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Gang Stalking – If Communism ever arrives in U.S., I don’t want to hear any bullshit.

Yesterday, this is the sign that was practically shoved in my face:

“Because of your  (who is “your”?)   ignorance and apathy, our children are going to grow up under Communists. Our  children will be enslaved and slaughered by Communists.”

They surely can’t mean “your ” to be me. I’ve tried and tried to get the American people to pay attention to what’s happening in The U.S. and no one will listen.  Only a certain group realizes what’s going on and is willing to stand up to the government. The rests are under the illusion that America is a free country. Turn on any t.v., radio, phone, etc., always about how free America is.  They should live the lives of the targets, and then they can tell me how free they truly are. Eventually, it will happen  to  them, too. Only thing is, they don’t know, and don’t care because they think they’re free.

I guess now they’re calling me a “communist”.

No , our children will not grow up  under Communists  because of   someone’s ignorance.  They will grow up under Communism because of the apathy of Americans who care not to stand up for our freedom. They will grow up under Communists because  Americans do not question their government. They just do what the government tells them to do.  This will lead to communism. The no questioning of anything the government tells us, this will enslave our children.  Not only our children, but grown-ups, too. And when that day arrives, I don’t want to hear any of their bullshit! They didn’t want to listen when  we tried to  warn them of the danger ahead.

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