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Gang Stalking – Targets, be careful drinking that glass of wine.

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area

English: Greyhound bus stopping at a rest area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Glass of Wine Awaits

A Glass of Wine Awaits (Photo credit: evita2005)

The 600 ml beer bottle is the standard reused ...

I was passing the store I hate on my way home and  remembered I needed  bread.  I didn’t really want to go into the store, but it was either take a very long walk, or do without bread.  I decided to go into the store. I told myself I’d go in and get the hell out of the store very quickly.

I walked into the store, quickly walked to the bread section, grabbed the bread, turned around and almost ran into the store manager.  I was in the store less than two minutes, and  he was following me around the store.   I walked right up to him, held up the bread and said, “I just got this bread and I’m going to the cashier and pay for it.”  His eyes got really big and he gave me a look that said, “Oops, I’m caught.”  He had a shopping cart with him to look as if he was doing something. He had nothing in the cart and was doing absolutely nothing but following me around the store in the two short minutes I was in it.

I continued to the cashier, paid for the bread and left.

It’s sickening to go somewhere and be treated like a thief.   This is not the only store this happens in.  Any store I enter, right away,  everybody who works in the store is on the lookout to catch me stealing something.

We targets are the worse of the worse.  There isn’t anything we won’t steal, damage, drink, etc.

That”s another thing that bothers me, drinks.  I buy a beverage in some stores that looks like a beer bottle.  It’s a health drink and I’ve drunk it since I was a little girl. No alcohol in the drink whatsoever.  My mother used to drink it with a raw egg in it. I don’t, though.  But the bottle is brown and has the look of  beer, the drink is brown in coloring.  But there’s no alcohol in the drink and it’s not charged as alcohol in the store.  But what do I see in the complex where I live?  The guy next to me, the alcoholic, keeps a beer can on the table he has out in front of his apartment. The woman downstairs in apartment 107, has a beer bottle sitting out in front of her apartment.  A lot of the idiots who live here walk around carrying empty beer bottles. I’m supposed to be an alcoholic. I don’t even drink!  But the perps are told that I am and they’re to push that angle,  because it makes me look bad. If there’s one thing I’m not is an alcoholic.  I’m not perfect and  have my idiosyncrasies, but being an alcoholic is not one of them.

I remember when  traveling by Greyhound bus to Nevada, I stopped in the terminal, got a water bottle out of the dispenser, turned around and heard one of the workers say, “She probably has alcohol in that bottle.”  The man who was standing next to him said, “No, she doesn’t.  I saw her take that water bottle out of the dispenser.”  That’s the day I found out that they were telling everyone I’m an alcoholic. And I’ve had other incidence where someone made some remark about my drinking. I ignore the idiots because I know I’m not a drunk, but it gets tiring sometimes.  That’s the kind of lie told about all of us.  All they have to do is see you drink a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner and you’re an alcoholic.

We targets all have terrible reputations.  Anything that’s bad we are.   We don’t have to do anything.  We can be the most angelic human beings on this earth and everybody will hear a different story about all of us.  That we are all bad, bad, bad.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – Do you think Shakespeare existed?

Do you think Shakespeare existed? Or are there just too many plays and sonnets credited to him to be the work of one person?

I knew a lot about Shakespeare’s plays because I studied Shakespeare in an advanced English class. I did not know anything about his life. It was never discussed, now that I think about it.

So I decided to check out Shakespeare’s life.  What life?  The man doesn’t seemed to have existed.  No one knows where he was born.  And no one seems to know the date he was born.  It also stated that Shakespeare was Italian, not English.  His parents were Italian and left Italy because of the chaos.  Shakespeare changed his name when he grew older to an English name.

But no one seems to really know anything about him.

When reading about Shakespeare, it  said he was a drunk.  A lot of his plays are of royalty.  From the impression I got of reading about him, he was a very simple man, and not well-educated.  How did he know what went on in the royal court?  How did he know about traveling?

A lot of biographers stated his parents were farmers, and he hung out with very poor people. It says nothing about Shakespeare getting an education.   How could a man who was not educated write such plays and sonnets?  Others state he came from a well-to-do family.  Everything I read about Shakespeare’s life is a contradiction.

You would think if a person came from a well-to-do family, there be a lot more information about him.  Well-to-do families are very strong on family history.  They want to make sure their  family name lives on.

Even when Shakespeare died is a mystery.  It seems he died from different causes.  Several state  fever from drinking.  Others state cerebral hemorrhage.  And they’re not sure of the date.

The one sure thing I know about Shakespeare is that I learned nothing about Shakespeare.

Did he exist?  I’m leaning toward not.  But who knows?  Anyway, even if he didn’t exist, he got the credit for writing all the plays and sonnets.  And whoever really wrote them got screwed.  The more I think about Shakespeare, the more I think the plays and sonnets were not written by one man, but by a group of different people.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Find the nearest window. Look outside.

What is the most interesting thing you see? What is the least interesting thing you see?

I’m going to look.  I’ll return in a second…

Okay, I’m back. 

I face a parking lot so interesting things are at a premium.  The most interesting thing I see is a building about a mile away shrouded in mist.  It’s a 10-story building on the Las Vegas strip.  I think it’s a hotel.   It’s blue with ridges and has a curvature to it.  The front faces South.  And I can imagine all sorts of interesting things going on in that building:  people getting married, drunk, losing money, winning money, enjoying a good meal, love beginning, love ending,  people checking in and out,  hotel life happening.

The least interesting thing is the parking lot.  It’s just a typical run of the mill parking lot, nothing to write home about.  There are no cars that are of any interest, either.  They’re just as boring looking as the parking lot.

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