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Gang Stalking – “I need my mommy,” said the perp coward.

I sat waiting in my seat for the next computer to become available.  A black man sitting next to me was using his phone to hit me.  He began to yell at me that he knew what I was doing and I better stop it! I looked at him and said, “What are you talking about? I’m listening to my radio.”  About two minutes later the librarian showed up. She told me that I had to turn my seat around, I had it turned away from the perps so I wouldn’t have to look at any of them.  So I got up and turned the seat around. The man who’d been sitting next to me began to complain to the librarian about me using a laser to hit him. How’s that for calling a kettle black? He had moved all around me trying to get at me and then the coward complains about me hitting him. The librarian looked at me and asked, “Are you using a laser to hit him?” She said some other perp(coward) had also complained about me hitting her.  I said “Of course not!” I asked her if she wanted to listen to the radio I was listening to?” She said, “No.” And then she turned to the coward and told him to get her if I did it again. He, of course, said he would.

Don’t you just love these cowards? They can sit in the library and  hit us sore all over our bodies, but don’t we dare protect ourselves? No! We can’t protect ourselves. We can’t hit the delicate, little flowers. The disgusting coward shouted loudly that I was hitting him. If you’re a real man, you don’t go complain like a big baby when you’ve began the fight. I didn’t hit him. I think he was getting hit by someone else. They aim electricity at me, but I don’t get hit, because I know how to protect my self. And if I were hitting him, the big baby wouldn’t have to guess, he’d know.

I’ve never seen such worthless pieces of shit in my life.  They’re the lowest of the low when it comes to human beings.

I guess he needs his mommy around to protect him.

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Gang Stalking – Oh, how did we targets ever get so lucky?

I have to start my blog again. They moved my blog to a second page which I do not use.

For a long time, I’ve had something in my ear that hisses. I had an operation and came out with a hissing sound in my ear. Till this day, the hissing continues. Sometimes very loud, sometimes not. But the hissing is a constant. Never stops. Imagine dealing with hissing in your ear 24/7?  But as bad as it is,  I’ve dealt with it. And if one ear hissing isn’t bad enough, now they’ve began working on my right ear. Before they couldn’t do anything to my right, but about a week ago, I woke up to feeling something like a needle going up and down in my left ear.  It’s not  a real needle, of course, it’s probably something electrical that feels like a needle. They also began to mess with my right ear. Now imagine two ears hissing non-stop. They’ve haven’t gotten into my right ear yet, but every night, I feel them in there trying to break through. Of course, I’ve done everything to cover my ear, but they cut right through anything I use. I’ve always kept my ears covered with something and that’s why they haven’t gotten through yet. But eventually, they’ll break through on some night when I feel too tired and feel nothing in my ear.  Trying to get into my right  ear recently began, before that it was left alone. I guess everything they’ve done to me hasn’t worked, so now, it’s get me through my ears. Both my ears now pulsate and they’re twisted all night.  This is plus the electricity they’ve sent into my ears for years. Before that, I had no problem with my right ear.  I’m afraid if they keep messing with my ears, something is going to burst and I’ll have hearing problems for the rest of my life.  If one hissing ear wasn’t bad enough, now they’re trying to make it two hissing ears.

Oh, what fun life is for us targets, isn’t it? How did we ever get so lucky?


Gang Stalking – The beginning of the 5th year as a victim of government harassment.

English: The Oregon coastline looking south fr...

English: The Oregon coastline looking south from Ecola State Park. Français : La côte de l’Oregon vue depuis Le parc d’état d’Ecola en regardant vers le sud. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Electricity pole near Mäntyluoto harbour.

English: Electricity pole near Mäntyluoto harbour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See Wikipedia:Sleep deprivation). Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On July 11, 2009, I officially became a victim of gang stalking.

Before this date, I experienced people following me around, playing loud music where I lived, the complex manager often threatened to call police on me for no reason (if I said something she didn’t agree with, or if I complained about  condition of the complex, etc.).

But July 11 is the day the electricity began.

I’d began suffering sleep deprivation.  I was not able to sleep more than an hour a night. I couldn’t understand why.  In all my life, I never had a problem sleeping.  I’d hit my bed and within 5 minutes I’d be asleep.  I found it strange not being able to sleep. I changed my diet, exercised more, stop eating after 6 P.M. But nothing helped. My sleep pattern didn’t change.

I felt I needed a vacation, so I went to Oregon to visit my sister.  While I was in Oregon, I slept well, no one bothered me and the visit to my sister seemed a little odd.  When I think back on it, she was angry with me all the time, and never smiled. Not once.  I don’t know if she knew about my gang stalking. I never said anything to her about it.

On my return to Las Vegas,  July 9 and 10  were the last two days I would experience as a life free of gang stalking.

On July 11, I went to bed as usual, and began experiencing sharp hits to my back.  The hits got so bad, I slept on my couch instead of my bed.  The couch was all right for a while, but then the attacks began again.  And during the day, I experienced the sharp attacks to my back when I went out.  And now, there were more and more people following me everywhere I went.  And the noise level I’d experienced at home was now happening everywhere I went.

The bus drivers began being rude to me.  They would put on the bus lights as soon as I entered the bus.  And screeching their brakes became part of my life.  On the bus, I began getting the sharp hits to my back.  Everywhere I went I got hit.  It didn’t matter where I went.  Life became a living hell.

I knew my lease was up at the end of August and decided I would move.

If you read my blog, you know the rest of the story.

On July 11, 2013, I began my 5 year of gang stalking. Even though my gang stalking began before this date, I did not experience electricity that I now experience all the time. So I consider July 11 the anniversary of my gang stalking.

It has been hell for the past 4 years. There were times I almost gave up.  But since then, I’ve learned how to protect myself. And I began writing my blog, which lets me pour out to the world what is happening to me day after day.

I don’t know if this will ever end. It seems to get worse as the years go by.  I guess I can expect to experience gang stalking for the rest of my life.

Thanks, United States government!

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Gang Stalking – A baaddd night.

That remaining optimistic will result in good ...

That remaining optimistic will result in good things (Photo credit: Kate Cooper)

Optimistic Leaves (winter edition)

Optimistic Leaves (winter edition) (Photo credit: christwisen)

English: optimistic logo

English: optimistic logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Can BEE Optimistic

Oh, last night was a bummer.  I didn’t get any sleep all night.  The perps hit me with electricity non-stop. They hit my feet, my back, and the back of my head.  Every time I was about to fall asleep, they’d wake me up.  I tried to protect myself by putting up cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and plastic wrapping. Nothing worked.  I think  I got about an hour of sleep, or less.

I’m walking around like a zombie; half awake, half asleep.

I tried washing my dishes, but I kept notting off.  I bumped my head into the kitchen cabinet doors several times.  Had to use the bathroom and almost fell asleep on the seat.

So today a short blog. I don’t have the energy to put up with the  idiots who hack me all the time.

So just a few words of optimistism. I can’t even spell today.

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Gang Stalking – Electricity is the weapon used against targets.

English: BC base of an incandescent lamp

English: BC base of an incandescent lamp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Electricity (Photo credit: patrikneckman)

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico...

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Diagram showing the major parts of a modern in...

Diagram showing the major parts of a modern incandescent light bulb. Glass bulb Inert gas Tungsten filament Contact wire (goes to foot) Contact wire (goes to base) Support wires Glass mount/support Base contact wire Screw threads Insulation Electrical foot contact (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know a lot of you believe in satellites and Directed energy weapons, but I don’t.  There are no satellites pointed at us or DEWs.

Everything that’s done to you is caused by electricity. Think about it.  What’s the thing that controls almost everything? ELECTRICITY!

Electricity, electricity, electricity, electricity runs everything, and it’s cheap to use.  Anyway, I consider it cheap here in the U.S.

Electricity surrounds us everywhere.  And it’s easy to get to us this way.  They can plug something into a wall and re-direct the electricity toward you.  They can use a cell phone to hit you.  The perps are given a code so that they can  get electricity from a nearby pole or cable to zap you.

They can get electricity from your oven and hit you from you it. They can booby-trap your refrigerator to zap you. They make holes in your floor, look for holes in your floor, to attract  electricity to hit you.  They booby-trap your microwave to draw electricity.   They  make holes in your walls, look for holes in your wall, or lines running against the wall. Again, the holes make it easier for electricity to get to you. They splash latex paint on your walls, floors, and anywhere you can think, again, to draw electricity to you.  Your light bulb is also used to hit you.  Have you ever noticed that if you live in an apartment that the bulbs are always clear? There’s a reason for this.  It’s to make it easier for the electricity to find you. Get rid of clear light bulbs. Get low-wattage light bulbs that are not clear.  Cover all your sockets with baby safety covers. I’ve used these for over 2 years plus, and they really help in keeping electricity out of your house.

Almost everything in your house or apartment is  used as a weapon – tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, bathroom, bathtub.  Think of  your apartment as a weapon, because that’s what it is.  As soon as  you step into your home, you’re in a dangerous environment.  Your apartment’s wired for computers, phones, microwaves, etc.  Your apartment is an electrical field. When you step into your home, don’t you feel it? That pulsating feeling you get is electricity. And electricity is one of the most powerful things we have.  It’s you against electricity.  Who do you think is going to win?  Not you.  But you have to learn to protect yourself. I’ve written a few articles on how to protect yourself, the things I suggest help only slightly, but it’s better than nothing.  Look through my blog and you will the info.

Again, no satellites or DEWs, but a lot of electricity surrounding you and making your life miserable.

Of course, you have a choice to keep believing that satellites surround you, but think about what you’re surrounded by every single minute of your day – ELECTRICITY!

And if you don’t believe me, find an honest electrician and ask him what all the marks on your arm are?  I bet he’ll back me up.

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Gang Stalking – Safety should be your first concern when moving.


Apartments (Photo credit: Beedle Um Bum)

Three light switches with exposed wiring

Three light switches with exposed wiring (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, what I wrote was just deleted, so I’ll start again.  My computer keeps being turned off by the perps.  They don’t want me  to tell you what’s happening to me because they want to keep you thinking you’re nuts.  If I tell you what’s happening to me, you’ll realize that  what you’re going through is  what’s happening to me and it will make you realize that you’re not nuts.  They want to make you think that what’s happening to you is happening only to you and you must be nuts.  I know that you’re not nuts and I’m not nuts.   They want to drive you crazy, make you start taking medications (so no one will believe you when you tell them what’s happening). So I hope I’m able to finish my blog today.  If my computer’s turned off, it’s not because I quit on you.

Yesterday, I wrote about moving and I’m going to continue on that subject.

You don’t have to worry about getting a place to live.  I would say 99-3/4 of apartment managers are perps.  They want to have you as a tenant.  You’re a money machine.  They keep track of you and recruit tenants as perps.  They get good pay for doing this.  I know in my last apartment, the manager wanted me to stay.  She really got angry when I moved.  When I left, she lost her cash machine.  Plus, the managers are made to feel very important.  They love being perps.  The government feeds  their egos constantly.  They all think they’re spies and very important.  So don’t worry about being able to get  an apartment.

Your first  concern should be about safety.  That’s what you have to worry about when you’re looking for an apartment.

When you’re looking for an apartment, check out the grass outside:  is there dog poop; are the blinds torn?   Is the area around the apartment filthy looking?

Is the apartment surrounded by lots of lights?  The lights will be used on you at night to hit you with the electricity from the lights.  Visit the place at night to see how bright the lights are surrounding you at night.  You will notice things at night you won’t notice during the day.  That’s the mistake I made moving into my present apartment.  I forgot to check the lights, and I’m surrounded by them at night.

Check out your neighborsChecking our your neighbors will tell you  what your life will be like.  If the neighbors all come  to check you out, don’t take the apartment.  They’ll be checking you out because you’ll be their new cash cow.  Also if the neighbors are overly friendly, same thing, get another apartment.  It’s a fake friendliness.

Don’t take an apartment on the first floor, or in front of a parking lot.  Perps will use their cars to hit you.

Don’t get an apartment where perps surround you.  Try to get an apartment at the end, at least you have a fighting chance.  When you’re surrounded by perps, you’ll get hit from every direction.

Don’t get an apartment near electrical wires or anything electrical.

Don’t rent apartment with a walkway.  You’ll have to look at their faces every time you pass them.  So try to get a place where you don’t have to pass anyone on the way out.  Try to get apartment with a few exits.  If you have only one way of getting out, you’ll have to pass the same miserable people every day.  If you can go out different exits, you can change your route every day and they have to guess which way you’re coming out or going in.

Check out the location of the mailbox.  If it’s in a place that you can’t see, they’ll be missing with your mail.

Walk around the complex and check to see if there are any exposed wires, water valves that are open, etc. (Look at photo with house, don’t rent an apartment with wires surrounding you.)

No matter what you do, your first concern should be safety.

Tomorrow, I’ll write about what you should look for inside the apartment before you rent.

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Gang Stalking – At the library? It’s more like a zoo.

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico...

English: Lightning over Las Cruces, New Mexico Deutsch: Blitz eines Gewitters Español: Tormenta eléctrica. Português: A eletricidade em sua manifestação natural mais imponente: o relâmpago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rathmines Library

I’m typing my blog from the library (zoo) computer.  My computer totally crashed.  Whatever can be done to a computer to mess it up was done to my computer.  Nothing’s working on it. Nothing.  I wasted 25 minutes trying to get into my WordPress account at the library.  I only have 60  minutes, so I don’t have too  much time to write my blog.  I won’t write a blog tomorrow.  It’s Memorial Day and the library is not opened.  I don’t have my computer so I can’t write my blog, but when my computer’s fixed, I’ll start writing again.

I hate coming into this library.  All the bullshit I have to put up with is unbelievable.  A bunch of lowlifes trying to get at me from every direction.  They use the computer to hit me.  I told you about that there’s a code they use to draw electricity  to you. That’s what they do, they get on and try to hit me.  Well, I have a surprise for me, I have my way of hitting them.  They’ll be very surprised when they start getting hit, hit back.  I don’t see them as human so it doesn’t bother me to hit them.  They’re all animals.  Horrible, total waste of humanity.

I know no one believes me, but I don’t believe that Directed energy weapons (DEWs) and satellites are surrounding at us.  I’ve become my own detectives, and I find that it points to something else: electricity.  Those marks you get on you body, pure electricity directed at you.  They fix everything so that you attract electricity to you. They fix the refrigerator, stove, bathroom, the area outside your home, the grass, the lights outside, under the concrete, the water valves, power lines to re-direct electricity to you. So all the electricity that escapes is re-directed to you; that’s how you get those pulsating feelings, that’s how you get those red marks, that’s why you feel so tired.  All that electricity going throughout your body all the time.  That’s why you attract electricity when you go out.  And that’s why they use their phone on you. But if you don’t  believe me, it’s all right.  I can understand it.  You’ve been told so many lies and lied to so much that  I can understand why you wouldn’t believe me. But check things out for yourself.  That’s the only you’ll discover the truth.

Sitting at the computer in the library is absolutely no fun.  I’d rather eat dirt.  I have a bunch of animals surrounding me, all trying to do something to me. And that awful smirk they alway have.  I’d like to wipe it off their face. They all think they’re  so funny.  I don’t know what it is with these people.  Are they all mentally ill to do what they’re doing?  I really think they all need to go see their psychiatrist.

That’s it for this blog.  I don’t think my patience will last if I sit here surrounded by a bunch of lowlifes.  I know I’ll open up my big mouth.  So it’s better if I leave.  I don’t want to be thrown out of the library for another year.

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Gang Stalking – Living the disgusting life of a target.

Windows in the red brick wall of an apartment ...

Windows in the red brick wall of an apartment building in Rochester, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Refrigerator (Photo credit: Jo Bourne)

Bathroom 1

Bathroom 1 (Photo credit: A30_Tsitika)

I’ve written before about the way I have to live,  but I want to update you on my living situation.

I’ve told you about my window, which is not attached to the frame.  I’ve gone to the office and complained to the complex manager about it, but nothing’s been done. She keeps telling me that it’ll get fixed, but so far, nada, nothing.  I’ve given up on driving myself crazy and taped the window to the frame.  This way I feel a little more secure at night.  I used to look out my window late at night and see many men walking around the front of my door.   Since then, I carry a knife to bed with me, for when one of them removes the tape around  the window and tries to get in. I’m ready to fight for my life.

I’ve also complained about the floor board.  It was already out when I moved in. It was purposely removed so electricity can hit me from outside.  I’ve bought wooden slats and I put them around where the floor board should be, but it still doesn’t really stop  electricity from hitting me.

The carpet when I moved in was old and dirty looking.  It’s dirtier looking and uglier than ever.  There were  holes in the carpet when I moved in.  There are more holes now than before. And this is done to attract electricity from underneath.  What I’ve done is put tape on all the holes that I can see.  So imagine this picture.  A really ugly-looking grey carpet with tape all over the floor.  What’s amazing is that every time the maintenance man comes into my apartment, he never says anything about the tape on my carpet.  I really dare him to say something to me about the tape, because I have an answer ready for him.  So he doesn’t dare ask.

They removed the lower left side of my kitchen cabinet.  The cabinet is next to the oven.  He  removed the side so any electricity from the oven can escape and hit me.

My refrigerator is just a mess.  With one side of the compressor coil removed, it sends electricity throughout my apartment.  I complained to the maintenance man about this and he told me this is the way it’s supposed to look.  I told him that’s not the way it’s supposed to look.  He just looked at me and, with the straightest face, told me that’s the way it is.  Does he think I just fell off a turnip truck?  I don’t know too much about refrigerators, but I know when something doesn’t look right.  And the compressor with a broken coil does not look right.  So he didn’t it fix and left. I also found electrical parts that belong on a VCR or t.v. attached to the refrigerator cord.  I also complained about this not belonging there and he told me they do.  I’ve  looked at many refrigerator backs, and I’ve never seen electrical parts that belong on a VCR and t.v. attached to a refrigerator cord.  Does he really think I’m that stupid?  I’ve taken pictures of the back of the refrigerator.  I’m using it as proof for when I need it.  I hope it sends them all to jail!

In the bathroom, he removed the glue, or whatever it’s called, around the bottom rim of the bathtub.  He did that to let water out.  The floor gets wet and roaches will come running into my bathroom for the water.  He also removed the glue around the bottom of the toilet, same reason.

I have a mirror in my bathroom, but I  keep it covered 24/7, because I’m suspicious that they can see me from the other side of the mirror.  I know they can see into my apartment because the experiences I’ve had outside my apartment.  When I’m out, someone will imitate something I’ve done in my apartment and nowhere else.  And when I leave my apartment, many times, gang stalkers will be wearing exactly the same color I’m wearing that day, even though they didn’t see me outside.  So I know they can look into my apartment.  The bastards!

I decided I’m going to walk around the way I want.  If the perverts want to watch me, I say “go ahead” because you’re not going to make me change the way I walk around.  Have your fun, you perverts.  You’re all sick!  Sick!  Sick!  Did any of you perverts ever think of seeing a psychiatrist?  You definitely need to see one.  I can suggest one.  You all definitely need to see one!  Especially the sicko in apartment 111. I think he spends all his time watching porn.

Oh, I forgot to tell you about my air conditioner.  In the summer, the air conditioner runs hot.  In the winter, it runs cold.  So they did something to the temperature gauge.  And the air conditioner never, never goes off.  It stays on all the time.

I’m sure they do some of these things to you, too.  They do the same thing over and over to targets.

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Gang stalking – Ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore the gang stalkers.

Picture taken approaching the Target store in ...

Picture taken approaching the Target store in West Hollywood, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Home Depot Storefront

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near...

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near a TVA dam hydroelectric plant] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

Kalachakra bright & stylish street scene; Shop...

Kalachakra bright & stylish street scene; Shopping for a new bag, I dream of Jeanie pants, smart phone in the hands of a hunky businessman, and woman shopping with purses and sandels, white market tents, Kalachakra for World Peace, Washington D.C., USA (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

A few nights ago, while trying to sleep, I kept getting hit by electricity.  I was too damn tired to get up and check to see where the electricity was coming from. But the first thing in the morning, I checked the socket behind my head.  I forgot to put in my safety baby cover. These safety baby covers really work.  I keep mine in all the time, and I forgot how well they work.  Home Depot and Target sell them very inexpensively. You can get a packet of 24 very cheaply.  Buy extra baby covers for when you go out.  I carry some with me when I go out.  Because sometimes you’ll be stuck next to a socket and you’ll feel the electricity.  So very covertly cover the socket.

I also want to tell you another way to keep yourself safe.  I forgot to tell you about this before.  Do you live with other people? If you do, do you ever notice that someone always has his phone in the socket?  Beware!   Why they do  this.  They keep the phone in the socket, add a code, that’s given to them by their handlers,  and keep the phone on to  send electricity your way.  Ask the person why they always have the phone in the socket.  If he lies,  it’ll show on his face.  Of course, he’ll deny that’s what he’s doing.  But it’s a question he won’t expect and it’ll catch him off guard. My relatives did this to me, so that’s how I know about this.  I always wondered why they kept the phone in the socket, and one day it hit me.

Cover your kitchen cabinet shelves with foil.  The foil attracts the electricity and it won’t go toward you. It’s picked up by foil.

A tip.  When you go out, you know that the gang stalkers will be all around you.  Well, I tell you to do this, but I don’t always follow my own advise.   If you’re new to gang stalking, you should watch the gang stalkers, because you’re in the learning stage of gang stalking and have to learn how they work.  But if you’re an old-timer, the best thing to do is ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. They always do the same damn thing.  Pay absolutely no attention to them.  They love the attention you give them.  They live for it.  When you go out, keep saying to yourself  “ignore them, ignore them, ignore them” over and over.  That’s what I been doing lately, and it’s working better for me.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut.  So if it’s working for me, I’m sure it’ll work for you.  Just make-believe they’re part of the wall.  Make believe they don’t exist.  Tell yourself there’s nothing there. And keep walking.  They’ll hate it! You paid no attention to the stars.  And if you feel yourself losing your temper, just get away quickly.  Don’t stay around where they are. I know how hard it is not to smack them. Just control yourself whatever you do.  When you get home, you can throw something at the wall.  Always stay calm.  They want you to act up so they can call the police on you and make up lies about you.

P.S.  I’ve hit publish about 6 times already and this blog keeps getting deleted.  I wonder why.  Read it.  There’s something here they don’t want you to see.

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Gang Stalking – The United States is no longer the country it used to be.

, right, takes the oath of office as the 23rd ...

Leon Panetta, right, takes the oath of office as the 23rd U.S. secretary of defense during a Pentagon ceremony, July 1, 2011. Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson administered the oath in the secretary’s office. DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Jacob N. Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Electricity (Photo credit: indipworks.)



Valves (Photo credit: carrierdetect)


This morning I woke up and right away I headed for the window.  I usually don’t do this, but automatically I knew something was up.  I pulled the curtain back and I saw a man from a plumbing company taking his supplies out of the truck.  So I hurriedly put on clothes and headed outside to see what he was doing.  He had a hose attached to water and he was putting water into the irrigation water valve near my apartment.  He saw me watching him and said, “What are you looking at?” in a very rude tone.  So right away I knew he was aware of who I am.  I replied, “I just like to see what’s going on, that’s all.”   I had my phone with me and he yelled at me not to take his picture.  I walked away because I knew I was not going to get any information from him.  I waited for the man to leave.  When I saw him leave, I went out to look at the water valve.  I picked up the top and saw electrical gadgets attached to the water valve.  I look at the water valve all the time and the things he put in were never there.   What he did sends more electricity into my apartment.  That’s what makes the pulsating feeling the targets  get all the time.  Since the government flunkies have not been able to drive me crazy, make me exceedingly angry, so I’ll do something  terrorists-like, or kill someone,  they’ve doing all sorts of things to make my apartment into an electricity center.  This  is what they do all to targets in their apartments, so it feels like a target is always feeling pulsations on his/her body.


As I’ve written before, they are going to have to kill me to stop me from writing my blog.  I guess they’re getting closer and closer to damaging my body.  This is the same things they did to the men who are now on trial in New York.  I heard them on the radio taking about the torture that they suffered from the things done to them by U.S. people. It sounds very familiar to what they’re doing to me and other targets.


So those men on trial are telling the truth about the torture.  The only thing they haven’t done to me is water torture.  They complained about it.  That has not been done to me yet, but who knows what other great ideas they have to torture me.


The United States of America should be ashamed for what it is doing to its citizens.  If the founders of our country were to return to the U.S., I think most of them would immediately return to their graves.  What the U.S. has become is not a country I know any more.  It is a country that has taken away a lot of my freedoms and passed laws that make most citizens walking targets. At any moment, most of them can be in the same situation I’m in.  But most of them don’t know this, nor do they care.  They go around bragging about how free a nation the U.S. is.  Some day, they’re going to wake up and realize that there is no freedom. That the U.S. as we knew it no longer exists.  The freedom that Americans think they have is an illusion.


I just heard, on the radio, Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, say that “We will do everything to keep the U.S. safe.”   Safe, that’s a word I’ve come to hate, because it means that the ones in power are probably planning to take away more of our rights.


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