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Gang Stalking – “We are Watching You Act” H.R. 2356

English: Official Congressional portrait for C...

English: Official Congressional portrait for Congressman Mike Capuano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)















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Beware of Duct Tape

Beware of Duct Tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I keep telling you, check around the kitchen area where you live.  I saw a roach today and I couldn’t figure where it came from. I’ve closed off every place where I think they can come in.  So I tracked where the roach came from.  And you know the area under the cabinets, lower, there’s like a piece where the cabinet sits?  Right under the cabinets, the perps removed that piece that holds the cabinets up. The piece of wood that goes all around the sink area.  I hope you can understand what I’m writing about. When it comes to things like this, I never know what to call anything.  So I’ve become the duct tape queen.  I put duct tape all around the bottom of the sink area so roaches can’t get in.   So, again, I want to remind you to check under your refrigerator, oven, cabinets to see if they’ve removed parts so roaches and other vermin can come into your home. It just never stops with the perps.  It must’ve taken a long time to remove all that wood around the sink.  I can’t go anywhere.  They make themselves at home when I leave.  It’s as if they’re renting my apartment and they can do what the f–kl they want in it.  They all belong in prison, that’s where they all belong. If I did to them what they do to me, I’d be in prison.

I heard this on the radio.  You now know that the government is hacking everyone’s phone.  And you all know that x-boxes and DVRs set-ups on your television can hear conversations, see people, can see what you’re drinking and send you a coupon for a drink of your choice.  Well, two representatives, Walter B. Jones (R-NC) and Michael Capuano(D-Mass) introduced a bill that will require technology companies to get a viewer’s consent before using surveillance to track him.  These set-ups would be embedded into your television.  This bill would also require the companies to give a warning to the viewer that’s he’s being watched if he gives permission to  the company to watch him.  The name of the bill is “We Are Watching You Act” , H.R. 2356.

I’m asking everyone who does not want anyone invading their privacy to get in touch with your Senator, representative, whomever, to approve this bill.  This bill will probably not pass if  we don’t speak up. The companies who want to have surveillance in your home are against this bill.  They want to get into your home and watch everything  you do so they can send you super-target ads.

As Congressman Capuano said, “This may sound preposterous, but it is neither a joke nor an exaggeration. These DVRs would essentially observe consumers as they watch television as a way to super-target ads. It is an incredible invasion of privacy.”

So, unless, you’re one of those people who don’t care if you’re watched,  send emails, phone, write, etc. your senators and representative and let them know how you feel.  If this bill doesn’t pass, we have only ourselves to blame. We’ve lost enough of our privacy, we don’t need some company watching everything we do.

You have a choice: privacy, no privacy.

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