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Gang Stalking – I’m not going to let them win!

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Everything  I typed was erased, so I’ll have to start again.  This is what I’m talking about.  The bastards are at it again.  Sorry about the language.

I haven’t been writing my blog because I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing.  When I write I have to deal with a lot of stress.  Whatever I type usually gets erased.  I can feel my blood pressure rising every time I type something.  I’m afraid I’ll suffer a heart attack.  But in spite of what the gang stalkers have done to me, I’ve been able to keep up with my blog.  They haven’t been able to stop me from writing it, and I’m not going to let them win. I took some time off to de-stress.   If you like my blog, you’ll be seeing a blog from me.  I miss writing, and keeping in touch with my readers.  A lot of  times you readers have kept me going.  I thank you all.  And now I’m back!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Describe the perfect Sunday.

I think it says in the Bible…and on the 7th day he rested.  I’m not a reader of the Bible, so I don’t know if it’s correct.  But whoever said “he rested”, I agree with.

Sunday is a day to rest.  Sunday is not a day to do a load of laundry,  go shopping, clean house, do a lot of errands.  Sunday is a day to de-stress.  Take off a day from the worries of the world.  A day to take it easy.  Relax.  It’s a day not to cook.  It’s a day to use paper plates, no dirty dishes to clean.  It’s a day to watch funny movies.  To stay in your sleepwear, if that’s what you feel like doing.  It’s a day not to watch anything that’s depressing.  It’s a day to clear your mind of everything that’s gone on all week.  It’s a day to eat junk food, if that’s your choice.  You can eat healthy food the rest of the week to make up for all the junk you ate on Sunday.   It’s a day not to take a shower, unless you want to.  Or take a long, long shower if it makes you happy.  Sunday is a day to hide from the world.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough.  Sunday is a day to spend all day reading the newspaper.  Read only positive things; save depressing news for the rest of the week reading.  So enjoy whatever it is you like doing on Sunday.  Monday is just around the corner.  And it’s back to work.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Make an argument for why weekends should be longer.

Different cultures expect a different amount of working hours from working people. Make a serious argument for why either you, or your entire society,  should have more time away from work.

I used to have a job where I worked four days a week, ten hours a day. It was great having three days off. The three days enabled  me to get a lot of things done.  I knew I had a day to do errands and the other two days I could do whatever I wanted without worrying about not having enough time to relax.  By the third day, I could feel all the stress leave me.  I was ready to run three miles. 

As the working situation is now, we get eight hours to work, eight to sleep and eight hours to do whatever we want.  But we don’t really get any time to really relax.  When you take into account the eight hours we get to do whatever we want, it’s  not really true.  In those eight hours, we have to  cook, run  errands, spend time  traveling to work,  visit a doctor, handle any emergencies that might arise, clean up, etc.   So those eight hours  we have to “do nothing” are full of things we must  do to keep life running smoothly.  That leaves us with little “downtime”.  We’re perpetually running to and from some place.  We rarely have  time to  sit and chat with someone, or just relax.  That’s why there are  so many people on tranquilizers.  It’s  the only way they can relax.

So four days of work sounds  a great way to solve the problem of stress.   The three days off from work will give people time to de-stress.  They’ll  go back to work relaxed  and ready to give their best to work.  And just knowing that it’s only four days of work really helps to put a smile on someone’s face.

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