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Gang Stalking – Hot sauce(?) all over my front door.

Over Celebrating Xmas

Over Celebrating Xmas (Photo credit: Cali4beach)

camera madness

camera madness (Photo credit: deepwarren)

There are thousands of varieties of hot sauce

There are thousands of varieties of hot sauce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do, is head for my front door.  I put Christmas decorations on the door and  check to make sure that they’re still up.  This morning I got up and headed straight for my front door.  My decorations were okay, but someone put something all over my front door that looks like hot sauce.  My immediate reaction was to clean it up.  But then, I thought, why clean it?  Leave it on the door so that others can see what’s done to me.  So I left  the hot sauce looking red spots on my front door.

I think either the perp next door to me did it, or the perp below me.  Yesterday, I had a run-in with both. I gave the perp next door the finger, and the one below, I got my camera and took his picture.  The perp below got really angry and asked me what I was doing.   I didn’t reply.  I just walked away.  The perp below is the one who always comes out and rides his bike around the front of my apartment when  I  stand by the riling.

I really need to get a better camera. Every time I take a picture, I play it back, I can’t see what I’ve taken. The hackers won’t let me. My camera is also hacked.

I’ve thought of ordering a camera by mail, but the perps look through my mail.  I’m sure before the camera got to me, it’d be hacked.

So far, they’ve stolen two camcorders and four phones from me.  Two of my phones were stolen from my handbag when I was walking  around.  I don’t know how they did it.  I had the bag under my arm at all times, but when I got home, no phone.  And my camcorders were also stolen from my bag.  Same thing, I can’t figure how they did it.

But I definitely have to get a camera that they can’t hack.  The only thing I can think of getting is one of those old type cameras that can’t be hacked.  But then I have the problem of processing the film.  The lab technicians can easily ruin the film and say that there was something wrong with it.

I can’t buy a camera in the store, because as soon as I get one, the sales people tell the hackers which camera I bought, thus making it easier for the hackers to get the same type of camera and able to hack me.

And I can’t order anything  through the computer. I’m afraid they’ll get my card number and use it. I’m sure the hackers know my card number, but I don’t want to make it available to other hackers.

What to do?  What to do?  Any suggestions?

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