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Gang Stalking – No more Chinese food for me.

beef with broccoli

beef with broccoli (Photo credit: Chewy Chua)

Aerial view of the main campus

Aerial view of the main campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The University Libraries attracts scholars fro...

The University Libraries attracts scholars from around the globe with the most comprehensive collection of documents related to the history of gaming in the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: logo for UNLV

English: logo for UNLV (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today on my way home, I thought about going home and cooking.   Just the thought of going home to a hot apartment and making it hotter,

just made me sick.  I passed a Chinese restaurant and thought “why don’t I have Chinese food“?  I’ve not had Chinese food in a long time. Every time I take out Chinese, they do something to my food, so I no longer spend my money buying Chinese.  This Chinese restaurant is new, so I thought “maybe they don’t know about me”.

I walked into the restaurant and it was very clean and stylish.  I ordered the Beef Broccoli with steam rice, and waited for my order.  I got my order and left.  As I walked, I noticed that the liquid was leaking out of my styrofoam  box.  I stopped, opened the plastic bag and looked to see what the problem was.  Well, again, the Chinese were at their game.  They  made two slits on the top of the cover and two slits at the bottom, so, of course, the liquid was escaping.

I was very tired from the hot Nevada sun and the thought of returning to the Chinese restaurant did not make me happy.  I thought of just letting it go, but then I got angry.  Angry that I have to put up with the bulls–t all the time.  The anger gave me enough energy to walk back to the restaurant.

I walked into the restaurant and just put the package on the counter.  I did not say anything to the people. I opened it and pointed to all the liquid coming out of the bag.  The liquid went on the counter, on the floor, and some of it went on one of the servers, which made me happy.  I didn’t say anything because if I’d said something it  would’ve been  really nasty.  They made a big fuss and acted as if they’d done nothing.

The repackaged my food and I walked out.

I got home, and again, they did the dirty deed.  I opened the box and absolutely no liquid in the meat, and they’d made two small slits on the top of the box, and whatever liquid they’d left, seeped out.

I sat down served myself some broccoli and white steam rice.  The meat was very tough and the broccoli florets were extremely small and yellow looking.  I swear to you, the meat makes me think they gave me horse meat.  It is so tough and the pieces so big that I just lost my appetite.  I ate three tablespoons of the broccoli and rice and couldn’t eat the awful food.

I put the broccoli and rice back into their boxes ,and I’m thinking of returning the awful food back to the restaurant tomorrow.  Why should I pay so much money for such terrible food?

If you’re ever in Las Vegas, stay away from Jugoo Chinese Restaurant.  If you’re a target, I’m sure your food will be awful. The place is on 4747 Maryland Parkway, right next to the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

I know how to get even. Ah, that feels good.  Bastards! No more Chinese for me. Fuck them all!

And don’t anyone write me and tell me I’m racist, because I won’t respond. I stand(or sit) by what I wrote.

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Gang Stalking – Immigrants see signs of Americans losing their freedom.

Tiananmen Square Protest (tian_med)

Tiananmen Square Protest (tian_med) (Photo credit: mandiberg)

An Arrival in June

An Arrival in June (Photo credit: Robert Croma)

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Isl...

Statue of Liberty National Monument, Ellis Island and Liberty Island, Manhattan, in New York County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was listening to the radio and the subject was gun control. Since I’d just written about gun control, I decided to listen to what others had to say about the subject.

The first woman who called the station complained about people who liked owning guns. She didn’t understand why anyone needs to own a gun. She said people who owned guns made her angry, because we have the police ready to protect us from gun crazies.

I swear, that first caller was me in another time. I understood how she felt, but  since then, my belief on gun control changed. I so wanted to get on the phone and call the radio station and explain to the woman why we all have a right to own guns. But it was a recorded show, so I could not respond to what she said.

Then immigrant after immigrant called the station.  All the immigrants were against gun control. They all said that they left their country because of  government torture or harassment.   One caller, a Chinese man, had taken part in the Tiananmen Square Protest in 1989, and he’d wished he had a gun. None of the protesters had guns,  the police all had guns.   He said he totally believed in a citizen’s right to own a gun. He’d become a citizen, and he stated that Americans should keep their guns and not to ever give them up. That guns would prevent the U.S. from becoming a dictatorship.

There’s also something they all said that I wish other Americans had heard.  They all said that they see signs of what was happening in their country happening here.   They see signs of people losing their rights in the future.

Well, they sure don’t have to warn me about signs. I’m living proof of what the immigrants were talking about. I’ve lost my freedom along with million of other Americans. We targets all know what the signs are. We’re all experiencing what the immigrants were talking about.  We’ve already lost our freedom.

I wish Americans would open their eyes and see what’s happening.  The immigrants see the signs, why can’t they?

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Gang Stalking – The new normal — having your computer hacked.

Image representing New York Times as depicted ...

Image via CrunchBase

Today I knew it was Super Sunday, so I made sure I went out just before the game began. So if the perps thought they were going to have a day of watching football, too bad. They had to leave their homes and follow me around instead of watching the game. I do this every year when there’s a big football game. It’s my way of getting even with them.  It made my day.

Today I heard that the New York Times got hacked by Chinese hackers.  The times had to bring in experts to figure out how the hackers were getting in.  The experts discovered that they were getting in different ways, and when the experts closed one portal, the hackers kept getting in another way. Finally, the experts were able to close all the portals for getting into the Times computers.   But the experts kept a close watch to make sure the hackers were not getting in, but again, the hackers got in. And no one could figure out how the hackers were getting in. You’ll never guess how the Chinese hackers were getting into the Times computers?  They were getting in through one of the Staffer’s thermostat.  The thermostat was printing Chinese characters through the thermostat.  Can you believe it?  Today no computer is safe.  We mere mortals don’t have a chance in hell of not getting our computers hacked. If the Times can get hacked, so can everyone else.

The computer companies have to do a better job of safeguarding our computers. Right now, they’re all doing a terrible job. Our computers are so easily hacked.  Why can’t a virus be added to our computers to attach itself to the ones doing the hacking? It should open up their computers and it should open up for everyone to see. I bet they’d stop hacking other people’s computers! Or they’d think twice before criminally breaking into someone’s computer.  Because hacking is now a crime, so they’re committing a crime.

Well, I feel good today messing up the perps’ day.  I can’t wait till the next big “Super” something happens.

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