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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Write a sequel to your favorite movie.

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Write a sequel to your favorite movie.  It can be a synopsis, just a few sentences.  What happens next?  What can you imagine would be the future of the characters, and key decision they’d have to make?  How can you imagine it working out?

Cover of "Casablanca"

My favorite movie has always been “Casablanca”.  Below is the sequel to the story.

The war has ended, and everyone is trying to get back to their normal routine.

The two main characters are Ilsa and Rick.  Rick is a café owner in Morocco.  Ilsa is in Paris, living alone.

Rick has never stopped thinking about Ilsa since he last saw her.  He thinks of her almost every day.  Ilsa is living in Paris and living unhappily.  The nazis killed her husband, and she’s having a hard time dealing with his death.  She’s been drinking a lot, and is very unhappy.  She often thinks of Rick, her ex-lover, and wonders  how he’s doing.  Rick is thinking of selling his café, and returning to the states now that the war is over.  But before he returns to the states, he wants to find out what happened to Ilsa.  Should he take a chance on finding Ilsa and being hurt again?  And Ilsa, should she return to Rick’s Cafe and tell him that her husband has died?  Rick decides he going to find Ilsa.

Ilsa and Rick will find each other, but something that happened will keep them apart.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Make a list of movies you believe everyone should see at least one.

If you’re looking for movies that tuck at your heart, your mind, and leave you stunned, some of the movies listed below will forever stay with you.

1.  Billy Elliot:  takes place in England, about a boy whose father wants him to learn to be a boxer, but Billy has other ideas.

2.  Born on the Fourth of July:  about a Vietnam Vet who returns home and becomes disillusioned with war.

3.  Casablanca: about two ex-lovers who reunite after many years.  Takes place in Morocco during war.

4.  The King and I:  beautiful scenes of Siam, and the colors are just to die for.  About an English teacher and the King.

5.  To Kill a Mockingbird:  take place in the south during segregation; white lawyer defends black man, an unheard thing in the south.

6.  Life is Beautiful:  takes place during the holocaust.  A man and his son, and the father’s sacrifice for his son.

7.  The Crying Game:  worth seeing just for the ending.  I’m not going to say anything else. A big surprise at the end.

8.  West Side Story:  takes places in New York City, the dancing alone is worth seeing the movie. I’ve never seen better dancing in a movie. About gang members, 50s style.

9.  Deer Hunter:  small town, soldier goes to war, returns home a changed man.  The Deer scene is unforgettable.

10. Some Like It Hot:  if you want a few laughs, this is the movie to see.  Best acting ever by Marilyn Monroe.

I didn’t write too much information about the movies, because it really annoys me when critics tell you everything about a movie.  After they tell you everything, why bother seeing the movie?   All the above movies will change you in some way, that’s all I can say.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What film have you seen more than any other? When was the last time you saw it? Who were you with?

I know you want to know about a film I’ve seen more than any other, but there are two films I’ve seen equally. One is “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and the other one is “Casablanca.” Both films I saw within two weeks of each other, which was about two weeks ago.

I could see “To Kill a Mocking Bird” over and over and not get sick of seeing it.  Every year, I see it at least 8 or 9 times.  Each time I see it, it’s like seeing a new film.  There’s usually something in the movie that I missed the other times I’ve seen it.  The last time I saw it, I noticed that Gregory Peck was a lot heavier in the movie than I previously remembered.  And the actress who plays “Scout” was wearing a terrible wig.  Things I missed the other times.

The movie “Casablanca” I’ve seen as many times as I’ve seen “To Kill a Mockingbird.”  To me “Casablanca” is the ultimate love story.  Bergman and Bogart were perfect actors for this film.  They both played their parts so well.  In the movie, they’re in love each other, but because of circumstances, it is a love that can never be.  It takes place in Morocco during the Nazi regime.   Rick is a café owner and Ilsa comes into his café.  They knew each other in the past and by coincidence end up in the same place at the same time.  As they talk about the past, they both realize they’re still in love with each.  But.  Ilsa is now married and waiting for her husband to come pick her up at the café.  I absolutely love this film.  If you get a chance, see it.  See it with someone you love. I absolutely love the old movies, especially those made in the 1930s.  By the way, I visited Casablanca because of this film.

I’ve seen both films at different times with different  people.  The last time I saw both films, I  was by myself.

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