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Gang Stalking: Eric Frein – a target?

Did you hear about Eric Frein, 31, of Canadensis. Penn. He’s on the run from the police. He killed an officer. He had opportunity to kill civilians, but he didn’t. That tells me that the police were probably harassing him. I have a feeling he’s one of  us  targets. The police said  he’s  been planning to kill police for  a  while because of all the ammunition and guns he has. He probably has had enough of  harassment from police. He also lived with his parents, probably didn’t have a job because of police harassment. There have been a lot of us shot lately, but no one seems to want to know why this is happening. I’m sure the people who live in Canadensis know who Eric Frein is. They’ve been part of the harassers. See story: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/20/eric-frein-search/

I have a feeling they’ll probably shoot him if he’s found.

Of course, they’ll say he’s mentally ill. They always do. He’s probably saner then the cops who are hunting him. And another one of us loses his life. And for what?

P.S. If you cant get the video, go to YouTube and find info on him.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Do you think it’s unethical to use unmanned drones in war?

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Really, what does it matter what I think?  It’s being done.  It is the 1 percent who decide these things.  We the 99 percent have to endure their lapses of judgment.

Do I think it’s unethical? Yes.  And no.  Sending out the drones save a lot of lives.  The American soldiers don’t have to be on the field getting shot at.  The drones can be sent in to do the job, thus saving a lot of  American lives. So using the drones this way, I can agree to.  But just the thought of sending these drones out, scares me.  What if the operator makes a miscalculation and the drones hit a lot of civilians.  Innocent civilians who have done nothing.  I think it’s happened a few times

.  The other day, I heard that 24 Pakistani soldiers suffered this fate. They were all killed.  The drones were mis-directed.  This is what scares me.  The mis-directed drones.  What if, some day, one of these drones changed direction and headed for the United States.  Then what?

So in one way I think it’s ethical, but in another way unethical.  I really think something should be done about improving misdirection of drones.

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