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Gang Stalking – Shoes, blouses torn?

How many shoes does one girl need?

How many shoes does one girl need? (Photo credit: Terriko)

The Salvation Army logo (Anglophone Version)
Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories

Men Shopping for Clothing Accessories (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Every time I step out of my apartment, the man in the apartment to my left comes out.  He sits in his chair and looks me up and down.  He’s looking at me to see what I’m wearing, then he can report back to the monitor what I’m wearing and the monitor can pass it on to the gang stalkers.  The gang stalkers can then find me by what I’m wearing.

The man next door doesn’t have to look too hard to figure out what I’m wearing. I’m down to one pair of  jeans. The perps ripped all my clothes, or stole it.  My blouses have big holes and I can’t use them anymore.  I need  to buy new pants and blouses, but why buy new pants and blouses when I know they’re just going to be torn?  I don’t know how much money I’ve spent trying to stay looking half presentable.  But it hasn’t paid off.  I go out and they get to work tearing my pants and blouses as soon as I walk out my door.  Maybe the government is trying to get the economy going by having the perps rip our clothes. It figures we’ll have to go out and buy new clothes and push the economy forward. But I know that’s not the reason perps rip our clothes. It does it to make us poor and upset us.  The government spends its time trying to figure what will make us crack.  And, women, especially, like to look good, and if our clothes get  torn, it figures we’ll get so upset we’ll need medication.

By the way, the perps also like going into your house/apartment and destroying your shoes. They’ve done it to me countless times. I try to get into my shoes and discover someone’s removed the heel, or taken it apart. I’ve had to glue a lot of shoes together.

So if you’ve  gone out, come home and find your clothes ripped, don’t despair. It’s not your imagination that your clothes have holes, the perps have been in your home busying destroying your clothes. If you can sew it, sew it. Don’t throw it out, though, keep it as proof that you’re being gang stalked. Take pictures of the ripped clothing, because the perps might come back and steal the torn clothes to get rid of the evidence.

If you need new clothes, go to one of those thrift places to buy your clothes. Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.  Don’t waste a lot of money buying clothing that will just be torn by the gang stalkers. I know you’re probably thinking “I don’t want to wear someone else’s clothes.” I don’t either, but what choice do we have? Spend a lot of money on clothes that the perps will destroy?

I certainly would like to get even by going into their homes and ripping their clothes to shreds. I can just hear them crying.  Boy, would I have a good time ripping pieces of clothing they own!!!  It would make me feel so good.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers are the devil’s spawns (gross stuff below).

Fred C - Spider

Fred C - Spider (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roaches eating cheesecake small

Roaches eating cheesecake small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alex's fake cough

Alex's fake cough (Photo credit: /dave/null)

This image shows two 0.28 inch (7 mm) small fl...

This image shows two 0.28 inch (7 mm) small flies of the family Anthomyiidae. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Earthworm faeces

I was  looking around the front area of my apartment complex,  and all over, there were ant trails leading to my apartment.  This is the time of year you constantly have to check around the front of your house/apartment.  I also noticed that a lot of flies were around the front of my apartment.  I took a close look and found feces on the ground.  If you see a lot of flies around any area, check it out, probably feces have been put around the area. For some reason, flies just love feces. I’m getting so used to all the stuff the gang stalkers do to me that I’m no longer as grossed out as I used to be.  It’s part of my everyday now.  Funny, how things that happen to us change us. Also, check the back and the surrounding areas.  Make sure they’re not filling your house/apartment with roaches, ants, spiders.  Check every crevice, because if you don’t, some day you’re going to wake up to roaches, ants, spiders and other vermin running all over the place.

Yesterday, I told you  who the gang stalkers are,  but I didn’t tell you exactly what they do.  Let’s just say gang stalkers are the devil’s spawns.  The gang stalkers are so evil that I’m surprised their horns aren’t showing.  I’m sure they’ve been sent straight from hell to make our lives miserable.

The gang stalkers will hunt you down 24/7.   No matter where you go, there they’ll be.  They’ll act  very innocent, but be very careful with people who suddenly show up wherever you are. The first thing you’ll notice, they’re always fidgeting with their phone.  You’ll notice that they’re never talking to anyone.  What they do is input a code into their phone and sit quietly trying to get electricity into your body.   Sometimes, they’ll make-believe that they’re talking to someone, but you can usually tell  if they’re not.  Their eyes are always watching you, not directly.  They never want you to catch them watching you. The code they use attracts electricity.  Notice that they’ll turn their phone toward you. That’s the first step in identifying a gang stalker.  Also, another way of spotting a gang stalker, they’ll  be wearing  a style of clothing that you wear, or colors that you wear. Or same type of shoes you wear.

Let’s say you enter a restaurant, you order, sit and eat.  Most times the gang stalkers will follow, or already be in the restaurant.  Usually, they’ll order a drink and that’s it.  Rarely do they order a meal.  They’re in the restaurant to harass you.  After a while, you’ll begin to recognize the signs.  The best thing to do is to IGNORE THEM!  They’re looking to get your attention. They feel successful if they can get you to make a remark to them.  Then they can report it to their monitor.  The monitor is the one they report to, and the one who gives them their gang stalking schedule.  They keep in touch with the monitor by cell  phone and he’s always told what you’re doing. They email the monitor, so you won’t hear them.  When you leave, the gang stalker notifies the monitor.  The monitor notifies other gang stalkers who are in the area to keep an eye out for you and report your location.  And this goes on all day.  You’re monitored 24/7.  Some targets are not monitored as much, but most targets I know are.

And be careful of men and women who try to befriend you.  A lot of times they’ll send a gang stalker to spy on you by befriending you.  So be careful what you say to anyone.  Not everyone who befriends you is a  gang stalker, but you really can’t be careful enough.  Talk about the weather and that’s about it.  Let them do the talking and learn about them.  And never mention you DISLIKE something, because it will become part of your gang stalking.  Try as best you can to ignore things done to you, because anything that annoys you will become a game for them.

Another way to tell a gang stalker, is the stupid cough they always do.  As they pass you, they’ll cough.  Don’t pay attention to the cough.  It’s just a cough!  Or they’ll pass by you and call you “crazy.”  Ignore it.  Not worth getting upset about.  You know you’re not crazy, but they’ll try to make you believe you are. That’s basically their aim to get you to believe you’re crazy and should be on medication.

That’s it for today.  I don’t want to bore you to death.  Tomorrow I’ll write about “Street Theater.”


Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Describe your first job interview.

My first job interview, okay.

I was still in high school and I wanted to make some extra money. I went to Mays Department Store (New York) to apply for a job as  a stock girl. I didn’t know what a  stock girl was and I had no idea what  I’d be doing. I arrived at the Personnel Office early and  was told to wait because I was “too early.” I waited about 20 minutes.  As the minutes ticked away, I got more and more nervous (maybe they do this purposely).  And I though of  picking myself up and walking out the door.  Anyway, finally, the woman in Personnel  led  me into her  inner sanctum. Nothing glamorous. Everything was grey and dull.  She asked me  if I had any work experience. (I don’t remember filling out a job application.) Of course, I replied no. She asked me other questions, none of which I can remember.  It’s all a fog.

She described in detail what I would be doing.  I would help out the cashiers doing things such as:  putting together boxes in which customers’ clothes would go when they bought something; return clothes to the racks that customers changed mind about; go into the fitting room, take  clothes left hanging all over the place and return to racks.  I was to  put them in racks according to size and color.  I was to help customers with any clothing needs they had.   And I was to perform other duties as told  by Manager.  After describing the job, she asked me if I had any questions.  I replied  no.    She told me that if  wanted the job it was mine.  I was to work from 5 p.m.to 10 p.m. every day, except Mondays.  Of course, I said yes.  And I can tell you, I didn’t last too long at this job.   I was totally bored and got fired!  I’ve never been so happy to be  fired from a job in my life!  It was a long while before I applied for another job elsewhere.  But I had the experience of a first  job interview under my belt!

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