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Gang Stalking – Crazy Woman.

Crazy Woman Creek

Crazy Woman Creek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the way  the library computer system works here at the library.

There are 3 or 9 chairs put out by  the library.  We computer users use them to wait for a computer.  When our turn comes, we have 1 hour to use the computer.  After one hour, the computer automatically goes off.  And someone who is waiting gets to use the computer.  We can use the computer for 3 hours, but we have to get off every hour and give someone else a chance to use the computer. If no one is waiting for the computer when the hour is up, we can  stay on the computer for another hour. But, of course, there are people who think they‘re special and think they have  the right to use the computer for 3 hours straight.

I’m only telling you about this because of what happened to me today. I sat next to a woman who’d been on the computer  longer than  her allowed time. I was on the computer for 1 hour and had to get off, but she never got off her computer. She’s that special person I’m writing about.  When she didn’t get off, I told her that she’s supposed to give someone else a chance to use the computer. She said to me, “Who are you to talk to me that way?!!”  I really don’t care how long she stays on the computer, but I’m not going to sit in this awful library waiting for people like her to keep me in this place  any longer than I have to be.

Well, she finally got off the computer, and as she was leaving, she got really close into my face and told me never to talk to her like that  again, or else she’d do something  She didn’t say what the “something” was.  She looked really angry, and I think if she could have, she would have beaten me up. She walked away in a huff.

You see these perps are special people. As I’ve said before, they can do and say anything they want to us, but don’t we dare, dare say anything to them, because, of course, they’re so special. Any little thing sets them off. And they call us crazy.  These people are really crazy. I don’t trust any of them. Now I have to watch my back every time I see the woman. She really looked crazy.

Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut, but I’m sick of what they all get away with.

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