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Gang Stalking – Halting schizophrenia before it starts – What bullshit!

Listen to this podcast from National Public Radio. It seems to me that they’re putting these people on meds to test new drugs.  If they behave and take drugs, they’ll probably  be let back in society after a few years. If not, they probably end up on a list. What do you think? Giving young people drugs before they’re mentally ill is just a way of testing new drugs for mind control. Go to http://www.npr.org/sections/news and look under “Halting schizophrenia before it starts” Again, more bullshit. I think they’re trying to make us all zombies.


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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Should you help homeless people? Why or Why not?

Yes and no. I’ve always been conflicted about how I feel  helping homeless people.  There are days when a homeless person will ask  me for money and I willingly give it to him.  And then  there are  other days when I ignore their requests.  By handing them money, am I encouraging them to stay on the street or am I helping them?  I hate not helping out another human being in need.  I’ve taken opportunities to talk  to some of these homeless people and most of them seem to have the same problems.  There are many alcoholics among the homeless.  Then there are those whose lives have  fallen apart because of drugs.  Others, lost their jobs and just basically gave in to depression.  Quite a few of the homeless have mental disabilities.  Some homeless are on Social Security and because of low-income can’t  afford to rent an apartment.  So it’s a hodgepodge of homeless people.  How do I pick out the ones who can really use my help and not waste it on alcohol? Or drugs?

It’s a tough question.  I really don’t have an answer.  I’ll just keep doing what I’ve done.  Some days I’ll help and some days I won’t.  Either way, the homeless will always be with us.

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