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Gang Stalking – A homeless man put a smile on my face.

Today,  I ran into a homeless man who put a big smile on my face. I was coming out of a restaurant and a homeless man asked me if I wanted to buy a discount ticket to a nearby restaurant.  I replied, “No, thanks.” He told me, “You can have it for a dollar.”  I still said “no thanks.”   I left him and headed to the bus stop.  While waiting at the bus stop, the homeless man passed by me.  I saw him stop to smell some flowers.  As I looked at him, I could see him look around trying to find money.  He looked really hungary.  So I called to him and asked, “Are  you trying to get something to eat?” He headed back toward me and answered,”Yes, I’m trying to get something to eat.”   I didn’t know if I had any money, because I never carry any.   I always use my debit card to buy everything.  So I dug into my purse.  I came up with a dollar and  gave it to him.  He said thank you and hesitated.  I realized with just a dollar  he  couldn’t get  much of anything.  So, I kept digging into my purse.  I came up with a total of .86 cents.  He seemed satisfied and thanked me profusely.  He told me his name, Sebastian,  and walked away.  I watched  as he walked away and wondered what  had happened to him that caused his homelessness.  I turned to my left to see if the bus was coming.  I felt  someone on my right and turned to look.  It was the homeless man again.  He said, “Here, these are for you.”  He handed me a bouquet of flowers and hugged me.  I took a really good look at him.  A really good  look!  He was a very handsome man, and the suntan he had, brought out his very blue eyes.  He walked away leaving me with a feeling that even a homeless man can give someone a gift.  He left me with a smile  on my face.  And I’m still smiling.