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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you think peace in the middle east is possible?

Do you think peace anywhere is possible?  Likely? Why is it so hard for neighbors, whether its countries or  people and their homes, to get along?  Or is it easier than we think?

I don’t think peace is possible in the middle east.   The  war in the middle east has been going on since Roman times.  And till this day it continues.  There has never been peace in the world.  Peace is an illusion.

We could all be the same color, race, religion, be economically and professionally  on the same level, we would find something to argue or fight about.  We can’t  seem to agree to disagree.  We are only able to see our point of view and dismiss someone else’s.  If we could truly open our mind to someone’s viewpoint, we might  be able  to have a peaceful  world.

Today, especially, people,  more than ever, don’t want to listen to anyone’s point of view.  What they believe is what matters.  They don’t  want  anyone changing their mind,  or expressing their opinion.  They’re not willing to listen.  Or be friends with someone with a different  outlook on life.

I don’t think peace in the middle east is possible.  Nor do I think peace is possible anywhere in the world.