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Gang Staking – Parents should pay for their kids’ bad behavior.

I have to retype what I just wrote. The hacker next to me took over my page so I had to delete to write on my normal page.  (Hacker, 3-20 years in prison for hacking.)

Yesterday, as I walked, a black  boy,  about 9 or 10 years, tried to run me over with his bike.  I was heading toward him and he a  made a left to hit me with the bike.  I saw him coming toward me and did not move. He was so surprised  that I did not move that he went into the fence. And then he tried to get away and almost got hit by a car. The driver was paying attention to what was going on and stopped just in time to avoid hitting him. If he hadn’t, the boy would have been killed.  I’m sure the parents of this boy encouraged him to do things like this to targets. What kind of parents encourage this kind of behavior?

This morning, as I took a walk, another black boy, about the same age, also try to hit me with his bike. He came at  me and I did not move. He, also, went into the fence. This time, I did not stay quiet. I said something to him which was not very nice. I won’t repeat what I said here. It was not a racist remark. It was what I hoped happened to him.  When he heard what I said, he looked shocked.  He did not move.  Well, I can tell the others who are planning to do the same thing to me, I ain’t moving. If you run into me purposely, your parents will have to pay my medical bills. If these parents encourage their kids to misbehave, they should pay the price for my medical bills.

I’ve been  beaten up quite a few times. All of the beatings have been by black people. I’ve never had anything against black, but I’m beginning to think, they’re all after me. I think people of black heritage are taking out on us targets what they haven’t been able to do to other people. No one will defend us if someone who is black beats us up. Other perps will encourage them to beat us.  All of them are now all one color. When it comes to targeting us, there is no color divide, just get at the targets and abuse them.

I’ve always believed that people of every color have a right to live in peace and live the best life  they can. But I guess for us targets, we shouldn’t even exist. It’s all right for anyone of any color to abuse us and no one of any color will defend us.

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Gang Stalking – Good luck, Seattle Seahawks!!!

Yesterday, I had to pay my rent and had to go into the office. I stay away from the manager’s office at all cost. I only go into it when I have to.

I heard the manager got a new car and she paid cash for it, and I know how she got the cash.  She probably got a bonus for signing up a lot of perps to harass me.  The manager is the one who signs the perps up.  And anytime the perps have something to report, they report it to her and then she passes it on to the handler.  So when I went into the office I made a point of talking with her. I wanted some information on how she got the car and paid cash for it.  So I said to her, “One of the guys told me you paid cash for your new car? How you do that? She replied, “Oh, I worked 2 jobs.” There’s no way she worked 2 jobs.  I’ve talked to her  about earlier jobs and she never said anything about having two jobs, so I know she’s lying.  She either got a big bonus,  or she was given the car as bonus  for signing up all the perps in the complex. That’s how they get rewarded. So she can tell me all she wants about working two jobs, but I know  she did not work two jobs.  And how many people do you know in today’s economy, even working two jobs, who can afford to pay cash for anything? And someone has to have no sense of money to put it all into a car?

So after I got the information I was looking for, I decided to get away from the woman. I know while I’m talking to her she’s recording me on the land phone she keeps on top of her desk. I see her turn it on every time I go into the office, and if she doesn’t do it, she has a guy who’s she’s very friendly with, come into the office and record  the conversation. If she thinks I don’t know about the recoding, well, now she knows I know. And I don’t care if she knows.

As I was about to go out, she asked me if I had any children?  I said, “No.” and then she began giving me a look  that said she was making fun of me. She put her left hand to her eyes,  made believe she was wiping away tears. I ignored her. And while I stood them, she took her legs and began opening and closing them very fast, in a sexual way.  Like a man does when he’s feeling sexual. I stood there and looked at her.  She didn’t take her eyes off me for a second. She was gauging my reaction all the time.  Watching to see how I’d react and then they can get to me if I react.  I didn’t say anything. She was trying to imply that I am  a Lesbian.  And I nothing against Lesbians, to each his own. I calmly walked out of the office. I even told her to have a “nice day”.   I don’t know if she reads my blog, but what I think of her I can’t express here. This is another way they try to insinuate things about us. It’s a psychological game. Another way of getting at us. She can imply anything she wants about me, but I’m going to stay calm. She’s nothing, but a dirty dog! And the next time she does the same thing with her legs, I’m ready for her! Bring it on, idiot!

P.S. I’m sure you’re all aware it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  If I were a betting woman, I’d bet on the Seattle Seahawks to win. Everybody thinks the Broncos will win, but I don’t. Good luck, Seattle Seahawks!!

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Gang stalking – Street Theater, and lots of it!

English: Suitcase made with cloth material.

English: Suitcase made with cloth material. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sorry, I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments. It took me 5 days to move. I moved by suitcase. I put some things in my suitcase, took them to my new apartment and went back and forth for five days doing this. I didn’t have enough things to hire someone to move me, so I used my suitcase. I thought I had nothing to move, but once I started to move things, things added up. I can tell you, after 5 days of doing this, I’m pooped.

Anyway, if you want to know how bad it is out there for us targets, try renting a new apartment or moving. What an experience! It was worse than the last time I moved.

I experienced a lot of car, suitcase and pail theater. Everywhere I went perps surrounded me. I could go nowhere without a group of them showing up. They showed up imitating me lugging a suitcase, carrying pails, and white cars showing up at every light. They were everywhere like roaches looking for food and I was the food. The busses were full of idiots carrying suitcases. And the car theater. White cars would show up and surround me. And if it wasn’t white, it was red. And the car imitators would always show up when I got to the street corner. And those who lugged suitcases would imitate me having trouble dragging the heavy suitcase around. They would actually stop in the middle of the sidewalk and do tricks with their suitcases. They looked so stupid!

Since I’ve moved into my new apartment, someone has broken into it every day. They’ve left my door open two times. One day I came home and found all my lights on. Another day, all my cabinet doors were open. At nighttime, my apartment is an icebox. They turn blowers on from other apartments and make the place an icebox. And the binding that goes around the front door that keeps out the cold been removed. There was a big hole under my kitchen sink, which I had them repair. As I walk around the carpeted apartment, I can feel wires under the carpet. This lets them know where I am at any moment. It’s a bad job they did of hiding the wires. And, of course, the sinks have no stoppers. They never put in stoppers. It’s to encourage roaches and other vermin to enter the apartment. When I left my last apartment, the roaches had the run of the place. I kind of gave up on trying to keep them out. I just them run wild. And, of course, the air conditioner never works. Every time I turn on the heater, it gives out hot air for about a minute and then turns cold. So, nothing’s changed. It’s the same s–t all over again. Only thing is, I no longer have to look at those faces I couldn’t stand to look at. I’m making it a point not to look at any of them. I turn my face every time I see one of them coming toward me. And they’ve began imitating me doing the face turn. Good! I don’t have to look at their stupid faces!

And the people above me, stomp their feet at night and try to hit me with electricity. The first night, they stomped around like crazy. The next night, I got out my little gadget and, boy, did they stop stomping around. Their stomping around let me know where they were and I’d aim for them. I can imagine the man above me getting hit in a certain spot. Did I laugh! They think twice about stomping around now.

There a few good things about this new apartment, but I’m not going to mention them. If I did, they’d make sure that the complex got rid of them.

So, sorry for not responding to your comments sooner. It’s good to be writing my blog again. And thanks for continuing to read my blog and making comments even when I don’t respond. Love you all. Take care of yourselves.

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Gang Stalking – I will spit in every zombie’s face some day. Yes, I will.

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while e...

Ironworkers surprised by photographer, while erecting the steel frame of a new building, at the Massachusetts General Hospital, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wasn’t going to blog today, but I just had.

That man that everyone is calling mentally ill is not. Not in any way, shape or form. He’s 100% one of us. He’s been one of the first to speak about what’s been happening to him. The other targets never spoke about what was happening to them, but this one did.

He told about how the construction workers made fun of him, and said nasty things to him. How the construction workers made it a point to park in front of where he lived. How he kept hearing voices. How he was hit with a electronic magnetic weapon. How he was followed everywhere. I hope those construction workers feel good about what they did to this man. I hope they do. I’m sure they feel no guilt about they did to this man. Nor does anyone else who harassed this man and drove him to do what he did. There’s just so much a human being can take.

The man is telling the truth about what was happening to him. I know about the construction workers. These low-lifes do the same things to me. Every time I pass by a construction site, I have to put up with extraordinary noise, dirt thrown in my direction, laughter. I also have to put up with being hit, but I know how it’s done. I don’t think this man knew how it was done. And the following…everywhere I go, followed.

Another death caused by the U.S. government and the zombies they hire to do their dirty work for them.

When, oh, when, are people going to start questioning what is happening? As I stated before, this will happen again. Why don’t the news people get off their doffs and really find out why there are so many shootings by supposedly sane people? And this man is sane. He was not crazy. If he was crazy, so is everybody else.

I had to come to the library today and exonerate this man. He was driven to the point to where he got. Driven to this point by hateful, zombies. Keep up the good work zombies. It seems you’re all winning. But your zombies’ day will come. And I can’t wait for that day. As I previously stated, I will spit in every one of your faces. Yes, I will.

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Gang Stalking – Traveling? Targets, good luck.

Amfleet snack bar car, known as a "Cafe c...

snack bar car, known as a “Cafe car”, in an eastern Amtrak train (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Airbus A340-600 at the 2006 Farnborough Airshow.

Category:Images of railway stations

Category:Images of railway stations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ONE DRIVER HAS DOUBLE-PARKED HIS CAR WHILE HE RUNS AN ERRAND, CREATING ADDITIONAL WOES FOR MOTORISTS DURING A BUS… – NARA – 556724 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is the sort of thing a gang stalker does.


A tall ship in New York Harbor: Amerigo Vespuc...
A tall ship in New York Harbor: Amerigo Vespucci at the ship parade in the NYC harbor at the United States Bicentennial festivities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Fahrgastschiff MS Wappen von Köln

Fahrgastschiff MS Wappen von Kiln (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer will be soon be here, and a lot of people will be traveling.  Traveling for us targets is not  safe.  It won’t matter how you travel.  Whether you travel by bus, plane, car, ship, etc., the  harassment will follow you.  Below are some things I learned while traveling.  And don’t let them keep you from traveling.  At least you’ve had some warning.  When I traveled, I had no idea what they’d do to me.

Bus.  If you travel by bus, the bus will have gang stalkers on it. I travel Greyhound and it’s always happened to me.  There is a recruiter at the bus terminal who recruits gang stalkers.   The same lies they tell  about you in your every day life are told to the passengers.  Of course, there will be gang stalkers who will already be on the bus when you get on.

You will get hit as always, and the gang stalkers will surround you.  The bus driver will know all about you. He’s been warned.  He will drive  the bus as if he’s rushing to go to hell. The bus driver will heat your seat and make sure he goes over  every bump, and jerk the bus a lot.  He will make sure your seat shakes.  If you’re on a long bus trip, you will not get any sleep.  The gang stalkers will make sure you stay awake.  Basically, the same things they do to you in your normal life, they will  do you on the bus.  And everyone will know who you are.  If you have a carry on bag, take it with you every time you get off the bus. I once made the mistake of  getting off the bus during a break, and I left my bag  on the bus.  The bus driver  took off without me and took my bag.  My checks, clothes, personal papers, etc. were in the bag.  So take the bag with you every single time you get off the bus.  Even if you get off for just a minute, TAKE THE BAG WITH YOU!

Oh, one time I was on a Greyhound bus, and I had the following happen to me.  I got on the bus and halfway through, a man got on.  He sat one seat opposite me.  Right away, he began to tell stories about how he was an Arab, and  grew up in the states.  And everyone listened in awe. He was the center of attention.  I also listened.  The bus arrived at an entry point where the U.S. and Mexico connect.  A guard got on and called the man’s name sitting one seat from me.  The man raised his hand and said he was so and so.  The guard told him to get his stuff and come with him.  I watched from the bus window.  When the man got off the bus, he gestured wildly. He never got back on the bus.  The driver took off without him.  I asked the bus driver what had the man done.  He told me that they had found things in his suitcase that included things to blow up a bus.  At first, I thought it was true.  But the more I thought and thought about it, I realized the man was just a plant.  He was there just like the air Marshall to watch me, and check my bag.  He found nothing suspicious about me and decided to get off at the border.  So the same thing  might happen to you.  They might plant someone to watch you on the bus.  Probably was a border agent.  There’s nothing they won’t do to you,  so be careful on the bus.  Watch everything you say.  You might say something very innocent and be accused of being a terrorist.  I found it suspicious that when the man got off, the border guards looked as if they were talking to a friend.  None of  “put your hands against the wall” kind of thing.  Everyone looked too friendly and relaxed.  Not the  normal kind of   reaction from law enforcement that a criminal usually gets.

When I get on the bus, I always try to get the last seat.  This is not always possible.  Make sure you bring something to protect yourself, otherwise, you’ll just be fodder for the gang stalkers.

Airplanes.  I’ve taken several flights and it’s the same old, same old thing.  Harassers on the plane, too.  On a flight I was on, I had an air Marshall sitting next to me.  I got up at one point to go the bathroom.  When I left the bathroom, there were five men, all wearing exactly the same size and same shirt,  standing at the ready to jump on me.  It also included the air Marshall.  He was last in line. I could tell they were ready to pounce on me.  I saw one of the men go into the bathroom and check out the bathroom while the others stood by looking on.  I think they thought maybe I planted a bomb or something.  I’m not kidding when I say this.  Everywhere you go, you’re assumed to be a criminal, especially by the airlines.

Car.  I haven’t experienced this because I don’t have a car.  These are things told to me by other targets.  When they’re driving, someone will come behind them and stick really close to their car. Other  gang stalkers surround their car and stick close by.  Of course, they will always have their headlines on to let you know, it’s the miserable bitches following you around.  Sometimes, the gang stalkers will try to drive you off the road.  And if you get off the road, they will be right behind you.  So be very careful when you drive.  Maybe you can leave the driving to someone else.

Ship.  What can I say?  The same thing will happen on a ship.  The only good thing about being on a ship, you can’t get more gang stalkers getting on and off.  On the bus, you’re always getting new people all the time, and you have to keep  re-adjusting to the new group of  gang stalkers.  And the sea is calming.

Amtrak.  Traveling by rail is like every other mode of travel.  The gang stalkers will be hovering around you.  If you can get a seat in a corner, try to.  But there will be gang stalkers trying to hit you from everywhere in the car.  Always protect your back.   Sit by the doors that separate the cars. You’ll be safer there.  On Amtrak, you can get  a private room. It’s a fold-down seat which becomes a bed at night.  And you can lock your door for extra safety.   It’s very expensive, but it’s worth the money not to have to put  up with gang stalkers.  But it’ll be the same garbage. I’m sure they’ll probably be hanging outside or around your door.

So whether you take the bus, plane, ship, drive, Amtrak, be careful.  The same things they do to you in your home will happen to you while you’re traveling.

Don’t let them stop you from traveling.  Go out there and live your life, but be careful!


Gang Stalking – Go Ron Paul! Ron Paul for President of the U.S. States!

Body Language (play)

Image via Wikipedia - body language.

English: Detail of Preamble to Constitution of...
Image via Wikipedia
Ron Paul presidential campaign, 1988

Image via Wikipedia

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Image via Wikipedia - Ron Paul

I guess the man next door is here to stay.  I was on my way out and didn’t see his  car parked in front of his apartment.  I saw his car parked by the front entrance of the parking lot.    A woman was in the car. It must be his wife.  I guess she brings him food  and clean clothes.  She’s a Burnett, thin, with a pony tail turned into a bun thing.  I thought he wasn’t home, but fate has been on my side lately. Every time I step out of my apartment, just because I feel the need to go outside, instincts, I guess, there’s been something rotten going on.  Someone is standing outside my apartment and trying to hit me with his phone; or I catch them throwing something in front of my door; or someone is in his car trying to shoot pesticide into my apartment.  I don’t go around being paranoid, I let my body do the speaking.  It works.  I always catch the miscreants.  And they often try to act very nonchalant; to act as if they’re just looking at their phone, or doing something else, but I know what they’re up to.  I can tell by their body language.  I’m very much into body language.  I became a fan of body language when I was 16 years old.  I found a book in the library on body language and ever since then I’ve read over hundreds of books on the subject.  And believe me, it’s come in handy.  Sometimes the body speaks volumes.  Sometimes more than speech.  Put the two together, and you’re in like flint.  You can read anyone.

I must admit this  week, I’ve not taken care of myself.  I guess I’m just tired.  I usually take a shower every day, but this week, I didn’t have the energy.  I could barely crawl out of bed.  So  instead of a shower a day, it’s been three showers.  I feel as if I haven’t bathe in weeks.  But I go through periods like this and eventually I get back to my normal routine.  It’s been harder this week because now I have a lot more people surrounding me and being more vicious than ever.  I just have to find what’s going to work best for this period in my life and change whatever I have to change. It’s been an experimental week.  I haven’t found what’s going to work with the added man next door.  But I will.

I’ve been in this apartment less than two years.  In that time, I’ve bought three fans.  They broke the last one this week.  It still works, but it doesn’t stand up straight.  If I don’t set it up against a wall or prod(?) it against something, it comes tumbling down. More money wasted.

The other day I stated that I will vote for Ron Paul.  Ron Paul probably won’t get on the ballot, but I’m voting for him anyway.  I intend to write his name in.  If you believe in the Constitution, you may want to vote for Ron Paul.  He may come across as some crazy, old man, but believe me, there’s nothing crazy about him.  He believes in following what the Constitution stands for.  And so do I.

Ron Paul believes  that if we follow what the Constitution stands for, the United States will remain a free country.  If we mess with the Constitution, we’re all going to lose our freedoms.  I know what it feels like to lose my freedom, so what he says makes a lot of sense to me.  Ron Paul has stated that if he’s elected President, he will do away with the Patriot Act, and a lot of other acts which have made a lot of us less free.  He believes in not getting us into another war, nor being the country that’s always going  to some country’s aid every time there’s an uprising somewhere. Nothing in the Constitution says the United States has to be the world’s watch dog.  Nothing. He also doesn’t believe in getting involved in religious issues.  He believes what it says in the Constitution —  everyone practice his/her religion as they see fit (1st amendment right –  freedom of religion).  And this is the way he thinks about most things.  Stick with the Constitution, don’t mess around with it.  So learn what Ron Paul is about.  You will appreciate what he stands for.

Go Ron Paul!  Go Ron Paul!  Vote for Ron Paul for President.

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Gang Stalking – The man next door.

Chevrolet Tahoe (GMT820)

Image via Wikipedia - Chevy Tahoe

The other day I wrote that a man moved in next door.  I wrote that he seem to belong to the FBI, or some law enforcement agency.  The first day that I saw my next door neighbor, he was wearing a leather coat (real) and leather shoes.  Well, someone must have read my blog and told him to change his look. He’s been changing his look since the first day I saw him.  The second day I saw him, he was wearing jeans and his brown coat.  Now, I barely recognize him.  He looks like one of the gang stalkers.  He’s wearing a blue knit cap, large jeans, a hoodie, and has grown a full beard.  Now he looks like a gang stalker.  I guess he was told to look more “street”.  If I hadn’t seen him the first day, I right off would have thought of him as a gang stalker.  But still, I know he’s law enforcement.  When he was going into his apartment, I took a look.  On the air conditioner he had a box of tissues and a bottle of mouth wash.  I don’t think any  of the gang stalker I’ve seen care about the way they look or smell.  Most of them look like they never comb their hair, or take a shower.  So I know that the man next door is law enforcement, even when he tries to look “street”.  And he still has that Chevy Tahoe car.  And it has “family” written all over it.  Nor does he have any furniture.  Not even one dish.  So he can keep his eyes on me, because I will definitely be keeping my eyes on him.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – What’s the longest you’ve ever walked in a single day?

Humphreys Peak from I-40 in Arizona

flickr - Humphrey's Peak, AZ

Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, Arizona

Image via Wikipedia - Mesa Arts Center, Mesa, AZ

English: Photograph of downtown Mesa, Arizona,...

Image via Wikipedia - Downtown, Mesa, AZ


Image by More Good Foundation via Flickr Mormon Temple, Mesa, Arizona

English: Financial Plaza, Bank of America, Mes...

Image via Wikipedia

Write about what happened, how far you walked, and whether it was by choice, or something happened that forced you to travel differently than expected.

I remember this walk as if it happened yesterday.

I was living in Arizona, and I’d signed up to take a postal exam.  On the day of the exam, my sister drove me to the bus terminal.  I took a bus from Mesa, AZ to Phoenix, where the exam was being held.

While waiting in line to show ID, etc., I met a man who was very friendly and we began to talk.  We talked for over an hour while waiting for the exam to start. So we got to know each other pretty well in a short time.  I really connected with him.

Finally, an announcer told us to sit down and start the exam, and the man sat next to me.    We had two hours to finish the exam. When the exam time was up, we handed in our papers.  He stayed close to me all the time we were in the exam room.

As we were leaving, he told me he was going toward Mesa and he would be happy to give me a ride.  I thought about it and said okay.

As soon as we were on the road, his smile turned into a smirk, and I worried that he was going to do something to me.  And sure enough, I felt his hand grab my knee.  I took his hand away.  He said, “Don’t you like me touching you?”  I answered, “No, I don’t!”  and I moved closer to the right side of the door.  I couldn’t get out of the car because I was still in Phoenix and there was absolutely no bus transportation anywhere around. And it was too far a walk back to Mesa.  So I just stayed in the car  and put up with his greasy behavior and kept taking his hand off my knees.

I kept watching how close we were getting to Mesa.  Finally, when we entered Mesa, he stopped at a light.  I opened the door and quickly ran out of his car.  I called him a “pervert” before I slammed the door.  He yelled at me to get back in the car.  I did not answer him.  I couldn’t call my sister to come get me, because I had no phone with me, and it was the days before cell phones.  So here I was with no money, no phone and couldn’t get in touch with my sister.  So I began the journey back home.

Imagine July in Mesa, Arizona.   The temperature was hovering around 108.  It was hot, hot, hot.  I had no water.  I was sweating heavily, and I thought I was going to pass out.  But I kept walking.  Finally, I recognized my sister’s neighborhood.  I kept walking.  It took me 5 hours plus to get home in the heat.  By the time I reached my sister’s house, I looked like a red lobster.  My face was red, and I could hardly breathe. My sister saw me, made me sit down and put a damp cloth on my face.  I sat on my sister’s couch for a while  unable to move, or talk.

When I was able to talk, my sister asked me what happened, and I told her.  She asked me why didn’t I call her, and I explained why I couldn’t.

I’m very, very careful now with whom I share a car.  I rarely take offers of a free ride to anywhere. I’d rather walk.

By the way, this was not my longest walk, just the one I remember the clearest.

So, women, be careful when you take a ride from that nice man.  He might turn out to be a creep.

Countdown: 41 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Miss your exit, don’t worry, there’s something you need to learn.

Did you ever take a long car ride looking for a place?  Let’s say you were on an expressway and you were to get off at a certain exit.  Somehow, you miss the exit.  Or let’s imagine you get on the bus.  You sit down, get really interested in an article you’re reading and miss your stop.  Or you’re walking around looking for a certain address, and end up at the right number, but not the right street.  You start to berate yourself for doing all the above.  You get angry at your stupidity, and ask yourself how you could be so out of it.

I’m sure everyone reading this blog has had the experiences listed above.  I know the bus thing always happens to me.  I’ll find myself ten minutes away from where I was supposed to get off.  And then I’ll have to walk back to where I was to get off.

I’m listing all the experiences above because to me getting lost is something good.  I know most of you don’t think the same way.  But I’ve learned something from missing my bus stop.   Or not getting off at the right exit.

Every time I’ve gotten lost, I’ve discovered something that I was meant to know.

For instance, I got off at the wrong bus stop one day.  As I was walking, a man stopped me to ask me something.  We began to talk and he said something that answered a question I was seeking an answer to.  Another time, I found a store I had not been able to find.  One time my sister and I went house hunting.  We were to make a right, but instead made a left.  As she turned to the left, her dream house greeted her.  If we hadn’t turned left, she never would have found the house.

So today, I took the bus to the post office.  On my way back, I asked myself if I wanted to take the bus, I had a bus pass, or walk.  Something told me to walk.  So I began to walk.  As I was walking, out of the corner of my eye, I could feel someone watching me.  I turned to my left,  saw one of the perps who used to harass me in the library.  He quickly turned and made believe he didn’t see me.  I kept watching him.  I saw him go into the garbage container and look for bottles.  He was carrying two plastic bags of bottles.  He seemed down and out.  He looked as if he hadn’t taken a shower in a while.  When he was harassing me in the library, he was clean and well-groomed.  And now to see him in the condition he was in gave me a smug feeling.  He was getting back what he put out to the world.

I continued walking toward home.  It was a nice day, and I was enjoying the gorgeous weather and that there weren’t too many perps harassing me.  The Thanksgiving holiday made the streets look empty, but for me it was nirvana.  No perps.

As I got closer to home, I saw a bus stop.  As I passed the bus bench, another perp, who also harassed me in the library, said hello to me.  He, too, seemed not to be doing too well.  He was waiting for the bus to come. At one time he had a car.  Now no car.  And he looked as if he was homeless.  Again, he got back what he put out into the world.

If I had taken the bus, I wouldn’t have seen either of the perps.  So by following my instincts, I found that life was getting even with both.

So what I’m trying to say, is,  if you get lost, don’t get angry.  Getting lost is a way of find something you’re looking for.  This has always been true with me every time I get lost.  I find something I’ve been looking for.  So next time you miss your exit, or get off at the wrong bus stop, don’t fret, there’s something that you need to learn about yourself, or you’ll get an answer to a question that’s been puzzling you.  Think about it.  You’ll find that it’s true what I’ve written.

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