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Gang Stalking – They will not beat me down.

"I Am Tired" - NARA - 558861

“I Am Tired” – NARA – 558861 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure.

English: A sign warning about pesticide exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m able to get on my computer today.   I don’t know how long I’ll last.  So if I disappear, they’ve gotten into my computer again and messed it up.

Today, the weather in Vegas is gray, dark, rainy and miserable.  Just like I feel.

The hackers won’t leave my computer alone.  The anti-virus I got is practically useless.  No matter what anti-virus I get, they get into it and put malware in it.  I really don’t know why there is even  anti-virus, none of them  works.

Not only are the perps not leaving my computer alone, they’re making my life even more miserable than usual.  When I used to live in my last apartment, I got sprayed with brown pesticide all the time.  All my clothes had stains on them.  I had to throw my clothes away because they were so badly stained.  And then I wrote about the pesticide and it stopped for a while.  But they’re going after me with the pesticide again.  They spray it into my apartment all day and at night when I try to sleep.  Not only are they hitting me with electricity,  spaying me with pesticide, heating up my bedroom like a sauna, waking me every two hours, smelling up my apartment with some kind of gas and just generally making my life unliveable, they’re trying to screw with my money. They now have a file on my debit card.  I happened to see it as I watched the anti-virus try to clean up the garbage they put into my computer. Why do the creeps need a file on my debit card?  Only one reason, so they can cause havoc in my account. I don’t have enough to worry about, now I have to worry that they’re going to take my money out of my account.  I’m worried that  one day I’ll go the bank and won’t find any money in it.  And believe me, that’s a real possibility.  It the sort of thing they do to other targets.

I must tell you, I’m just so tired.  The bastards just never leave me alone.  It’s harass her, harass her, harass her.  Don’t give her a minute of peace and quiet.  Just keep dogging her until she can’t stand it and breaks down.

But as tired as I am, they will not win, because I won’t let them win.  If I have to cry, I’ll cry, but it’ll be in such a way that they can’t hear me cry.  I won’t give them the satisfaction of hearing me cry.  Or see me cry.  Never!  They’ll make fun of me if they hear me cry, and I won’t give them the satisfaction.  I’ll show no weakness.  I’ll keep holding my head high.  That’s the way my mother taught me to do it.  She always held her head high no matter how hard things got for her.

And some day, they’ll get what’s coming to them.  That’s also what my mother told me.

God, I miss my mother!!!

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Gang Stalking – As I walk away, I curse them all…

English: Remy, caught in the act of stealing.

English: Remy, caught in the act of stealing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A at a parking lot next to the West V...

English: A at a parking lot next to the West Village Apartments in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Straßenschild Anger

Straßenschild Anger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just sat down to write my blog and outside my apartment there are about five, six kids jumping up and down, screaming their lungs off and just acting like a bunch of  riffraff.  Ah, isn’t a target’s life just wonderful.

I was at a store I won’t name. Those of you who read my blog know the name of the store and how much I hate the place. And I’m sure you who don’t know the name of the store are probably saying to yourself:  So why do you go there?  I go there because it’s convenient. I don’t have a car and I have to lug all the things I buy home.  This is the closest place to my apartment.

Well, anyway, as I was writing.

As soon as I stepped on the property of the store, the security guard passes by in his little toy car.  Every single time I go to the store, he’s the first thing I see.  As always, he gets on his radio and warns everyone in the store I’m on the way in.  The loud music begins to play as soon as I enter.  Everyone suddenly has to be where I am.  I go to the deli, no one around.  Not one soul, but suddenly, before I even give my order to the deli person, there are about ten, twelve people surrounding me.  While I’m waiting for my order, I feel someone watching me. I turn to my left, and there, in the cheese section, is a security guard watching me.  He immediately leaves and heads for the manager’s office.  He looked at me as if I was stealing something.  I was going through my handbag to get my debit card out before I went to the cashier.  While going through my bag, I feel someone else’s eyes on me.  It is the store manager, he’s staring at me and has a cart full of things trying to look as if he’s doing something.  I get my deli order and walk to get a bottle of water.  I get my bottle water and turn to see the store manager watching me.  I’m beginning to feel angry that these idiots are watching me.  I’d like to say something, but I control my outburst.

I go to the cashier to pay, there’s a person ahead of me in line and she’s paying the cashier.  Behind me, a line builds  up right away. Within about a minute, there are about twenty people in line. I can feel the anger building up inside of me  that I have to put up with this garbage everywhere I go.  I let a lot of the idiots get in line ahead of me.  I have to calm myself down, or else I’ll tell every one of the idiots off.  (Just writing this is making me angry.)

I finally get my debit card out and pay.

I head toward the door to leave.  There’s the manager standing by the door.  I give him a dirty look. I dare him by my look to say something to me.  He looks at me and he  looks like he’s about to say something, but decides not to.  He takes off with his cart. I leave the store and suddenly feel the urge to go back in the store and tell the manager off.  I go back in the store, but I can’t find the manager and quickly leave.  I know if I stay around the store, I will definitely be arrested.  I quickly walk away, all the time cursing all the idiots under my breath.

Another great day in Perplandia.

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Gang Stalking – Wells Fargo customers, watch out!

Customizing a debit card

English: A Wells Fargo bank on College Avenue ...

English: A Wells Fargo bank on College Avenue in Berkeley. This branch office is typical of older Wells Fargo facilities in inner-city areas in the state of California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Bank (Photo credit: 401K)

Today I’m  writing my blog in “safe mode.”  They totally screwed with my computer.  They removed my internet access, but I was able to get it going.  That’s how I got on.  I bet they thought I couldn’t get it started, but I’m getting better at repairing my computer.  Someday, they won’t be able to get in it.

On Wednesday, I lost my debit card. Immediately I headed to the bank to close out my card.  I told the persona banker  to cancel my debit card.  She went into my account and told me she canceled my card.  And I reminded the banker to order a new card.  She kept saying she would.  And I waited.  I again said, “Did you order a new card?”  She said “yes.”  I didn’t really trust her, but I left.  Today, since I no longer have my card, had to go into the bank to get money out.  When I was at the teller window, I asked the teller if the card I’d lost would be arriving soon.  He said, “It looks like it hasn’t been ordered, but we don’t have all the information the personal bankers have on their computers.”  So I said “thank you” and went over to the personal banker.  I asked the banker to check to see if my new card would be arriving soon.  She looked and said, “It says here you lost your card and it’s been canceled, but no new card requested.”  I explained to the banker that I had been at the bank on Wednesday and told the  previous banker to order a new card for me.  The banker replied, “Well, she didn’t order a new card.  I’ll order it for you.”   I was suspicious that the first banker did not order a new card by the way she acted.  So I let the new banker order the new card.  I was really angry because the first banker flat-out lied to me.  I went over to the bank manager and told her about what happened. I told the manager that if I hadn’t checked to see if my card had been ordered, I’d be waiting and waiting for a card that was never going to arrive.  I told her that she should have a talk with the personal banker I’d spoken with.

I walked out of the bank and decided I’d better check to make sure my card had really been ordered.  So I got on the phone and called the 800 number of the bank.  I got a banker on the phone and explained the situation to the banker.  I asked him to please check to make sure  my new card had been ordered.  He checked and said that “yes” the card been ordered.  I told the banker that I wanted to lodge a complain about the bank.  This was not the first time something like this occurred to me by the bankers.  I was sick of their treatment.  He asked if I wanted to lodge a complain, and I said yes.

But can you imagine if I hadn’t checked to see if my card had been ordered?  I would have waited, waited, waited for my card.  It really annoys me I have to put up with such nonsense.

I’m telling you targets about this because it probably has happened to you, or will happen to you.  I just want to give you a warning to keep checking on things you order at your bank.  Make sure that the things the personal banker says they’ll do, they do.  As usual, they feel they can treat targets any way they want.  I sensed the first woman was not telling me the truth, so I checked.  And I’m so glad I did.  So don’t take what someone says to you at face value, double-check everything.

I put in a complaint with the head office.  I’ve had it with Wells Fargo and the idiots that work there. And if anything else happens to me that I think is not “kosher”, I’m taking my money out of the stupid bank.

Read the article below. It’s funny.

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Gang Stalking – A homeless man put a smile on my face.

Today,  I ran into a homeless man who put a big smile on my face. I was coming out of a restaurant and a homeless man asked me if I wanted to buy a discount ticket to a nearby restaurant.  I replied, “No, thanks.” He told me, “You can have it for a dollar.”  I still said “no thanks.”   I left him and headed to the bus stop.  While waiting at the bus stop, the homeless man passed by me.  I saw him stop to smell some flowers.  As I looked at him, I could see him look around trying to find money.  He looked really hungary.  So I called to him and asked, “Are  you trying to get something to eat?” He headed back toward me and answered,”Yes, I’m trying to get something to eat.”   I didn’t know if I had any money, because I never carry any.   I always use my debit card to buy everything.  So I dug into my purse.  I came up with a dollar and  gave it to him.  He said thank you and hesitated.  I realized with just a dollar  he  couldn’t get  much of anything.  So, I kept digging into my purse.  I came up with a total of .86 cents.  He seemed satisfied and thanked me profusely.  He told me his name, Sebastian,  and walked away.  I watched  as he walked away and wondered what  had happened to him that caused his homelessness.  I turned to my left to see if the bus was coming.  I felt  someone on my right and turned to look.  It was the homeless man again.  He said, “Here, these are for you.”  He handed me a bouquet of flowers and hugged me.  I took a really good look at him.  A really good  look!  He was a very handsome man, and the suntan he had, brought out his very blue eyes.  He walked away leaving me with a feeling that even a homeless man can give someone a gift.  He left me with a smile  on my face.  And I’m still smiling.