hitting you all the time.  The safety socket covers for babies are very inexpensive, so get one for every socket in your home or apartment.

Another tip. If you have access to a circuit board, turn off as much electricity as you can every night.

Oh, I forgot another one, look out at night.  Is the area around you lit up like a bulb,  and the other  areas  dark?  They’re directing all the electricity toward you.  That’s why you feel all that electricity all the time.

I guess that’s it for today.  Stay safe.

Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – No shortage of idiots in Las Vegas.

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Well, the hackers just erased what I wrote, so I have to start again.

It doesn’t matter where I go, the gang stalkers are always within range.  They’ll come stand right in front of  me looking totally idiotic.  They want to make sure I see them.  Then they’ll put on a stupid idiotic smile that makes them look as if they have absolutely no brains.  I stand and look back at them.  They never look directly at me.  They always stand sideways and stare at me out of the corner of their eye.  Then they’ll fidget with their phone and look up to make sure I’m looking at them. They fidget with their phone to scare me. (Oh, I’m really scared!) You see, they input a code into the phone and the phone draws electricity from nearby.  Then they point the phone in my direction and the electricity hits me.  So they take out their phone to scare me with electricity.  Usually the phone does nothing to me.  I just stare at them to make them think they’re doing something to me.   I like to stare down cowards.  And cowards they are!  And always, there’s the smirky smile they put on, which really makes them look twice as stupid.  I sometimes wonder where  they get all these idiots?  There seems to be no shortage of them around.   And then, there’s that self-important look they have about them.  They look as if what they’re doing is the most important thing in the world.  The government feeds them some garbage about how important they are to keep the world safe from people like me.  And they all fall for it.  They’re all puffed up with their sense of importance:  Oh, God, I’m so important!  The government told me so.  All day long, I have to put with idiots like the ones I just described.  Some day, they will all get their “just deserts”. I really hope I’m there to see them in handcuffs, and a prison uniform.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Part 4: You’re not crazy; you’ve become a targeted individual.

I’m continuing with what I began yesterday.

If you’re a woman, you’ll be called a whore or a lesbian. If you’re a man, you’ll be called a homosexual. I know  targets, men and women,  raped by their gang stalkers.   An awful thing to happen to anyone. So be very, very careful where you go. Get a really good lock for your door during the day and night. Never, never leave your door open. It’s very, very important that you get a good lock. Get one of those locks you can run across the door. Don’t open your door unless you know who it is. Don’t go down dark alleys or take short cuts where no one goes. Just watch yourself. You don’t want something horrible happening to you.

The maintenance man breaks into my apartment every day.   He comes into it to mess things up. He’s raised my oven door, so when I put a pan on the door it will slide into the electrical system. He’s taken out the wood behind my drawers. He’s put holes in my bathroom and living room ceiling. He’s put patches of latex paint on my walls, kitchen cabinets, floor. He’s made holes in my carpet. He’s put footprints in my bath tub and on my carpet. He’s put an electrical cord on my air conditioning unit. He’s removed the front and back of my refrigerator. He’s attached my refrigerator cord to a compressor. He’s changed my fan blades to draw pesticide down to my apartment. Most of the things he’s done are to draw pesticide or electricity into my apartment. He’s done so many things that I could write three posts on the subject.

The Monitors will tell a lot of lies about you to the gang stalkers. They’ll hear that you’re a very violent person, that you take antidepressants, that you drink a lot. All sorts of lies. So expect a lot of lies about you from now on.

There is something the gang stalkers do that’s called “Street Theater. Street theater is an act put on by the gang stalkers. For instance, they’ll act as if there is an argument happening within a group of people. They’ll try to draw you into the argument, and then all of them will turn on you. Or the argument might lead you into arguing with them, and they’ll call the police. All the gang stalkers will back each other about what happened. If you see any kind of commotion, stay away, or walk away right away. Don’t get involved in any commotion. You might end up in jail. It is the reason for street theater.

When you leave your home/apartment, take your important papers with you. Take all your I.D. with you. Don’t leave any money in your apartment. Hide all your photos some place very safe. If you leave them out, they’ll rip them. If you can carry your computer with you, take it with you. If you leave it home, it might disappear. Or destroyed. Take anything important with you.

Again, I’ve written a lot more than I anticipated. I’ll write another post on this tomorrow.

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