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Cell Phone not working on missing plane?

Some interesting questions to ask about the missing plane from Malaysia. Questions that never occurred to me, or probably to you. NE1

Gang Stalking World

The missing plane never makes sense. First the black box has it’s CCTV moment, and now you would think you could track the cell phones. Where was the last call, or the last cell phone tower contact. Are the phones still being billed per second, or per usage?

Also what about their pass cards, RFID chips, and the visa cards, debit cards, and all the thousand other ways that we are tracked. It’s weird how all those forms of being tracked discontinue working in an emergency. 911 they worked, but not for this missing plane.

What are all the various ways that we are tracked, and if they all stop working when a plane goes missing, then maybe we are not as tracked as we might think, but if we are, what methods would you use to locate someone on the face of the planet? Where in the world is…

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Gang Stalking – An example of loving parents(?)


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I have nothing on my calendar for today, so I decided to stay home.  I went outside and stood in front of my door and leaned on the riling.   Within a minute, a couple from downstairs sat down on the steps facing my apartment.  The man held the baby in his lap, while his wife played with her phone.

Oh, yeah, I thought to myself.  You think I’m going to become your target. Think again.

I went back into my apartment and got the little thing I use to protect myself.

I went outside and the woman was laughing, and so was her husband.

Both of them just thought it was hysterical that they were up to no good and thought I didn’t know what they were up to.

I took my thingajig and hit right back.  I aimed for the man’s p—s.  He began laughing even more, so I knew I was getting him.  The woman also had her legs spread and I aimed for her. Both of them laughed even more.  The man put the baby down  between his legs.  I definitely knew I was getting to him.  I’ve seen men jump when I aim for their p—s.  They both kept laughing.  I could tell that they were not enjoying getting hit back.

Finally, the man let the baby go and put his hand between his legs. The woman paid no attention to the baby whatsoever. She was too busy trying to hit me with her phone.  Neither one of them paid any attention to what was going on with the baby on the ground.  Both of them were too busy laughing and trying to target me.  The baby is between 6 – 8 months old and this is how they protect him.

The man had enough, so he picked up his son and went inside.  The woman stayed outside and kept trying to hit me. Her husband came out and told her to come inside.

I thought that was the end.

The man stayed inside, but the woman came out again.

She came out with the baby in a carriage.  She sat down on the steps, and put the carriage, with the baby in it, in front of her.

Don’t you just love how caring these parents are?  They put the baby in harm’s way to protect themselves.

First, he put the baby between his legs to protect himself, and then she puts the baby in the carriage and hides behind him.

And then we wonder why kids grow up to commit crimes.

It is parents like these who create criminals.  Criminals who grow up to ruin neighborhoods no one wants to live in.

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Gang Stalking – Gang stalkers…a laugh a minute.

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Everything  I just typed erased,  so I’ll start again.

I live in a complex that has a husband and wife team running it.  These two people seem to have nothing to do, but watch me.  It makes them feel very important.  You should see them.  They look so ridiculous!  Anytime I leave my apartment, the two of them pop up, or one of them will pop up.  They seem to have absolutely nothing to do with their life.  I think I must add some excitement to it.  What would they do if I were to disappear?  Their importance of themselves would disappear, of course.  They feel very important following me around non-stop.  She works in the office, and keeps tracks of everything I do.  She also writes a report on what I do every day.  Of course, this important information goes to the government.  Important information, like I’ve told someone off, or I’ve carried home a piece of bread that looks like a bat.  A bat is very dangerous for me to have, don’t you know?  Or I’ve taken the bus out of the complex.  Really, really important information.  National security is at stake!

You should see how they look.  They always come rushing toward me.  She’s always leading, of  course.  And then she’ll say, “Hi, Miss Gladys.”  Or she’ll said, “Hi, Gladys.”  This is said in such a phony voice that I want to laugh.  I never respond.  I just look at them and want to laugh; they look so ridiculous.  But I put on a very stern face.  I don’t want them to think that I’m having fun at their expense.  It’s just too laughable.

Then there are the idiots who always come out when I get my mail.   The same people always have to get their mail the same time I do.  They come rushing out to annoy me, of course.  And I stand and watch their stupid faces.  Again, they look so self-important.  National security at stake again.

Every time I leave my apartment, there’ll be some idiot who’ll be on his cell phone , of course, wearing an outfit similar to what I’ve began wearing, trying to get my location.  They can find where I am by putting a code into their phone cell. Once they find my location, they’ll turn the cell phone toward where I am to draw electricity to my body.  And, of course, aways looking self-important.  National security at stake again.

Oh, I forgot the idiot who controls my computer.  As I stated before, I paid for the computer, but it’s owned by the government.  The idiot lives 7 apartments from me and is always watching me.  He always looks like he’s going to have a heart attack:  I’m going out, he won’t know what I’m up to.  It’s heart attack time.  I might just do something bad, and he won’t be around to see me do it.  Oh,no!  He won’t get credit for apprehending me.  National security at stake again.

There are a lot of idiots I have to put up with every single day.  And all of them make me laugh.  They all look so ridiculous!

My life, at this point, would make a good comedy.  I have to deal with so many idiots.  It’s a good thing I can make a joke of the idiotic things I have to put up with, otherwise, I’d cry.

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