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Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

Nothing depressing today.  Don’t want to mess anyone’s Father’s Day.  To those men who are fathers, enjoy your special day.  You fathers don’t realize how very special you are to your daughters and sons, especially your daughters. We women judge other men by the way our fathers treated us. If we had a nasty father, we’re   usually  attracted to  men who will  do the same. If a father was a good father, we tend to find a really good man to marry. So you fathers are very important to how a girl sees other men. We judge men by the standards set by our fathers. So, fathers, you are very important in our lives. Don’t think you aren’t because we’re girls and you’re a man. You probably think that you’re only important to your sons, but a girl needs her father’s attention as much as sons do.

Happy Father’s Day to men everywhere.  As fathers you’re very important, so don’t forget that!

And to my father who passed away years ago, miss and love you.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – What holiday traditions does your family celebrate?

I’ve been away from my family for a few years now.  I haven’t had contact with them because of what’s been happening in my life.  They don’t believe anything I’ve told them about the gang stalking that’s happening to me.  They basically think I’ve lost it.  And I’m not going to stay around people who doubt what I say.

But, anyway, I have fond memories of the holidays.  The whole family would get together for Christmas. It wasn’t always the same place. It would depend  on who decided to foot the bill for the food that year.  All of us would, of course, bring something to the gathering.  There would be kids running all over the place, having the times of their life.  And everyone was just happy to be around family.  All of us would have a decorated Christmas tree with lights and lots of decorations.  Christmas carols would fill our homes.  And we would usually attend midnight mass on Christmas eve.  There would be a lot of laughing and talking about past Christmases, and we would discuss silly things someone did.  We didn’t dwell on things that were depressing.  There was just a wonderful feeling all around during Christmastime.  They’re days that I miss.  It tears me up to think about those days.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Try to think about nothing, for as long as you can.

What happened?  Describe it in a short post.

I try  to make my mind go blank. I see a gray square. It’s slowly losing its edge. I began to think about gang stalking… how did I end up having something like this happen to me?…but I don’t want to think about gang stalking…it’s depressing…I want to think in a positive way…I hear on the radio that Gaddafi’s Green Square is stormed by the rebels…I’m so happy…even though it’s not my world, I’m so happy for the rebels…my heart is full of love for the rebels…it’s amazing what people can  carry out when they  decide they’ve had enough of torture and  no freedom…it gives me hope that someday the gang stalking will end…that’s I’ll be free of the chain around my neck…it’s all about hope…without hope, there is nothing…without hope there is nothing…must have hope that this terrible thing will end soon..must have hope…without hope, there is nothing…hope.