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Gang Stalking- Taking some time off, but will RETURN!

Libraries Work Because We Do!

Libraries Work Because We Do! (Photo credit: circulating)

Well, I’m  the  at library again. I had to log in three times already.  They’ve taken me out each time.  So much fun being at the library.  Libraries have  sure changed since I was a little girl.  The librarians were decent people, now typical scumbag like everybody else.  I’m at the library because, of course, they’ve taken out my computer.  Nothing on my computer works.  And when I say nothing works, I’m not exaggerating.  I can’t get Windows update, restore, internet access. nothing.  So here I am at this horrible, disgusting place surrounded by perps in every direction.

Before I made it to the library, I went over to the Best Buy store, and as always,  treated rudely.  The guy who used to repair my computer is gone, and everybody else acted like a jerk.  The office is right behind where they help customers and I can see everything they’re doing.  And they were in the back all having laughing attacks at my expense.   And then one of them came out and was a smartass.  He came out and told me he couldn’t fix my computer.  I said to him “Why can’t you fix my computer?”  He replied because the computer ID is missing.”  I replied, “What do you mean my computer number is missing?”  He said, “It’s missing from the back of your computer and we can’t fix the computer unless we  know the number.”  And he went to the back and began laughing again.  So I looked at them all in the back  laughing their heads off because they think everything is so funny.  So I took out the paper I’d given him and went to the back and  called him out.  He came out and I told the number was right on the paper.  So he said, “Oh, I didn’t see that”  I replied, “Well, maybe if all of  you weren’t back there  making fun  of me you would’ve seen it.”  Of course, I really wanted to say a lot more than what I said.  They just love to be miserable son of bitches. They love that they can dump all over me and get away with it.

I just got on the computer to let you know I won’t be writing my blog for a while.  I have to get my computer repaired, plus I have  to look for an apartment, and I could use a little rest from the computer. It’s very stressful typing my blog every day.

But I”LL BE BACK!  Take care of yourselves and don’t put up with any bullshit from anybody.

Please feel free to leave comments.  I will answer every comment  when I get my computer back.  I have written over 600 blogs,  so catch up on reading them all.

Thanks to every one of you readers for reading my blog.  Appreciate every one of you.

Love to all of you,


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