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Gang Stalking – In a psychological war to stay sane.

good versus evil

good versus evil (Photo credit: miss_millions)

Laws of Psychological Warfare

Laws of Psychological Warfare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cordwainer Smith

Cordwainer Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All day long, some idiot has run back and forth in front of my apartment.  “It” sounds like a herd of elephants. I’m no longer going to call someone he/she.  I’m going to call them “it”.  No female or male i.d.  Most of these sub-humans don’t deserve to have anything identifying them as human, and to call someone he/she is to identify them as human.  So from now on, all perps will be known as “it.”

The “Its” are really acting up lately.  Last night one of them pounded on my door. Of course, I didn’t bother to answer. I wasn’t doing anything and whatever they had to say to me I had no desire to hear.

There are religious people who believe in devils.  I do believe in devils, but not in a religious way.  To me, all the devils are here on earth.  They’re walking around right next to you and me.  These devils are the people who make every day a miserable experience for us.  Don’t these people have a conscience?  Every day they get up and spend their day thinking how much more miserable they can make our existence.  They think that all of us are worthless human beings to be treated any way they feel like treating us.  I always wonder what kind of people these are?  What made them the way they are?  How can anyone treat someone else the way they treat us?

My conscience would not let me treat someone the way I’m treated.  I’ll admit I defend myself and find myself doing things that I would not have done in million years.  I find myself feeling  guilty for doing it. But I realize I’m fighting devils, so all’s fair in war, as the saying goes.  And believe me, we’re fighting a war.  A war to take our dignity from us.  A war to make us homeless.  A war to strip us of  everything we own.  A war to turn our families against us.  A war to make us into zombies by trying to make  us take pills forced on us by doctors.

We are in a psychological war to stay sane.

The devils will do everything in their power to win.  It’s good versus evil.  And evil they all are.  They have no souls.

In the end, good will win. I have to believe good will win, otherwise, there’s no hope for the world. Hopefully, we’ll have the last laugh.

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Gang Stalking – For summer, don’t let your apartment become a “bug heaven.”

Ant Party

Ant Party (Photo credit: sbfisher)

ant party

English: A pile of Borax based washing detergent.

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Fire hydrant in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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English: Cigarette butts thrown on the ground ...

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Summer’s coming, but summer is not a great time for T.I.s.  This is the time of year the gang stalkers go all out to make your house or apartment a place for bugs. If you live in an apartment, you really have to watch all those crevices, because the gang stalkers  will try to make your apartment a welcoming place for all bugs.  The gang stalkers will put food, sugar, anything sweet that will attract roaches, ants, spiders and other pests.  Make sure you cover any holes in your apartment or house. I use plastic bags and cover all the holes with them.  It really works. Bugs can’t stand trying to get through all the plastic, so they don’t even try.  They just stay away. Just keep on top of it, or your apartment will be ” bug heaven”  for the bugs.

I also found that dish detergent works really well in keeping bugs away.  I take some dish detergent and put it around my sink. If they drink the detergent, it makes their bodies bloated.  When they get too bloated, they die.

Do you see a lot of cigarette butts in front of your apartment or everywhere you go?  They’re put there by the gang stalkers.  Make sure you remove the butts from the front of your apartment or house.  Cigarette butts attract electricity, that’s why they put them in front of your apartment. As a matter of fact, anything you usually see in front of your apartment, you should remove. These things are there to draw electricity to you. If you remove the butts, you’ll just find new ones, so keep on top of it.  You’ll also find batteries, pennies, paper, fast food cartons, plastic bottles, etc.  You’ll stay busy just removing the crap that’s put in front of your house or apartment. They especially like to put them near irrigation control valves, fire hydrants, on the ground, in the grass.  So every day check the front and back of your house or apartment.  Check  in the morning, night and any other time you think of it.

Everything you do is in the gang stalkers’ radar.  They’re always watching you.  So don’t think because you can’t see them that they’re not watching you, because they are.  And they’ll mess with whatever they see you do.  Just always keep your eyes open.  Don’t become paranoid, but play it on the safe side.  Do everything you can to keep yourself safe and then don’t worry about the rest.  There’s just so much you can do. And be nice to yourself, since no one else is.

Oh, one more thing, if you see a trail of ants, just keep pouring water on the area where they are. It’s like a flood happening to them.  Just keep doing it.  They’ll get so annoyed, they’ll move  somewhere else.  Maybe they’ll move to your neighbor’s apartment, or house.  I’m sure they had something to do with the trail.  Why don’t you just re-direct it to their apartment or house?  I do.

I know.  I know.  I’m so sweet.

If you have time, read the articles below, especially “7 Reasons Ants Will Inherit the Earth“.  Very funny and kind of gross.


Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you think aliens visited earth?

Cowboys & Aliens

Image via Wikipedia - And the cowboys are going to save us.

Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs!

Image via Wikipedia


Image via Wikipedia - This is what the aliens really look like

A collection of head shots showing multiple races

Image via Wikipedia - These are really aliens passing as humans.

I used to think that aliens never visited earth, but lately I’ve had a change of mind.   I’m beginning to think aliens have invaded our planet and are causing all the havoc in the world.  Almost every place on earth today is in trouble.  I think aliens are running all over the place taking human form and creating chaos.  We don’t see them because they don’t look alien.  And the aliens are very good at speaking different languages, and can make you think that the language they’re speaking is the one you speak.  The aliens have come to earth to study us.  But I think they’ve become disillusioned with the earth and its people.  They were going to take the planet over and enslave everyone, but after seeing what humans are like, decided they’re just going to drive a wedge between all humans.  They don’t want to deal with the human b.s.   They decided to stand aside and watch humans self-destruct.  After humans are gone, they’re taking over the planet.

And the cowboys are going to save us!

They’re among us!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Would you rather have one free trip to space…

or free international travel for life?

My immediate response was, a free trip to space, of course.  But the more I thought of it, the less fascinating the free trip to space seems to me.  The free trip to space would just be going up in a rocket and staring down on earth.  I’ve seen enough photos of earth from space.  I don’t think I have to go up in a rocket to see earth.  And it’s only a one time deal.

Free international travel for life, now that’s something I can definitely handle.  And the international travel is for life.  I can go anywhere and see anything I want.  I can see myself traveling to China, Africa, North Pole, Peru, Chile, Australia, etc. I would arrange my travel plans according to seasons.  I would always want to be in a country that has warm weather.  So if the U.S. is cold, I’d head to Australia, where it’s summer.  I’d never have  to put with snow or cold weather, unless, of course, I wanted to.  Don’t wake me up from this dream.

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