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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Does technology help or not help you in the writing process?

One comical thing about writers and writing is they often ask each other if there is a secret tool, or software, they use that makes writing easier.  Some writers swear by a particular tool, or keyboard, or special software (or WordPress plug-in), while others see tools as ways to help with scheduling, or writing related tasks, but see the process of writing simply about putting the butt in the chair.

Now that you’ve written for a while, does technology help or not help you in the writing process?  What do you wish a tool like WordPress  could do to help?

Yes, technology helps me to write.  1) It tells me when a word makes no sense in a sentence; 2) It checks my spelling; 3) It lets me know when I’m not being PC (politically correct); 4) It tells me when I have no errors (which is not always true).

But..at the same time, it does not tell me what to write about (but I’m part of  PostaDay, WordPress, so it does).  But when I don’t like the subject, that part falls to me. While technology makes me technically a better writer, it doesn’t write for me.  And writing is the most important part.  When I write, technology does not help me get my emotions across to readers.  I, as a writer,  have to find the right words to get my emotions across (I don’t consider myself a writer).  All the technology in the world cannot do that for me.  Computers are static things.  So far, we haven’t been able to give computers emotion.  Maybe, eventually it will.  But it’s a long way off.  Until then, I’ll keep writing till a computer can do it for me. 

To me, it’s not about technology.  It is about putting the butt in the chair.

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