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Gang Stalking – America – a nation of moochers?

This blog has nothing to do with gang stalking – just a warning.

This is a scene I saw while waiting at the bus stop.

I sat on the bench next to a  black woman. A white man walked toward the bus stop. He stopped in front of the black woman and ignored me. The man carried a manila envelope with him. He opened it and showed the woman something. After showing her whatever it was, he said to her,” I have a doctor’s appointment in half an hour. I have to prove to the doctor that there’s something wrong with my right foot and I can’t walk. Can you do me a favor and watch me walk and tell me if it looks natural.” The man said something about getting on Social Security. There was nothing wrong with the man’s walk.

The woman nodded “yes”.

He walked away from her with his right foot turned toward the right.

The woman said, “No, it doesn’t look natural. It looks fake. You have to turn the right foot in such a way that it looks natural.”

The man again walked away from her and practiced his walking.

He said, “How does this look?”

The woman answered, “Much better. You’re getting the hang of it.”

The man practiced walking back and forth with his right foot turned in such a way that he looked flawed. I also watched. He looked like a cripple.

Finally, the black woman said, “Hey, you got it. Right on.”  The man smiled.

The bus pulled up and we all got on. The man practiced his cripple walk on the bus.

I sat on the bus a little ashamed of what America has become. America has become a nation of moochers. No one wants to work. They all want to stay home and live off someone else.

And I thought to myself  –  It’s too bad I don’t know that doctor’s name. I’d call him up and tell him what’s up.

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Gang Stalking – Not picking on handicapped people, just the actors.

There’s a perp who’s been hanging around the library.  He’s  become a computer hacker. He looked very familiar to me, but I couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him. So for a week or more, I thought about it. And then, as I was about to get into the elevator, it came to me. This is the same man who was in the room during my yoga class.  At that time, he was in a wheel chair. He’s no longer in a wheel chair, and I don’t think he ever needed it. He walks around as if he’s  never had any problem with his legs. Well, anyway, I got into the elevator with him and a  group  of  other perps, which I never do. But I wanted to say something to him. As soon as the elevator closed, I said, “Oh, you’re that man who used to be in a wheel chair. I remember that during my yoga class you tried to get me in trouble. You stole a woman’s handbag and took off like lightning. I wondered why you took off so quickly.  And then when the yoga class was over, I found out why. You stole the woman’s handbag who’d left it on the table behind you. You wanted to get me in trouble by making it seem as if I did it.” A perp in the elevator spoke up, “He doesn’t look like a thief to me.”  Every perp in the elevator laughed. I had to get off and I could hear their laughter as I walked away,

It told you, you can’t trust any of the perps. This man has nothing wrong with him. Never did, but he’s posing as a cripple.  I have not seen the man since I saw him in the elevator. He now knows that I know he stole the woman’s  handbag and doesn’t want to get arrested. He probably thought since he wasn’t in a wheel chair I wouldn’t recognize him, but I did.  I have a pretty good memory.

As I’ve written before, you can’t trust people who seem to be handicapped. Some of them really are, but a lot of them are just playing games with us.

And now that I’ve written  about handicapped people and how I don’t trust them, I  will have even more of them following me around every day. Right now, there’s one on almost every corner. It’ll be two at every corner now.  I’m not picking on handicapped people, just the ones who are acting as if they’re handicapped!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What’s the smartest thing you heard this week?

Yesterday, while I was waiting for the bus, along came a man wearing a santa suit.  He was in a wheel chair and had to be helped and  strapped into the seat  by the bus driver. At first I  thought he was a nut. But as I looked at his Santa suit, I found it very interesting. He had dozens of beads of all colors around his neck, and on his back, he had tiny, green Christmas bells.  So I walked over to  him and asked him if I could take his picture.  He smiled and said sure.

I took a few pictures of him and then we proceeded to talk to each other.  He told me that one day he was in bed and he got a very sharp pain starting from his right arm diagonally to his left arm.  He  managed with all the pain he was feeling to get to a phone and call an ambulance.  He was taken to the hospital and given pain killers and put to sleep.  When he awoke, a doctor was sitting by his bed.  The doctor told him he’d had a heart attack and the heart attack had left him paralyzed.  The doctor said that he would not be able to walk or  use his hands or live a normal life again. 

When he heard the prognosis, he got angry.  He was able to move his middle finger and he used it to tell the doctor where he could go.  No one was going to tell him what he could or could not do.  He told me it had happened ten years ago.

Since then, he’s living life as fully as possible.  He’s not able to walk, but he wants to be an example to people who have heart attacks (That’s why he wears his santa suit).  He wants  people to know that because they can’t walk doesn’t mean they have to sit at home feeling sorry for themselves.  He’s still able to work as a Las Vegas oddity.  He goes to events where famous people appear and gets autographs from them and then he’s  able to resell them for money.  He’s doing all right.  He’s not rich, but he keeps himself busy. He’s  able to appear in shows such as CSI: Las Vegas as an extra ( He was telling the truth.  I goggled him and it shows him appearing in CSI.)

He had been a wrestler and in perfect physical shape.  And now, he’s in a wheel chair.  Not able to move.  But he has a very positive attitude.  In his wrestling days, he was called  “Moondog”.  And now he’s known as Disco Santa.   He began to put lights around his wheel chair so people could see him coming and not run into him at night.  As the years went by, he added more beads and lights and that’s how he became known as Disco Santa.

He had once been famous and now he’s crippled, but it hasn’t stopped Disco Santa from enjoying life.  He has a really good outlook on life.  He told me he can be found on Las Vegas Boulevard, near the Flamingo Hotel, doing his thing  for the tourists. So, if you live in Vegas, or visit Las Vegas,  go see Disco Santa.  He’ll be hard to miss. And you’ll walk away smiling.

That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard this week:  to always keep a positive attitude no matter what happens.  Disco Santa certainly knows what he’s talking about.

Oh, by way, you can see Disco Santa on Youtube.com/VGP54.

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