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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Sometimes I have to remind myself there are a “few” nice people out there.

On the bus

On the bus (Photo credit: joshua_putnam)

I was waiting at the bus stop and looking in my bag for bus fare. A man stood by and  kept looking at me. At one time if a man looked at me, I thought he was looking at me because he thought I was attractive. Nowadays, when a man looks at me, I assume it’s because I’m going to be his target. So I looked back at the man and gave him a nasty look, and returned to my bag to look for my weapon to zap him for when he zapped me. I took some coins out of my bag, and a dime fell out. I bent down to pick it up, the man beat me to it and picked it up to give  me. I said “thank you ” and continued to look for coins. He still stared at me, and I was getting annoyed. He leaned over and handed me something. I looked at it, and it was a bus pass for the rest of the day. I was so surprised I had a hard time blurting out “thank you.” He got on the bus, and I followed. He sat down, and I went over and thanked him again. What a nice man he was. I’m so used to being abuse,  I never think someone might be a good person.

I got on another bus, and the bus driver asked me what my shirt said.  So I let him look at it. My shirt states”Targeted Individual by U .S. Government since 2009″. He asked me what exactly did it mean. I explained to him that I’m harassed  by a group of gang stalkers who get paid by the  government. I told him I was on a list of people the government considers violent and dangerous,  and there were more than half million of us on the list. He kept asking me questions, and said I didn’t look dangerous. I told him I wasn’t dangerous, and  have  never been in any trouble, but someone reported me to the government as being a danger to U.S. security, and that’s how I got placed on the list.  He seemed to believe me (I don’t know if he really did), but it was nice to have someone listen to what I had to say.  He was the first person to ask me about the shirt. A lot of people look at it, but never ask me any questions.  They look at me as if I’m crazy.

So two nice men in one day.  I guess there are still nice people in the world; I just have to remind myself constantly they exist.

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