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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – When do the ends justify the means?

It depends on the situation.  If someone is aiming a gun at me ready to shoot, I have a right to shoot him.  So shooting that person justifies the means. I stay alive.

If I’m married to someone and he has an affair, divorcing him justifies the means.  Or anyway, it does to me.  Once a cheater, always a cheater.  Divorcing the cheater justifies the means.

I don’t think most wars justify the means.  A lot of innocent people end up dead.  And most times, all the killing doesn’t end up justifying the means.  All most wars do is fill up cemeteries with innocent victims.  And those in power usually escape to another country where they live a life of ease.  So most wars don’t justify the means.

So do the ends justify the means?  It all depends on the situation, and what someone wants the outcome to be.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Today is Memorial Day, a day started to remember people who served in war.

Decades later, under the Uniform  Monday Holiday Act , Memorial Day moved to a Monday to create three-day weekends. Do you think this helps people remember the meaning of the holiday, or dilute it?

Today we  remember the men and women who gave their lives in order that we can  all  live free.  Without the sacrifices of these  men and women, we might all be under a dictatorship.

I think moving the day around dilutes the meaning of the holiday.  For one thing, I can never remember when Memorial Day is.  Is it  on the 28th, 29th, or the 30th?  I know it’s on the last  Monday of May, but  that doesn’t help me .   Not only is the day confusing, but today most people see it as day to have a cookout.  Or a  day for sales.  Everybody looking for sales and not  giving a thought to the  sacrifices the men and women who fought for our country made.  We have cemeteries full of  veterans from  past and present  wars.     We Pay tribute to those men and women  by visiting the cemeteries.   There’s nothing  wrong with having a cookout, but we have to remember why we have  the holiday.  The veterans made the cookouts and sales possible by giving up their lives.

So I say  “thank you” to all the veterans who died to give us all a better life.  And I say to those men and women who  today are  fighting for us:  Stay safe because we care about you and want you to come home.   A salute to all of you!

And if anyone reading this is a veteran, thank you again.

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