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If You Really Think It Matters Which Party Controls the Senate, Answer These Questions

This is all true, and I find it funny – nothing will change.

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Please don’t claim anything changes if one party or the other is in the majority. Anyone clinging to that fantasy is delusional.

If you really think it matters which political party controls the U.S. Senate, please answer these questions.Don’t worry, they’re not that difficult:

1. Will U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast change from being an incoherent pastiche of endless war and Imperial meddling?Please answer with a straight face. We all know the answer is that it doesn’t matter who controls the Senate, Presidency or House of Representatives, nothing will change.

2. Will basic civil liberties be returned to the citizenry?You know, like the cops are no longer allowed to steal your cash when they stop you for a broken tail light and claim the cash was going to be used for a drug deal.

Or some limits on domestic spying by Central State agencies…

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Gang Stalking – Targets, speak up!

"Speak Up" is the new "Shhh.."

“Speak Up” is the new “Shhh..” (Photo credit: scampion)

Speak up, make your voice heard

Speak up, make your voice heard (Photo credit: HowardLake)


Delusion (Photo credit: FLASHFLOOD®)

Oh, we targets have a terrible life.  And if you’re a target and you don’t have a horrible life, you’re not a target.

Every day I think to myself  “maybe tomorrow it will end.”  But tomorrow comes and it’s still happening.  I know it won’t stop, but thinking that it will stop gives me hope and keeps me going.

I keep hearing that information about what’s happening to targets is getting out and people are aware of what is going  on. But I don’t find this to be true.  Any time I speak with someone and tell them what’s happening to me, no one believes me.  Not only do they not believe me, but treat me as if  I’m delusional.  They don’t take me seriously.  They tell me, maybe I should consider getting some help.   I respond by telling them that I am not delusional and that I am of sound mind and body.

So far,  I haven’t met anyone who knows anything about what’s occurring, or make-believe they don’t know.  There are many targets writing blogs, but no information is really getting out.   The information seems to get lost.  The only ones who know about targeting are other targets.

We targets have to work harder in getting information out to others.  If you’re a target, you have to speak up.  You have to tell others what’s happening to you.  You have to write your elected officials.  You can’t hide what’s happening to you.  And if they don’t believe you, you just have to keep trying no matter what anyone says to you.  Shoot a video and go on YouTube. You’ll probably be called crazy, but  that’s the least of our problems.

We all have to speak up more.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  If we don’t speak up, we’ll never be free of the government and the perps.  Speak up loud and clear and let the world know what’s happening to all of us.  Silence is not golden in our lives.

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