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Gang Stalking – Holocaust Memorial Day.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. It’s in commemoration of the Jews killed in Auschwitz. But to me, this holiday should be for holocaust  victims all over the world. There have been Holocausts in Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Australia, and I’m not too sure, Antarctica. I think Antarctica has always been too cold and there aren’t too many  people who  live there. But maybe, there have been Holocausts of animals. They count, too. Animals have feelings and if there’s been a holocaust about the animals, they should also be honored. All living things that breath have feelings, too.

So I dedicate this blog today to all victims of holocausts all over the world, not just one country.  And I also dedicate this blog to all the targets who are suffering every day of their lives. We really don’t know how many targets have been killed, so we can’t say there hasn’t been a holocaust of targets. Maybe one day we’ll find out the truth about targets.


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