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Gang Stalking – The doctor’s a perp and so are his assistants.


Doctor’s visit today:

As soon as I sit down, doctor’s assistants begin  clearing their throats, because like any normal person I clear my throat, door slamming begins, they repeat phrases I use during the day, music volume goes up, some slicing sound is going on, phone rings non-stop, loud talking. Patients begin coughing.

Doctor’s room:

Assistant begins coughing as soon as I sit down. She also has blonde  hi-lights. I happened to make a comment on the complex manager dying her hair blonde, now all the women have blonde hi-lights. It’s truly a zombie world.

Assistant takes my temperature. On the way out of the office, she tells me the doctor will be in in a minute.  While I’m waiting, all the assistants are talking, coughing, giggling, laughing loudly. It sounds like a hen house – cluck, cluck, cluck.

While I’m waiting for the doctor, I’m getting hit with electricity on my left knee.

Outside, heavy footsteps abound and the coughing continues.

“Why do I even come to this doctor” I ask myself? But where am I to go that’s any better? It’ll be the same thing wherever I go.

I’ve  waited a while now, no doctor in sight.

I was able to write this while waiting for the doctor to come.

More coughing.

It seems everybody at the front desk is sick and spreading a lot of germs. I guess the doctor doesn’t have that many patients. He can let all the assistants act like ass holes!

Someone’s hammering on the wall. I hear an assistant say, “Quit hammering on the wall!”

More laughing. More coughing.

Maybe I shouldn’t be in the office with so many sick assistants.

Doctor comes into the room and checks me. Says everything’s all right except my breathing’s a little off.  With all the pesticide that goes into my body every day, why wouldn’t it be? I say this to myself not to the doctor.

The doctor’s a perp as is everyone in the office.

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Gang Stalking – Walk like a zombie…

Polka dots

Polka dots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chair by Charles Eames

Chair by Charles Eames (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polka Dot Mania!

Polka Dot Mania! (Photo credit: reihayashi)

Well, white cars show up everywhere I go.  I always wonder with things like this.  Do they go out and rent the cars, or do they go out and buy the car?  I’m just thinking I do so much good for our bad economy. I’m getting everybody to buy white cars or rent them.  I do so much good for the U.S.A.

And have you noticed every time you go out somewhere, everybody is so happy?  Whenever I’m around, people just laugh and laugh and are so happy. Everybody’s so polite to each other. I bring out all the good in all the perps who know each other.  These perps all know each other from their group meetings, and then when they see each other outside, they make-believe they’ve never seen each other before. The group meetings are to keep the perps feeling like they belong and that they count and are important in their war against targets.  That’s why when they go to meetings, they get food, drinks and perps can socialize and get to know each other and become friends. It gives all the perps a feeling of a community.  Lots of b.s., of course. They’re psychologically being trained to make friends with each other and do harm to us targets. Yeah, get those evil targets.  They’re all violent, crazy, drunks, etc.

I couldn’t figure out what was up with all the polka dots I was seeing.  Polka bags, pants, handbags, shoes, jackets, dresses, everywhere polka dots.  And then it came to me why polka dots.  I remember I was looking at a picture of polka dots design.  I ripped the picture out of the magazine because I liked the design, and I thought I’d like to use it.  And now that I’ve written about polka dots, I’m sure it’s going to become even more of a polka dots world for me.  Polka dots, anyone!

I’m at a different library today. The other library closed off the computer section.  It is under remodeling.  After all the computers went off one day, I think the library decided to redesign the space. I wonder what they’re going to do to it. Probably make it worse for us targets. The remodeling was only supposed to be for one day, but now there’s a sign that says that there’s no set day to open the library again. Now, I’m at the Spring Valley Library.  When I walked into the library, there were only a few people using the computers.  Since I started using the computer, the library is now full. It’s a full house. It’s amazing how quickly they get all the perps together.  And they come running like the zombies they are.  They must listen to their MASTERS!  Yes, master, do you want me to bow?

And this library is doing to me what the other library does. It’s put on the air conditioner full blast.  I get full blast air conditioning wherever I go.  I wear a sweater everywhere  because I know as soon as I enter a place, the air condition‘s turned on.  They do it on the bus, too. Turn on the air conditioner full blast. They also do it to me at night when I’m sleeping. They want me to turn on the air conditioner at night.  But I try as much as possible not to turn it on. You’re probably wondering why.  If you look at your air conditioning unit, if you live in an apartment, you’ll notice that there’s a spray bottle inside the air conditioner.  No one else has a spray bottle in his air conditioner.  It’s a speciality for us targets. The spray bottle has pesticide inside.  Have you ever noticed that when you put your air conditioning on you get a funny smell? It’s a pesticide smell you’re getting. If you don’t believe me, look at your air conditioning, and when you turn it on, take a good whiff of how it smells.  You get a pesticide smell. These bastards are trying to make us sick.  It’s not enough that they hit us with electricity all the time and do other horrific things, but they have to pollute our lungs, too.

I just took a look to see how full the library is.  The area where I’m sitting is full. And the area next to me, it’s full, too. Two perps left, so there are two empty computers.

So the zombie idiots have to obey their masters – sit, stand, bow, talk, don’t talk, eat, don’t eat, walk, walk like a zombie…

Took another look to see how full the library is, one empty chair.  And the zombies go on, and the coughing begins.  I just love the library!

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