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Gang Stalking – Baa, baa, baa, what sheep we perps are!!!

Pit bull

Wearing, Wrapping, and Signing Culture

Wearing, Wrapping, and Signing Culture (Photo credit: timtak)

Cigarette will burn

Cigarette will burn (Photo credit: Sudipto_Sarkar)

I was on my way to the store, and I saw a man watching me.   He stood on the sidewalk and puffed away at his cigarette.  As I came closer to him, he took a deep puff of his cigarette.  I looked at him and kept on walking.  I was about twenty steps from him, when I felt something fall near my foot. I looked down and  it was a lit cigarette.  The cigarette missed me.  I kept on walking.  I did not turn around to look at the perp.  I didn’t want to  make him happy to know that I was aware of the cigarette thrown at me. I’m sure  it would have made his day to have me turn around and say something to him, but I controlled myself.

And as I walked, the perps surrounded me in every direction.  They were everywhere. I’ve never seen so many perps at one time.  A lot of them just standing waiting for me to come by so they can annoy me.  Of course, all of them were wearing a color I wear, a style of clothing I wear,  and bomber jackets galore everywhere.

And lately, a lot of them take their dogs with them.   I said something to one of the women in the office about pit bulls not being safe dogs, and I stay away from.  So anytime I go out now, I’m surrounded by pit bulls.  They think that I’ll be scare of them when I see a pit bull, but I do not move away from them when they come near me.  I stay put. I’m sure the perps are very disappointed that I don’t show fear and don’t cross the street.  And it is not only pit bulls I have to deal with, it is any kind of dog that the perps own that will come next to me.  And the dogs are always jumping up and yelping.

Don’t any of these perps have anything to do with their lives?  If they’re told to jump, they jump.  If they’re told to wear red, they wear red.  If they’re women and told  to wear low-cut blouses showing all of their breasts, they walk around with all their breasts showing.  I can’t keep my mouth shut when I see women with their breasts falling out of their blouses.  I always say, “If they told you to walk around naked, you’d probably do it.  Wouldn’t you?”  And I always get really dirty looks from the women, because they realize that I’m telling the truth on what sheep they all are.

And that’s what all these people are – sheep!  They can’t think for themselves.  They’re told what to do and they do it.  None of them ever thinks for himself.

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