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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Where do you find strength?

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Well, what I just typed someone ( government hackers) erased, so I have to begin again.  I guess they didn’t like what I wrote.

Here, I go again.  I hope I’m able to finish what I started before they erase it again.

As I stated, I don’t get strength from God.  If there is a God, why is he allowing what’s happening to me to continue?  If God is all-good, why doesn’t he end what I’m going through?  And I don’t get strength from my family.  My family chose to believe what some government stranger  told them about me.  They didn’t even want to listen to what I had to say, not one of them.  And I always thought that family was the one constant in my life.  And it turned out not to be true. So I don’t get strength from my family.

So the only one I can get strength from is myself.  I’ve found that I’m a very strong person.  I always knew I had my mother’s strength, but it took gang stalking to bring it out.  It’s no longer dormant.  I have a lot more strength than I ever thought I did. And this strength I have will keep me going through the worse of times.

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