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Gang Stalking – You better not cry when you find out you’re a YouTube sensation.

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency....

The seal of the U.S. National Security Agency. The first use was in September 1966, replacing an older seal which was used briefly. For more information, see here and here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cover of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (...

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This to be sang to the tune of “Santa Claus is coming to Town”. I thought I’d get us all ready for the Christmas season.

You better watch out, you better not cry,  you better not pout, because National Security is coming to town. They know when you’ve been bad (like had sex with  someone who’s not your wife/husband), they know when you’ve been good (when you act like a zombie and accept what they do to you), so you better watch out.

They watch you while you’re sleeping .  They watch you when you’re awake, so you better be good because National Security is coming to town. You see, they plant cameras in your apartment and watch you. So you better be good, National security Agency is watching you.

National Security Agency is making a list, checking it twice, gonna  find out who you’ve been in contact with.

With guns at the ready, and a list of lies, National Security is coming to town.

They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake, so you better be good and not indulge in any sexual acts, because you’ll become  a famous YouTube sensation.

You better watch out, you better not cry when you find out National Security Agency’s  been watching you.

National Security is already in town. National Security is already in town. National Security is already in town.

You better watch out, you  better not cry when you find out National Security Agency’s been watching you.

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Gang Stalking – FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots), I know where you are.

Toll Free Call

Internet Access Here Sign

Internet Access Here Sign (Photo credit: Steve Rhode)

English: The Seal of the United States Federal...

English: The Seal of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. For more information, see here. Español: El escudo del Buró Federal de Investigaciones (FBI). Para obtener más información, véase aquí (Inglés). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be careful when you make a phone call.  The number you call is probably right, the person you reach on the other side might not be the person you want.  Your phone is probably hacked as your computer is.  Every time you call, a gang stalker is hired to answer the phone to fool you into thinking you’ve reached the right number.  Most of these people are so unprofessional that it’s laughable.  They are so unprofessional that it amazes me that anyone would take them seriously.

I remember one time I called my insurance company and a woman answered and then passed the phone to someone else.  The woman who came on tried to sound professional.  She answered using the insurance name, but I could tell she was a fake. I asked the woman “is this so and so company?”  She answered “yes”.  The problem was that I didn’t give her the right name, so I knew she was a phony.  I told the woman  I was getting  off, but I didn’t.  I stayed on the phone and listened.  While listening I could hear the two woman talking and a baby began to cry.   I heard the woman tell the baby to be quiet, but it was too late.  That’s how unprofessional these people are.  When you make a call, your call is re-directed to a gang stalker’s home, who  sits by the phone, and makes believe they’re whatever company you’re calling.  You can always tell a professional by how they sound and what they say.

Yesterday, it happened again.   I tried to reach my internet access company to tell them that I’d gotten a new debit card.  The company automatically takes the money out of my account, approved by the bank, of course.  I forgot to tell them I got a new card.  Without the new number, the company can’t get access to deduct the amount from my account.  I dialed the number and got a man who answered “hello.”  The company never, never has live  human being answer the phone.  All my transactions with the company are with phonebots.  So right away, I knew it wasn’t the right number.   I hung up.  I redialed again.  Again, I got the same man.  I redialed a third time to make sure I hadn’t dialed the wrong number.   The man answered again.  I asked the man “is this so and so company?”   He answered “yes.”   It was not the right name of the company.  He stuttered trying to convince me that I’d reached the internet access company.  He had a southern accent, and I remembered the man I had seen going into apartment 203.  He doesn’t live here, but I could tell he was another gang stalker hired by the government.  He definitely looked like one of the people who works for the government   Very crisp looking slacks, a very neat shirt and a tie.  He was taken into the apartment by a man similarly dressed.   I think apartment 203 is used as an office.  I don’t miss anything.  I always have my eyes open.  I’m sure if I were to break into the apartment,  I would find an office set-up with  a lot of technical stuff all around. FBI (Federal Bureau of Idiots!), or whoever you are, I know where you are. Maybe you need a new place to do your spying?

So, as I was writing, make sure you get the right company when you make a phone call.  At one time, I used  a pay phone when I had personal business, but they soon took care of that.  They hacked almost every phone I used to have the calls directed to them.  I was always able to use the  800 number for the company when I used the public phones, but soon the 800 number no longer worked.  I’d be on the phone for about 5 minutes and the voice would come on telling me to add money.  So I knew my days on the  public phones were over.  So, again, be careful, wherever you make the call from, and make sure you’re not being re-directed to a government flunky, or gang stalker.  If you doubt it’s the right company, get off right away.

They sure didn’t want me to tell you this; they kept erasing my blog.

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Gang Stalking – We targets will never forget!

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube

Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA

Homeless Veteran on the streets of Boston, MA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today as usual, I went out and checked the area around my apartment.  I do this every time I leave home, or in the morning when I get up.  The front of my apartment looked all right.  No cigarette butts, no paper, no twigs, no dog poop.  There isn’t a day I go out there that there isn’t something someone put in front of my apartment.  But nothing today.  I went around to the side of my apartment and I see something.  Close up, dog poop again.  The gang stalkers put the dog poop on the side of my apartment to draw ants to it. They probably didn’t think I’d look at the side.  Wrong they were.  I picked up the dog poop with a plastic bag I have to put things strewn around my apartment.  I did not put the poop in the garbage.  I put it somewhere else.  I’m not saying where, but you can guess where.  Why let good poop go to waste?

Also, today, as I was walking to get my mail, I passed a man who lives about 8 doors from me.  The man is an alcoholic.  I used to see him come home from work and see him struggling to put his key in the hole.  It took him a while to do it.  Sometimes a neighbor would offer to open it for him, but he always refused.  Then one day, he must have decided to get sober.  I watched him go from a guy with a paunch to a slim version of himself.  He looked healthier, handsomer, no big tummy.  He easily opened his door without a problem.    And then about 6 months ago, he began drinking again.  His sobriety did not last long.  The man is back to having trouble opening his door.  He’s never spoken a word to me, nor I him.  But while he was sober, he would always give me dirty looks every time he passed me. I never said anything.  Today, as he passed me in a drunken stupor, he called me “a fucking bitch” and kept rambling something about me.  I paid no attention and kept on walking.  I used to feel bad for this man, I no longer do.

I was watching a video on YouTube from a target.  The video was of a man who has been a target for over 15 years.  He shot his video as he walked along a highway.  He looked tired, his eye were sunken in, his hair disheveled, his skin blotchy.  He spoke as he walked along the highway.  He spoke of being followed 24/7, being driven from his home, losing his family, his job, and having no friends.  He spoke about how he’d gone from being a good-looking guy to one who’s losing his hair due to lack of nourishment and the abuse he has to suffer every day.  He said he was now homeless and had no place to go.  I could feel the suffering he’s going through.  It made me cry that someone like this man has to be degraded to such a low point in his life. I could tell by the way he spoke that’s he’s an educated man, but to see him in the video you’d never believe it.  This is what’s done to us targets.    Abused and degraded by a bunch of lowlifes who will do anything to destroy us for whatever sick reason they’re doing it.   I think about him and hope that he’s able to get some help.  That’s he able to get his life in order and recover from the abuse.   The gang stalkers are dirt bags who should be in  jail.  They should suffer the same abuse as we’re experiencing. We targets will never forget what’s  been done to us.  And we will get our day in court!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – When you go to a movie theater, do you prefer it to be…

The concession stand next at the Cinemark movi...

…empty so you can sit anywhere you like?  Or do you prefer a packed house like on opening night?  When you can sit anywhere, where do you sit and why?

When I go to a movie theater, I like it empty.  If there are not too many people at the theater, it’ll be quiet; and I’ll have no problem hearing the movie.  When there are too many people in the theater, it’s noisy.  People in the audience will talk loudly, laugh, eat candy that makes a crinkly noise.  And if there are kids in the theater, they’ll yell, cry and drive everyone crazy. It’s heaven when the theater is empty.

People who go to opening night movies are not real film buffs.  They go to see and be seen.  And to brag that they saw the movie when it opened.  For no other reason.  Who can hear the movie with all that first night fuss?  I sound like a real Grinch, don’t I?

I like to sit two seats from the back.  Not too many people like seating in the back, unless they’re teenagers and want to fool around.  There are advantages to sitting in the back.  The concession stand is closer, and I get to the food faster.  And I don’t miss too much of the movie. It’s quieter in the back.  When the movie is over, I can be the first one out.  I don’t have to wait for some slow poke to walk in front of me.  And I’m closer to the Ladies room for when I have need of using it.

Countdown:  68 blogs to write.

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