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Gang Stalking – For summer, don’t let your apartment become a “bug heaven.”

Ant Party

Ant Party (Photo credit: sbfisher)

ant party

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Fire hydrant in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

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Summer’s coming, but summer is not a great time for T.I.s.  This is the time of year the gang stalkers go all out to make your house or apartment a place for bugs. If you live in an apartment, you really have to watch all those crevices, because the gang stalkers  will try to make your apartment a welcoming place for all bugs.  The gang stalkers will put food, sugar, anything sweet that will attract roaches, ants, spiders and other pests.  Make sure you cover any holes in your apartment or house. I use plastic bags and cover all the holes with them.  It really works. Bugs can’t stand trying to get through all the plastic, so they don’t even try.  They just stay away. Just keep on top of it, or your apartment will be ” bug heaven”  for the bugs.

I also found that dish detergent works really well in keeping bugs away.  I take some dish detergent and put it around my sink. If they drink the detergent, it makes their bodies bloated.  When they get too bloated, they die.

Do you see a lot of cigarette butts in front of your apartment or everywhere you go?  They’re put there by the gang stalkers.  Make sure you remove the butts from the front of your apartment or house.  Cigarette butts attract electricity, that’s why they put them in front of your apartment. As a matter of fact, anything you usually see in front of your apartment, you should remove. These things are there to draw electricity to you. If you remove the butts, you’ll just find new ones, so keep on top of it.  You’ll also find batteries, pennies, paper, fast food cartons, plastic bottles, etc.  You’ll stay busy just removing the crap that’s put in front of your house or apartment. They especially like to put them near irrigation control valves, fire hydrants, on the ground, in the grass.  So every day check the front and back of your house or apartment.  Check  in the morning, night and any other time you think of it.

Everything you do is in the gang stalkers’ radar.  They’re always watching you.  So don’t think because you can’t see them that they’re not watching you, because they are.  And they’ll mess with whatever they see you do.  Just always keep your eyes open.  Don’t become paranoid, but play it on the safe side.  Do everything you can to keep yourself safe and then don’t worry about the rest.  There’s just so much you can do. And be nice to yourself, since no one else is.

Oh, one more thing, if you see a trail of ants, just keep pouring water on the area where they are. It’s like a flood happening to them.  Just keep doing it.  They’ll get so annoyed, they’ll move  somewhere else.  Maybe they’ll move to your neighbor’s apartment, or house.  I’m sure they had something to do with the trail.  Why don’t you just re-direct it to their apartment or house?  I do.

I know.  I know.  I’m so sweet.

If you have time, read the articles below, especially “7 Reasons Ants Will Inherit the Earth“.  Very funny and kind of gross.


Gang Stalking – Oh, what a good day (week) I’m having…

I’m on the bus now. The bus driver is jerking the bus continuously. He puts a heavy foot on the brake so I’ll fall. The lights on the bus are on and the driver also has the heat on the seat in which I’m sitting.  It feels like 300 degrees on the bus.  Outside, the humidity must be in the 100s.  So you can imagine what it feels like.  A sweat box.  My face is dripping with sweat.  The  heat hasn’t been put on in a while so I’d forgotten about the heat.  In the wintertime, the bus driver puts on the air conditioning.   The savages will do anything to make my life  miserable.   So I can now look forward to having  heat on the bus  for the rest of the summer.  Now I know summer has arrived in  Las Vegas.

This week has not been a good one for me.  All week-long I’ve been hounded like an animal.  The woman upstairs, who sprays me with pesticide non-stop, pushed me and I fell to the ground.  I landed on my back.  I was going to call the police and complain,  but it would have been a waste of time.  She had a friend with her who would have vouched for her.  He would have told the cops that she didn’t do  anything to me.  And the cop would have shown up and treated me like a criminal.

The pushing occurred because I told  her never to speak to me the way she had.    She’s constantly throwing  cigarette butts in front of my apartment.  She  doesn’t even put  the ashes out. She throws them down lit.  A few times, I’ve almost gotten a burn.  So I got angry and threw the cigarettes up  to where she lives.  She came running down, screamed at me and told me to pick up the cigarettes. I told her I wasn’t picking up anything.  She swore up and down that she hadn’t thrown them down. I hadn’t seen her throw the cigarettes down that day, but I’ve seen her on other days.    So since I hadn’t seen her, I went upstairs and picked up the butts.  She followed me downstairs and  told me to pick up some feces someone had put in front of my apartment   I was going to pick up the feces  before she interrupted  me,   so I picked up the feces.   Not because she told me, but because I was going to do it,  anyway.   If I left the feces outside, my apartment would have been overrun with ants and roaches.  That’s why they’re always leaving feces in front of my apartment.

The next day, as I was on my way out, I saw her.  I told her  never to speak to me the way she had.   That’s  when she came toward me and pushed me.  I tried to stop  myself from falling, but the gravel underneath my feet was too slippery and I went down.  She and her friend laughed.

I went into the office and complained to the Manager.    The Manager is involved in  gang stalking, too.   She did say,  though, that  she would talk to her.  I told the Manager  not  to say anything to the woman.  I was informing her of what happened.  The woman from upstairs was obviously drunk and very high.  I figured it was in my best interest not to make too much of a fuss.  Who knows what she would have done to me?  But from now on, I will file a complaint no matter who is  around to back her up.

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