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Gang Stalking – Go, Edward Snowden!

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sa...

English: Homeless man, Tokyo. Français : Un sans abri à Tokyo. Español: Persona sin hogar, en las calles de Tokio. Türkçe: Evsiz adam, Tokyo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden (Photo credit: svennevenn)

The U.S. is at it again.  Now, N.S.A. has hacked the phone of the German Chancellor.  And Spanish citizens, 60 million of them, have had their emails and phone calls hacked.  The information, of course, came from Edward Snowden. I love this man. I hope he continues to give out more information.  Maybe some day he might reveal what’s going on with us targets.  And I’m so happy Russia gave him refuge. We wouldn’t know of any of this if he’d been put in prison.  If Edward Snowden hadn’t been given refuge by Russia, he’d be  in a prison now and we’d know nothing about what the N.S.A. is doing. I can bet they would love to get their hands on him and shut him up forever. Go, Edward Snowden!

I found another apartment. It’s not really an apartment I like, but it’s a place to live.  My time was running out, so I took the safe route,  I settled for what I didn’t want. I sure didn’t want to end up on the streets. I see too many homeless people in Las Vegas and what they look like.  I did not want to end up looking like a lot of them do.  But I can tell, it’s going to be hell.  I’m on the second floor. There is someone below me and someone on the third floor.  So I’ll be getting hits from below and above.  I can just hear the perps jumping up and down already, stomping their feet so loud that the next door neighbor will probably hear it. And it’s an apartment with a walkway, which I hate. I’ll have to pass by the idiots every day.  And I’m sure they will come out as they do now.  They will be waiting for me to open the door and stand around like zombies wearing perp colors.   The lease is only for 6 months. I’m gong to be keeping my eyes out for apartments that look half-way safe.  But, really, there’s no such thing as safe for us targets.

I told you about the studio with cameras and gated community and how I went back to check availability of the studio.  When I went back, the manager told me it been rented.  I told you I thought he was lying.  I’ve been proven right. I saw an ad in the newspaper for the same studio.  Not only did the manager not rent the apartment, but now he has to pay to put ads in the newspaper.  So  who’s the loser here?  Him or me?

And to the second apartment I almost had, they were playing games with me.  They were going to wait until a few days before my lease was up to tell me that they were giving me the apartment.  They were playing mind games.  But I’m sure they didn’t expect me to walk out of the complex.  Not only did the rental agent lose his commission, but the apartment is still empty.  I walked out of the manager’s office because I didn’t want this done to someone else. If they play games like this with me, then all other targets would get the same treatment.  I think now they’ll think twice about playing mind games with other would-be renters.

So, I’ll be moving into my new apartment on November 1, unless, of course, they f–k with me again.

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