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Gang Stalking – Transformer in my complex explodes

In the last few days, I’ve experienced my lights going on and off. My kitchen bulb always goes off. I just walk over and twist it back on. The refrigerator’s been making really strange sounds and the exhaust system in the bathroom makes very weird noses. This scenario happens to me everywhere I’ve lived. I knew  what  was coming.

I went out and came back late at night. On my way home I noticed a NV Energy truck, digging something up. Nevada Energy seems to always be in my neighborhood digging something up. When they’re in the neighborhood I always watch them. My instincts tell me to. I’ve had enough experience with other power companies. I know the power companies also play the perp game. I went into my apartment, turned on the light and opened the refrigerator to put away food. I was about to close the door and I heard a loud BOOM! All the lights in my apartment went off. I went outside to see if it’d happened to others. It took  others in the complex about 5 minutes to come and say that their lights went out. I told them, “Oh, it’s the transformer”. One man said to me, “How do you know that?” I said, “Because I’ve experienced lights going out often”. My complex has 3 subdivisions. I’m next to #1. I’m in the middle. Subdivision #1 had all their lights on. I’m the first one in a row of apartments. Every subdivision had its lights on except for mine. Now, I know that the NV Energy was f—–g around with the electric in my apartment. This is what always happens. When the perps keep complaining to the monitors on how  hard  a time they’re having getting to me, they do this.  NV Power wanted to shut my lights off, it screwed up. It turned off everyone’s power. Let me tell you, I thoroughly  enjoyed watching the perps in the complex get angry about losing their power. I had candles all ready to go. I’ve learned from past experiences. The perps  stood outside complaining  until the lights  came back on.  I was in my apartment enjoying the scenery.

I wonder what the monitors will think of next? I guess I haven’t driven them crazy enough? But I will do my darnest to continue doing it. I feel better when I’m fighting back than when I’m being a good, little girl, as they want me to be. Whatever NV Energy  did  didn’t change anything in my apartment. Everything in my apartment was as it always is. Last night, I could hear the guy upstairs moving his machine around trying to spray me with pesticide, but he was getting nothing.  I found another way to stop the spraying. And the monitors will continue to find a way  to harass me, and I will find a way to stop it. My life sounds just like what’s going on in Congress. No one’s winning!

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Gang Stalking- A day of confusion.

I know today is Tuesday, but for some reason when I woke up I thought it was Wednesday. And I didn’t check the calendar. And if I did check the calendar,  what good would it do to check the calendar?  It’s basically numbers, and if a person can’t remember if it’s Tuesday or Wednesday, it won’t help.

I don’t know if I got a subliminal message while I slept, or what?

But I embarrassed myself. I have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday and headed for the doctor’s office today. I went up to the clerk and told her I had appointment with the doctor. She looked and couldn’t find my name for the day. I realized as I waited that it was Tuesday, not Wednesday. So I said to her, “Is it Tuesday or Wednesday?” She said, “It’s Tuesday.”  Embarrassing! I told her I’d be back tomorrow. The clerk got up and headed for the doctor’s office. I guess to tell him I’m losing it.

This is exactly the point where they want to get us to. A point where we can’t tell what day of the week it is, in what direction we should go, what we have to do, etc. We get so befuddled that we become totally confused.

And as I wrote yesterday, they’ve been on my back non-stop – stealing my keys, my bus I.D., keeping me awake at night, putting things in my food, driving me nuts at the library, and so on and on.

I’m surprised I can remember my name sometimes.

A computer gets overloaded and breaks down, so does the brain. My brain is on overload with what I have to remember to do. I don’t take it easy and don’t let the jerks stop me from doing what I want to do.

I need a long, long vacation away from all the jerks! But I know that’s impossible.

Now, I have to face the doctor tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll say something about me confusing the days.

I’ve never told the doctor anything about what’s happening to me, but he knows. All doctors know what’s happening to us targets.

So, I’ll face up to it and tell him I got my days confused. I’m sure I’m not the only one who ever mistook one day for another. But with us targets it’s different. It’s used against us. They use it to tell others we’re crazy. So be it. I know I’m not.

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Gang Stalking – Psycho bitch will get her day in hell!

Continuation of my blog from yesterday.

I remember this woman  inviting me to visit her in Florida for Thanksgiving. I thought it strange, since  I don’t remember her ever inviting me to her home for Thanksgiving any other time. So I thought “what is she up to?” Out of curiosity, I took her up on the offer of spending Thanksgiving with her. The year was 2008.

In the year 2008, strange things began to happen to me, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I basically led a normal life.

When I visited this woman in Florida in 2008, she took a lot of pictures of me. I thought it weird for her to take so many pictures. Why? Now, I know why. It was a way to identify me to the perps who would haunt me for the rest of my life.

While visiting her, I noticed a birthday card on the couch. It was a birthday card from her  15-year-old daughter to one of her friends. I read the card. It said: Happy birthday__________. And we can have some fun stalking some people on your birthday. LOL.

Stalking people? I didn’t think it was funny. I’d read stories about men and women experiencing stalking and it sounded awful! What a strange thing to want to do for fun!

But, again, I put it out of my mind.

Now, I know why the daughter found stalking funny. She and her mother were probably involved in stalking people.

I didn’t know then I would become a victim.

I also remember this woman telling me that I should see a psychiatrist. I’d complain to her about the strange things happening to me.

I remember the look in her eyes when she told me I should see a psychiatrist. She looked at me in a very cold, unfeeling way. I stared back at her wondering if this woman wasn’t a little crazy. I responded that I did not need a psychiatrist and I was very sane.

I left for Las Vegas soon after the remark she made to me about the psychiatrist.

Now that I know she has a vendetta against me, what can I do? No one will believe she’s the cause of my gang stalking.

I don’t feel any better knowing who’s behind my gang stalking.

All I can think is: What an evil bitch! She’ll get her day in hell! Maybe she already is!!!

And by  the way, all the perps have the same psycho look in their eyes and  are very cold and uncaring.

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Gang Stalking – Another target dead?

Well. another shooting. I’m not surprised!

I’m sure the man who shot himself to death was a target. All the signs are there. I can tell. When a news broadcast mentions mentally  ill about ten 10 or more times in its reporting,  it’s trying to convince us that’s why the man did it. That way, the public doesn’t give the shooting another thought. They’ll think “he was mentally ill” and go on with their lives as if nothing’s happened.  How many shootings does that make in less than 2 years? I’ve lost count. It seems every 3 0r 4 months there’s a shooting.  But no one ever questions why it’s happening. They’re mentally ill. That explains away everything. Why are there so many mentally ill people in the U.S., if that’s true.Most of them are not mentally ill and have never been. Most of them are targets of the government.

If I were to go on a shooting rampage, I’m sure that the first words out of news casters would be mentally ill. I’m saner than most of  the idiots who run this country, but that’s not what anyone would hear. What you would hear over and over would be mentally ill, mentally ill, mentally ill.

The shooter’s name was Ivan Lopez, 34-years-old and was not a terrorist, was not violent, and, I’m sure,  was  not crazy.  But he had trouble sleeping. And what do the perps like to do to us? keep us awake all the time. Keep us awake so that we lose sense of time, get confused, and to make us seem crazy. And this is probably what they did to him. He didn’t know what they were doing to him. And he lost it. He couldn’t handle the sleeplessness and the other things done to him.

And my sympathy goes out to those families who lost aloved ones. Blame it on the government! And all those people in Ft. Hood who knew what was happening to Ivan Lopez.

So I can’t prove anything, but I’m sure Ivan Lopez was a target.  May he rest in peace.

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Gang Stalking – A class in how to drive targets crazy.

I was just thinking what it must be like to sign up to become a gang stalker.

First, they have to fill out a form, be accepted into the program and then go for training for five straight days. But before all that, the have to sign a waiver that they will not divulge any information about what they’re doing.  And then, they’re told that if they divulge any information, they will face a prison sentence. That’s written in the waiver to scare them. So I let my imagination go to work. I’m interested in the job and this is how it goes.

Me: Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the government program my friend told me about.

Interviewer:  Well, you first have to fill out an application. After you finish the application, we have to do a background check.

Me: Oh, okay.

A few days later:

Me: Oh, I’m so happy to be working for the government.

Monitor: Well, welcome to this new class.  You’ve all been accepted into the program run by the U.S. government. You’re a very special group of people (all the perps look at each smiling).  Let’s begin the training. Now, as we’ve told you, the people you will come into contact with are very violent people.  We have to keep a watch on them 24/7 because of their violent behavior.  Whenever you see one of the targets, you have to let us know what they’re doing. If they’re taking a walk, eating in a café’, reading a book, sitting in the library, driving a car,  you have to report  their whereabouts. We need you to keep track of everything they do.  Without your help, we could not carry out this program.  The U.S. government is grateful for your help.

We’re going to teach you how to use your phone to draw electricity to your target.  We use phones to keep them in line.  Listen carefully and write this code 12378930302. Did everyone get that code? I’ll repeat it: 12378930302. Now this is a secret code and you are not allowed to give this code to anyone. If you give this code to anyone, you are  violating the waiver you signed. Now, lets practice putting the code into the phone. Okay, begin.  Everyone puts code into phone.  Okay, now that’s you’ve input the code into your phone, hit the lower right hand button of your phone. Now the phone  should turn red.  Okay, does everybody have the red part?  Good! You all got it.  Very, very good.

Okay, now that we’re finished with the phone, we’re going to put their pictures on the screen. Use your phone to make a copy of the photos.  When you’re walking around and see someone who looks like one of the photos, look at your phone screen to double-check and make sure they’re a target. And when you walk around, do this continually. We don’t want you to miss hitting one of them.

Now, that’s it for  today.  You’re a very intelligent group. One of the smartest.

We have refreshments in the back of the room.  Get to know each other. One thing, when you see each other outside, you can’t acknowledge his presence. You have to make-believe you don’t know each other. This is a very secret program and the less people who know about it the better.

And tomorrow, we’ll be learning how to make them think they’re crazy.  This training will go on for five days. In those five days, you will learn everything about becoming the eyes for the U.S. government. You’re real patriots and the U.S. government will never forget what you’ve done to keep our country safe.

Now, class dismiss. And we’ll see each other tomorrow morning. And don’t forget, you’re very, very special people. You’re the cream of the crop.

All the perps go to the back of the room and laugh, smile and think they’re very, very special people. After all, the government told them so.

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Gang Stalking – Crazy Woman.

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the way  the library computer system works here at the library.

There are 3 or 9 chairs put out by  the library.  We computer users use them to wait for a computer.  When our turn comes, we have 1 hour to use the computer.  After one hour, the computer automatically goes off.  And someone who is waiting gets to use the computer.  We can use the computer for 3 hours, but we have to get off every hour and give someone else a chance to use the computer. If no one is waiting for the computer when the hour is up, we can  stay on the computer for another hour. But, of course, there are people who think they‘re special and think they have  the right to use the computer for 3 hours straight.

I’m only telling you about this because of what happened to me today. I sat next to a woman who’d been on the computer  longer than  her allowed time. I was on the computer for 1 hour and had to get off, but she never got off her computer. She’s that special person I’m writing about.  When she didn’t get off, I told her that she’s supposed to give someone else a chance to use the computer. She said to me, “Who are you to talk to me that way?!!”  I really don’t care how long she stays on the computer, but I’m not going to sit in this awful library waiting for people like her to keep me in this place  any longer than I have to be.

Well, she finally got off the computer, and as she was leaving, she got really close into my face and told me never to talk to her like that  again, or else she’d do something  She didn’t say what the “something” was.  She looked really angry, and I think if she could have, she would have beaten me up. She walked away in a huff.

You see these perps are special people. As I’ve said before, they can do and say anything they want to us, but don’t we dare, dare say anything to them, because, of course, they’re so special. Any little thing sets them off. And they call us crazy.  These people are really crazy. I don’t trust any of them. Now I have to watch my back every time I see the woman. She really looked crazy.

Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but I’m sick of what they all get away with.

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Gang Stalking – The zombie parents!

Costa Rica children

Costa Rica children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Conceptual diagram showing relationsh...

English: Conceptual diagram showing relationship between adult sexual interest in children, pedophilia, and child sexual abuse. These distinct concepts overlap, but academics and clinicians consider them separate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live by a church. This church has a sanctuary. A sanctuary is a place where refugees, illegal aliens, displaced persons the church protects.   The government can’t go in and arrest any of these people. They’re protected by a U.N. resolution. Anyway, it’s nice of the church to protect these people, but I bet if I went into the church and asked for asylum, I ‘d  be told to go see a doctor. The church people can believe that other countries can torture their citizens, but don’t have an open mind about America torturing its citizens.

I see so-call good church people on Sundays acting, oh, so polite. Then they come out of church and harass me. Some of them actually push their children toward me so I’ll pay attention to their children. What is wrong with these people? Are they crazy? They’re encouraging their children to come up to a stranger and befriend the stranger. They’re teaching their children that it’s okay to go up to some child molester who’s very friendly. When children come up to me, I ignore them. I don’t want them to learn that it’s okay to go up  to a stranger and befriend him. These parents are putting their children in harm’s way. And for what? For some sick person who is telling them to encourage their children to go  up to strangers.

We live in a sick society. And the children will be the ones to suffer the consequences of their parents’ stupidity. These people are really zombies!

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Gang Stalking – Stay away from psychiatrists!!!



WOW! I can’t believe I got into my WordPress from home. I try everything, everything and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes I totally lose my computer. But I never, never give up. I bet they’re mad I got into my computer today. Good!

I must tell you what they did to me. They made up a fake WordPress.com. Do these people think I’m that stupid that I would fall for their bait. The WordPress account was all black, had WordPress on the upper left hand corner in very small letters. And in the middle there was an oblong blank box with a square little box next to it. I suppose that’s where I’m to put my name. I’ve never seen a cut and paste job that was this bad. A 5-year-old can probably do a better job. And these people are professionals! They try any which way to mess up my computer, but as you can see, I got in today. I better not brag too much, I might be off in the next two minutes. But I’ll tell you something, I’m getting so much better at knowing what to do with my computer. When I first got my computer, the only thing I knew to do was get in and that’s it. Nothing else. Now I have a better idea of how a computer works. I still have a lot to learn, though. I had to learn the computer. I couldn’t find anyone to fix it. Everywhere I went the so-called experts only added bugs to it. But the proof is in the pudding, I got in today. To me that’s how far I’ve come in my learning experience with the computer. At one time, I know I’d be in Best Buy, or some other sleazy place trying to get it fixed. I’ve wasted so much money it’s not funny. With all the money I wasted on trying to fix my computer, I could’ve taken a vacation.

About the man who did the shooting in Washington, D.C., everyone is calling him mentally ill. As I said yesterday, there was nothing wrong with the man. I’ve learned something from this man, never, never go to a psychiatrist and tell him that you’re hearing voices. Or a police officer for that matter. I don’t hear voices. As the man stated he heard the voices in the wall. And he’s absolutely right! They put mics in the wall and then make you think you’re hearing voices. He’s about the first one I’ve read about that knew this. Most of them really think they’re hearing voices. If you think you’re hearing voices in your head, you’re not. Really listen and you’ll know it’s not coming from your head. It is coming from within the walls as the man stated. I knew the first time they tried to convince me that I was hearing voices. I listened carefully and realized it was coming from within the walls. And I remember hearing the voice of a man who always perped me. I knew right away, it was the perps doing it within the walls.

I have no respect for psychiatrists. These doctors, I use the term loosely, because they don’t deserve to be called doctors. These people know what’s going on and work with the government to harass us all. So stay away from police or psychiatrist, they’re absolutely no help and you might end up like the Washington shooter. The Washington shooter went to the psychiatrist for help and he called police. This is not the first time this happened. I remember one of the other shoots also was turned in by his psychiatrist. So stay away from the Nazi doctors, because that’s what they are.

It’s all over the radio about what was happening to the man, and I hear the announces saying such stupid things. Things like: how could they let him into the Naval yard being as crazy as he was? And how he was so crazy because he complained about hearing voices. And how the construction workers harass him and they couldn’t believe it that construction workers would do that. Well, they do it. I used to have respect for construction workers, but no more. They’re as stupid as everyone else.

As I type this, they’re trying to get me off. So I’m going to get off.

Have a nice day. One for the targets!

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Gang Stalking – Targets, stay calm, that’s the only way to survive.

Close Your Eyes. Open Your Heart


It makes me sick to hear that something awful happened to a target.

If you’re ever in a situation where you’re getting to a point where gang stalking is too much to handle, here’s what to do.

Just stop! Stop! Find a place where you can sit down, or stand against a wall, close  your eyes and tell yourself to calm, calm down.  Keep saying it to yourself.  Repeat it over and over – calm, calm, calm, calm.  And when you feel calm, just get away from the situation.  Don’t stick around.

This can happen anywhere, in a store, as you walk, at home, on the bus, bank and any place you frequent.  The harassment can get so bad that your mind can’t handle more abuse.

I’ve found myself in situations like this a few times.  I went off into a corner and repeatedly told myself to stay calm. And it’s always worked.

Find a spot where you can sit, or stand against a wall and close your eyes. Closing your eyes and not seeing anything around you has a calming affect(effect?) .

Don’t ever let the gang stalkers get you to a point where you’re yelling and screaming at someone, and you look like a crazy man or woman.  Because if you do, the gang stalkers will call the police and tell them that you’ve gone crazy.   The police will show up and take you away to a mental facility, where you’ll be given pills to calm you down, zombie pills.

Once you’re given zombie pills, it’ll be written and you’ll be labeled a crazy person.  Once you’re given the label of crazy, it’ll be easier for the police to put you in a mental facility, or spend time in jail. I know a man who complained a lot to police about the gang stalking and ended up in a mental ward.

If someone calls the police on you, don’t say anything.  Don’t admit to anything. Answer the most basic questions, your name, address, etc., but nothing that might incriminate you. Take the fifth if you have to. They can’t make you talk without a lawyer. And the less you say, the less the police can use against you. Don’t be a blabbermouth. Don’t be  anxious to get your point in to prove you’re right. You might say something that hurts you. Keep your mouth shut!!!

So no matter what happens, don’t let them make you lose your temper.  It’s normal for someone to lose his/her temper sometimes, but with us targets, it’s a no-no ever.  You’ve already been labeled crazy, so it takes very little to convince police you’re crazy.

Always, always stay calm.  And if you can’t stay calm, leave the area right away.  Don’t let the perps ruin more of your life.

Don’t get into it with any of the perps. It will always be you against a gang of them, because even if you start with just one, within a few minutes, there’ll be a group of  them ready to back up each other.

Remember, whatever they do to you, stay calm. That’s the only way you’ll survive this hell of a life you’re living.

I’ve been in the situation where police were called on me, and the advice I gave you worked for me.  I admitted nothing, said nothing, answered only basic questions and nothing else.  You have to learn how to play the game.

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Gang Stalking – Happy Valentine’s Day “World.”

Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Love (Photo credit: praram)

Children's Valentine, 1940–1950

Children’s Valentine, 1940–1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was going to write a blog about love, but I’ve had a real bad day today.  And I don’t feel too loving toward anyone, least of all the perps.

Well, I decided I’m not in a mood to write about anything, so I’ll just wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

If there’s someone in your life you love, let him know how much you do.  It’s hard to find real love in this crazy, nauseating world.

My love to everyone who reads my blog. You keep me going when I don’t feel like existing.

Love and happy Valentine’s Day to the world.

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