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Gang Stalking – No, you’re not in Kansas anymore.

The Ruby Slippers
The Ruby Slippers (Photo credit: Ali Elan)

Conscience and law

Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, from The Wond...

Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz first edition. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, you’re not in Kansas anymore. You left Kansas a long time ago.  You’ve entered a different dimension. As a target you’ve entered a dimension of evil.  Remember the wizard in the movie “The Wizard of Oz“?  He wore a green outfit.  Well, the people who run the program that makes us all slaves to them, also are connected to green.  Green by the way of money that’s spent trying to drive all targets crazy.

These wizards don’t grant your wishes.  What they do is take away your right to live a free life.  They take away your heart. Deaden your brain, and try to make you so scare of what’s happening to you that it will make you lose your courage.

And these wizards have won in some cases.  I know of people who’ve lost their courage and killed themselves.  One of them a very pretty young woman who couldn’t handle what was happening to her.  And when I hear of targets killing themselves, I realize that they must have been in real deep pain.  Pain that hurt so much that they thought death was better than living.  And I must admit, I’ve felt real pain, too.  Pain that made me want to do something I’d never in life would think of doing.

These wizards train gang stalkers to make your life miserable;  so miserable that you want to kill yourself. They want to bring so much pain into your life that each day is a question mark.

Some of the people trained by wizards carry bibles.  Bibles!  Does it not say in the bible “…do unto others as you would want done onto  you?  How can someone who reads a bible be so unkind to a fellow human being?

The wizards and gang stalkers have no souls, no brains, no heart, and least of all, no courage.  Someone with courage wouldn’t have to abuse another person.

So even though you targets are no longer in Kansas, don’t let the evil wizards destroy you. Stick in there and believe that one day the real wizard will appear and make it all better. You have to believe with all your heart, brain, and your courage that you will survive the evil wizards and come out a winner at the end.  And you will!

And don’t forget to click your red shoes three times!  You know that always worked.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Have you ever protested for anything?

What was the cause? If you haven’t,  what would it take for you to go stand up and protest for (or against) something?

Boy, have I ever? All my life if I didn’t like something I spoke up. I never kept quiet. A lot of times I got into trouble for not keeping my mouth shut. I stood on street corners getting signature to save the Everglades in Florida (which passed) and saved the Everglades. I marched in protest for many things, things I cannot no longer remember. And recently I protested in Occupy Las Vegas. I didn’t last too long in this group. A lot of the protesters were not protesters, but were there to harass me. They were perps.

Last year, September 2010, I made a sign protesting gang stalking. I walked back and back with my sign letting people know what was happening to me. I wrote that the government was harassing me and had hired gang stalkers to torment me. I did it for two weeks. Some people gave me a thumbs up, others were very rude. One man told me if I didn’t like living in the United States, I should leave. One man called me a bitch. Some gave me “the finger.” But none of them stopped me from doing what I had to do. In their own way, they did more to encourage me with their remarks than if they had said or done nothing.

Standing up for something I believe in is not an easy thing. There will be people who won’t like what I’m saying or doing and get very nasty. But if we believe in something, we should have the courage to fight for whatever it is we believe in. That’s how changes come about. If we keep quiet thinking someone else will take care of it, we all lose.

And,  I’m sure, I will march again protesting something I don’t like.

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