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Gang Stalking – Free Speech? Not in U.S.

Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes ...

Outlawing the Occupy Movement: H.R. 347 Makes Free Speech A Felony (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)

Every time I turn on the radio and have to listen to those government S.O.B.s tell me that the National Security Agency needs to keep information on everyone we call, email, etc., I have to control myself from not breaking the radio.  These government flunkies get on the radio and tell all kinds of sorry ass stories about how  the U.S. is safer because 54 terrorists acts were prevented by the NSA spying program.  All these people know how to do is lie, lie and tell more lies.  I don’t think any of them would know the truth if they ran into.

And then I have to listen to how Bradley Manning might be serving 136 years in prison.  136 years for what?!   From what I read about the information that Bradley Manning provided to Wiki-leaks, it was mostly information that did not put the U.S. in any danger.  Things like how the Afghanistan soldiers were molesting children, how Haitians are getting slave wages, etc.  These are things that are in no way harmful to America’s freedom.

What’s harmful to American‘s freedom are all the laws that the idiots in Congress and the House of Rep passed to take away most of our freedom.  They’re the real danger.  Let me see, there’s the Patriot Act, NDAA, FISA Amendment, drones the president sends out when  he wants  someone killed.  There’s also a law that Congress passed in 2012, I can’t remember the name, that prevents Americans from protesting near a government building. I think it’s H.R. 354 or 357*.   Protesters can be arrested if they’re near a government building or near someone who works for the government.   I could fill out three pages of laws passed since 2001 that take away our freedom in one way or another.

And who gets picked on?  A lowly, private first class soldier.  In my opinion, Bradley Manning should be given a medal for patriotism. He’s more of a hero than all those puffed up, self-important, braggart, do-nothing Congressmen.  We need to throw every one of them out of office.  Let them find a real job and do real work for a change.  It’s time to get rid of the dysfunctional Congress.  They’ve accomplished almost nothing this year, or last year.

*By the way, it’s H.R. 347, also known as the anti-Occupy law.

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Gang Stalking – America, don’t make me cry anymore.

English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de ...

English: The United States Esperanto: Loko de Usono sur la terglobo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crime Society of America from 52 Week 52, art ...

Crime Society of America from 52 Week 52, art by Justiniano. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Crying (Photo credit: sinosplice)

After four years, I still don’t know what I’m guilty of.  No one’s come to me and told me I’ve committed a crime, but, yet, I’m being punished.  Punished for what?

Everyone has a right to know what crime he’s committed and brought to trial.  I’ve had no trial, no one’s told me I’m guilty of anything, but I’m treated like a criminal, like an animal.

If  I’ve committed a crime, I want to be brought to trial and put in front of a jury who will judge me guilty or not.

But I’ve never had opportunity to speak with someone and have them tell me what it is I’m guilty of.

All my life I grew up hearing that America is the land of the free, that we all get a fair trial with rights to a lawyer. I’ve not been given a lawyer, nor a trial.

So here I sit, wasting my life away, as if I’m in prison, with no rights.

I’m free, what a laugh!  If this is freedom, give me communism.

How  much worse can communism be?

The land of the free is no more.  America has lost its way.

It is full of  corrupt Congress, government officials, and money-grubbing people.

No one cares about freedom anymore, only how much they can all put in their bulging pockets.

America the land of the free. The land that tortures its citizens and takes away all their rights without a trial or a lawyer.

America, you’re in a sad, sad state.  I hope you find your way back to what you were.  That is, if you are  what I thought you were.

I still care about you, America. Don’t make me cry anymore.

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Gang Stalking – All the idiots in Congress should be given “pink slips.”

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a jo...

English: President Barack Obama speaks to a joint session of Congress regarding health care reform (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sequestration - How Would it Impact the Everyd...

Sequestration – How Would it Impact the Everyday Lives of Americans? (Photo credit: Third Way)

Man with pink slip at Occupy Wall Street

Man with pink slip at Occupy Wall Street (Photo credit: WarmSleepy)

The two-year-olds are on leave.  The two-year-olds should be working, but they’re not.  If you don’t know by now who I’m writing about, you haven’t been watching the news.  The two-year-olds are(is), of course, Congress (apologies to 2-year-olds).

We are approaching the Sequestration.  It’s happening on March 1. This is when the U.S. government has to make automatic cuts to its budget.  The sequestration will affect almost every citizen and government department.

Well, I feel a little selfish writing this, but I hope the government goes into Sequestration. Why, you ask?

Because, as I wrote, it’s me(I) being selfish.

If sequestration happens, maybe the government will have to cut back on a lot of government programs.  Maybe one of those programs will cut the money paid to people who harass us targets.  If the harassers don’t get paid, they’ll all have to get “real jobs.”  I’m sure our harassers will  not be too happy with sequestration taking away their jobs.  After all, they’re all happily sitting around doing absolutely nothing, but trying to drive targets crazy, plus wasting our money.

Can you imagine how they’re going to feel?  They’re going to have to go out and get  real jobs. Poor darlings. I feel for them. My heart is breaking at this moment.  Oh, the agony!

So in my selfish way, I hope sequestration happens.

By the way, I think all the idiots in Congress should be given “pink slips.”

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Gang Stalking – Someone can only have as much power over you as you allow them to have.

getting mail....

getting mail.... (Photo credit: windsordi)

English: A white Chevrolet truck, numbered 130...

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The western front of the United States Capitol...

Image via Wikipedia - U.S. Capitol

Stamp owned by Swollib

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I just got back from picking up my mail (auto-correct changed this to male. I thought it was funny ” picking up my male.”)  The mailman gives the property manager my mail and she looks through it.  She doesn’t open the mail, she has some gadget the government has given her to snoop through the paper.  The mail has a mark on the back of it, that’s how I know.  If you want to know if they’re reading your mail, turn the envelope around. On the left side of the envelope, you’ll see a dark mark. If you see that mark, they’re reading your mail.  There isn’t one part of your life that they don’t mess with. And messing with your mail is just part of the gang stalking.

I’m an observer of life, always have been.  It’s paid off with the gang stalking.  I notice a lot of things other people don’t notice. Things that are right in front of their face.  I’m telling you, become an observer of what’s happening around you and you’ll find all the answers you’re seeking.

For instance, do you notice that everywhere you go, the area is always filthy? This is done intentionally by the gang stalkers.  As you go about your day, do you sit in a certain spot, go to a certain store, etc? They know all this.  You’re followed by a truck(s).  Everywhere you go there will be a truck following you around.  Take a look next time you go out. You’ll see a truck (it’s usually a white truck), and it won’t always be the same truck.   Watch the truck out of the corner of your eye and you’ll see it’s following you. These trucks have cameras in them.  They record everything you do and  follow you around everywhere.  You’ll be recorded going into a store, coming out of the store, sitting in the park, talking to a strange (perhaps a terrorists?), getting on the bus, getting off the bus, feeding pigeons, eating in a restaurant, etc. Every mundane thing you do every day.

This is what the U.S. spends a lot of money on, spying on you as you go about your very ordinary day. This is just waste of taxpayer money, but most taxpayers don’t care if this is done to us.  The U.S.A. is protecting its people from terrorists like us.  Or, anyway, that’s the excuse they use. I don’t really know what the real reason is. I really think we’re all experiments. Twenty years from, or maybe more, Congress will hold meetings trying to find out the vile things done to American citizens? They will ask the  typical questions: how could this have happened without anyone knowing; why?  And they’ll all be full of shit. They’re only doing it to get on t.v. so they can look as if they’re doing something important.  Of course, nothing will come of it. The “same old same old” will continue to happen.   Congress has no interest in what’s happening to American citizens.  All they care about is making money and looking important.  That’s it!

Anyway, I was writing about every place you go being so filthy, that’s purposely done.  You sit at a place just once and someone is watching your.  Next time you show up, there’ll  probably be someone sitting exactly where you were sitting. This is  to let you know they knew you were sitting there.  The gang stalkers will mess up the area and you’ll see plastic bottles, cups, food, the spot will be wet, electrical wires sticking up, pennies (pick up the pennies and put them in your piggy bank.  The pennies really add up.  Put them in your bank.  Sometimes they also leave nickels and quarters on the ground.  Look at the trees, if there are any, you’ll see that they’ve been deliberately damaged. You’ll see holes in the sidewalk, cracks in the street (to make you fall and draw electricity to you).  And you will see damage and more damage all around you. It is not ordinary wear and tear.   I bet you didn’t notice all this, unless you’re a very observant person.  It’s not your imagination that this is occurring.  It is taking place; no question about it.

If you pay attention to what I’m writing, your life will change for the better.  The knowledge that you gain from knowing what’s happening to you will make you stronger. It won’t be a mystery anymore.  If something is mysterious to us, we don’t know to handle it. But knowledge enables you to move forward and become stronger.

I know a lot of targets don’t like to acknowledge what is taking place around them. I know that you rather believe it’s DEWs (Directed energy weapons) and satellites pointed at you. But open your eyes and see.  See what is going on right in front of you.  Take a really good look at those gang stalkers standing next to you. They’re not as powerful as you think they are.  They only have power because you think they have power.  Remember this: Someone can only have as much power over you as you allow them to have (I read this years ago, and I can’t recall where I read it).  Take back your power!


Gang Stalking – Republicans have a l950s mentality.

Official photographic portrait of US President...

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Ron Paul 20070811

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Ron Paul supporters at a pre-debate rally in M...

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Well, I’ve had it with President Obama.  He’s broken my heart too many times.  I give up.  I’ve given him every chance.  I  given him more chances than some men I’ve loved.  But no more.  I’m fed up with him.

Every time I turn around, President Obama is signing some bill to take more of my freedoms away.  First, he signed the Patriot Act, then he was going to sign SOPA, but everyone woke up in time to stop him from signing it.  Then I turn around an he’s signing NDAA.  An act which allows the government to put someone the government considers a terrorist away with no trial, nor to have a lawyer. The person can stay indefinitely in custody.  And then he passes a bill which makes it illegal not to dispense birth control pills to women.  I believe in birth control, but no one should be forced to do anything!  The Catholics howled “holy water” and haven’t stopped complaining.  I’m a Catholic, by the way.  And the Catholics are taking the case to court.

I cannot believe that he couldn’t see this coming.  How can he think that this bill would pass without someone howling?

Before that he signed the Anti-Counterfeiting and Trade Agreement (ACTA) without  consent of Congress.  He signed an agreement with other countries, but did not have the approval of Congress.  Now Congress is  saying that President Obama had no right to sign the agreement. Congress is saying that any intellectual property agreements must be submitted to the Senate.  And then there’s PPIA and some others which he hasn’t signed yet, but just more of the same.  Doing away with our free will.

(I had to stop writing.  I forgot I put the water on in the kitchen sink and went on the computer.  I heard a frying sound, or that’s what I thought it was.  I turned around and looked at the stove, nothing on the stove.  And then I turned to the sink, the sink was overflowing.  It looked like a waterfall. There’s water all over the floor.   The last time I got too busy with the computer, I set fire to a pan.  I don’t learn my lessons too well.)

Well, anyway, what I want to say about Obama is that I’m seriously thinking of voting for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul is a Republican (yuck!) and all my life I’ve voted Democratic.  But Obama is surely driving me to vote for someone else.  Ron Paul is the only Republican I would ever consider voting for.  The other Republicans are seriously crazy.  Their 1950’s mentality does not suit me.

I’ll write about the above bills on another day.  I have to clean up my mess.

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