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Add Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY DAUGHTER!

A mother’s story of the evil happening all around us.

My Story of Organized Crime, Organized Stalking, Public/Political Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

Add Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF MY DAUGHTER!

This preceded the death of my daughter who had been reported in December of 2010 to the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation as a trafficked person as was a kidnapping report submitted. Again in May 2014 her activity raised suspicions and I again reported her as a trafficked person to the Advocates of Human Rights and 2 Twin City Police Departments. Again 3 days prior to her death on the 27th of September 2014, I reported these strange activities lending reasonable suspicion that a threat existed concerning her safety… THREE DAYS LATER SHE WAS DEAD!

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Gang Stalking – Targets, only death will free us.

Edelman PR Punching Bags

Edelman PR Punching Bags (Photo credit: Articulate MediaWorks)

Axis of Evil

Axis of Evil (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

Engraving illustrating the caning of J.R. Grav...

Engraving illustrating the caning of J.R. Graves by an ex-congressman in front of Scovel’s drug store in Nashville for alleged slander. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reduce to tears, mock, slander, knock down, befoul, oppress, bad-mouth, deride, scorn, denigrate, despise, demoralize, dirty, bankrupt, dispirit, pauperize, beat down, abase, damage, devalue, write-off, worthless, violate, cheapen, defile, belittle, put down, disparage, degrade, debase, debauch, smear, rape, demean, take down a peg, weaken, ill-treat, vilify, undetermine, humiliate,,  ruin, hurt, tame, declass, disgrace, lessen, discredit, etc., etc.

The words above  someone can use to describe a target’s every day life.  A life full of nothing but misery.  A life that doesn’t allow for a target to have any kind of joy  in it.

We targets have become punching bags for anything that’s wrong in the U.S.

If we’re somewhere and something happens, it’s the target’s fault.  The target must have stolen the money, caused the argument, dirtied the street, caused the hurricane, etc.  There isn’t  anything that happens that isn’t a target’s fault.

We targets are such evil people.  We’re thrown out of stores, told to leave a park, not served when we go into a restaurant, or kept waiting for a long time if we’re served,  police follow us around,  threatened and told something will happen to us if we dare answer back,  told we’ll be beaten,  told we’re  ugly, fat, looked at in disgust, everyone feels superior to us,  followed everywhere, threatened to be put in jail by police, police don’t believe us when we complain about being abused. People basically treat all of us like the lowest form of life.  There is no one lower than us.

This is a target’s life.  We targets who have never committed crimes, hurt anyone, or never been in prison, suffer like those in prison.  We are really treated worse than those in prison, because we’re being punished without being given a fair trial, had a lawyer represent us in court, or been accused of committing a crime.

This is our punishment by the great U.S.A.

And no matter what any target wants to believe, the U.S. government‘s involved in our gang stalking.  I don’t think there’s a  government  department that doesn’t know about the torture.

And if it’s true that everyone in government doesn’t know, then why is it that we can’t get help from any government agency?

Not one government agency wants anything to do with any of us and treats us like bad children.  Children no one wants to be bothered with.  They don’t want us in their face.

I wonder why it is that the government agencies don’t want to hear the truth?  They don’t want to hear the truth, because they know the truth.

Just as in earlier times in the U.S., no one listened to Americans who complained about torture. It was only twenty, thirty years after their torture that someone listened. And the ones who listened, it wasn’t because they were good people, but enough time passed so no one would suffer the consequences of their evil.

And thirty, forty, fifty years from now, there’ll be congressional hearings, and everyone will shake their heads in disbelief.  And it will happen all over again.

So, targets, in our lifetime, no will come to our defense.  We’re going to have to wait twenty, thirty, forty years before anyone finds out what’s happening to us.  And by that time, we’ll probably all be dead.

So, targets, leave behind the  history of what happened to you. Tell your story.  Tell it so others can learn about your miserable treatment by the U.S. government.

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Gang Stalking – My heart goes out to all the parents in Newtown, Connecticut.

A toddler girl crying

A toddler girl crying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut

Official seal of Newtown, Connecticut (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to think two, three times before I wrote this blog.  Was I feeding into the frenzy of the moment?  Or did I have something to say that was of any use to someone?

At first, I thought the shooter was a target who’d gone crazy.  But  the more I read, the more I realize it was a young guy who appears to be autistic.  Gang stalking is what I write about, and thought I should write about the shooting.

But it seems the shooter was a person who was in pain.  And I know a lot about pain.  In the last four years that’s what I’ve felt — a lot of  hurt and pain.

The shooter’s name was Adam Lanza, and he was 20 years of age.

Adam forced himself  into the Sandy Hook Elementary School carrying 3 guns – a Glock, Sig Sauer (pistols), and a .223 rifle.  He randomly began shooting  anyone  within sight.

When Adam was through shooting, he shot himself.  And along with himself, he shot 20 children, his mother, and 6 other adults. A total of 27 people.

From the information I gathered, it appears Adam  argued with his mother, and shot her at their home. And then continued on to the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Adam appeared to be a very quiet person and had very few friends; had a very hard time dealing with others and looking them in the face.  He grew up in a world where he didn’t fit in anywhere.  He wasn’t one of the “cool” kids.

I don’t know the truth of what caused Adam to take a gun and shoot his mother, or go into an elementary school and shoot little innocent children.  But I do know one thing, Adam was in deep pain, and the only way he knew how to get rid of the pain was with violence.

I’m not excusing anything Adam did, but I don’t really think he knew the cause and effect of the shooting.

It appears Adam had Asperger syndrome, and people with Asperger  have problems dealing with emotions. They can’t empathize with someone else’s problems.

So my heart goes out to all those innocent children and adults who were killed, too.  And my heart also goes out to Adam. He was a human being in pain, too.

None of us is perfect, and we shouldn’t judge others so harshly, because we don’t know what kind of  hell they’re going through. Remember the saying: Until you’ve walked in my shoes, don’t judge me.

And for now, I’m not going to judge Adam, because I haven’t walked in his shoes.

My heart goes out to all parents at Newtown, Connecticut who have to deal with the death of their children.  It must be the worse pain in the world to lose a child in such a horrible way. A child whose voice a parent will never hear again; nor hear his/her laughter; or know that the dreams the child had will never be.

I’m sure I’ll get some backlash for feeling some empathy for Adam, but I’m willing  to take what someone dishes out to me. I know what it is to be in pain.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Do you think they’ll find the God Particle?

Greetings From God

Image via Wikipedia - God?

Peter Higgs (* 1929)

Image via Wikipedia - Higgs Peter

An example of simulated data modelled for the ...
Image via Wikipedia – Higgs Boson particles

Scientists claim they may have discovered a particle called Higgs Boson, which if found, may explain more about how matter in the universe works.  Do you think it will be found?

Well, I’ve never been good with science.  I went to Catholic school and science was not taught.  You know, the Adam-Eve thing would not have held water, so  to keep us stupid, science was not in the curriculum.  Of course, now it’s taught.  I don’t know if the Adam-Eve thing is still taught.

I read the Higgs Boson theory, and I think I understand it.  This Higgs Boson particle  gives mass to electrons.  The electrons attract other Higgs Boson particles. But they don’t stay too long at one place and keep moving attracting other particles. The original particles falling by the wayside. I probably have it all wrong.  I can’t even understand what I wrote.

So the question is:  Will we be able to find the God Particle? I don’t  think so.  If this Particle keeps moving from place to place and not staying in any one place for too long, it will be hard to study.  If it stayed put long enough to be studied, then we might find an answer.  The particle is like a homeless man.  How easy is it to find a homeless man you’re looking for?  Not very easy.  And if you do find the homeless man, he’s usually dead.  So my instincts tell me the God Particle will never be found.  And that depends on whether you believe in God or not.

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P.S. To the government flunkies, the same thing I said to you yesterday.

Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When do the ends justify the means?

It depends on the situation.  If someone is aiming a gun at me ready to shoot, I have a right to shoot him.  So shooting that person justifies the means. I stay alive.

If I’m married to someone and he has an affair, divorcing him justifies the means.  Or anyway, it does to me.  Once a cheater, always a cheater.  Divorcing the cheater justifies the means.

I don’t think most wars justify the means.  A lot of innocent people end up dead.  And most times, all the killing doesn’t end up justifying the means.  All most wars do is fill up cemeteries with innocent victims.  And those in power usually escape to another country where they live a life of ease.  So most wars don’t justify the means.

So do the ends justify the means?  It all depends on the situation, and what someone wants the outcome to be.

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