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Gang Stalking – The world is full of angelic beings.

Garden Angelic Beings

Garden Angelic Beings (Photo credit: nme421)

I’m supposed to be at a doctor’s appointment now.  When I arrived at the office, I was told I had no appointment. I gave them the slip given to me when I made  appointment. The clerk told me that they tried, and tried over and over  to contact me, but couldn’t.  So I asked, “Why didn’t someone get in touch by email?”  The clerk said, “We don’t do email.  I replied, “Then why do you ask for my email address if you’re not going to contact me by email?” Clerk said, I don’t know.”  I replied, “Why didn’t you send me a letter?  Clerk said, “We don’t send out letters.   I replied, “I’ve been sent letters notifying me that the appointment date had been cancelled and given a new date for the appointment.” He stopped chewing gum.  He knew that he was telling me nothing, but lies.  They like to do this to me. I show up, no appointment. I remember the last time they did this to me, they cancelled appointments three times in a row. By the time I got to see the doctor, it was ten months later. I always keep the receipt they give me  on what date my appointment is so they can’t say I showed up on the wrong day, as they’ve done to me.

It’s not going well with things in my apartment.  Every time I take a shower, there’s a puddle of water on the floor when I get out of the bathtub.  I have a shower curtain, but it doesn’t matter if I keep the curtain in or out of the bathtub, the floor gets wet.  I’ve gone to the office four times already to complain about it, but nothing’s been done.  The first four days that I used the shower, no problem. The fifth day, the floor got soaking wet and has been ever since. But I decided I’m just going to keep taking my shower and if the tub goes through the floor, they’re going to be held responsible. I know they did something to the shower. I don’t know what. And they’ve shot bolts of electricity to my hands. Last night, a bolt hit my hand so hard, I couldn’t move my hand for about five minutes.

And they’ve stolen my food.  I couldn’t find four items I had in the refrigerator.  The things just disappeared into the great unknown. And, of course, what would my life be like if I didn’t have someone break into my apartment every day. I’d just be so unhappy that I had no visitors while I was out. I’d probably cry.  Boo-hoo.

I’m back at the library again.  Wednesday was a real quiet day. That’s the day the perps go to their meeting and tell all the horrible things we’ve done. Like gave them the finger, or called the sweet things bastards. They’re such delicate creatures, we can’t mistreat them too much.  Of course, they’d go running to the cops, or librarians, or whomever is in charge to report us and them it’s them against our truth.  And we’d lose because we’re such liars, when we’re not drinking or being violent, or other such bad things we targets do.  You know, the rest of the world is full of angelic beings. Yeah, sure. And if you believe anything I wrote, I have a bridge I can sell you in Brooklyn.

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Gang Stalking – Police officers are also victims of harassment.


Brian WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER (Photo credit: National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund)

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th

Corner of Bedford Ave and N. 6th (Photo credit: ifmuth)

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side

5th Ave Brooklyn New_York north east side (Photo credit: mjording)

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny sprin...

English: Looking north on a mostly sunny springtime early afternoon as Five Boro Bike Tour climbs under Summit Avenue footbridge, past St Stephens Catholic church, and out of Brooklyn Queens Expressway trench in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog)

Brooklyn North Side mural (with dog) (Photo credit: cyclonecy)

Back at the hell hole again.  That’s the library to you.  The hackers broke my computer again. This time the computer only lasted about two weeks before they broke it. The computer is not broken all the way. I was smart enough to give passwords to my hard drive, so they froze the computer.  No programs work.  I can hit and hit and get nothing.

I was reading about a police officer in the North part of Brooklyn, N.Y.,  and he’s experiencing gang stalking, too.  His gang stalking began with the “stop and frisk” program.  This is a program where blacks and Hispanics get stopped for absolutely no reason at all, except for their color.  This police officer is a decent human being and did not want to go along with the program.  He would not stop people and frisk them.  If he saw  someone                              somewhere doing nothing, he left them alone.  The higher-ups wanted him to stop everyone he saw while patrolling in his car.  But he wouldn’t do it. He didn’t feel right harassing people who’d done nothing.  He got demoted to foot patrol in his neighborhood and then  driving around prisoners to where they had to go.

The top brass kept harassing him about his low arrest numbers.  They harassed him so much, his blood pressure went through the roof.  He ended up in the hospital. He spent a week in the hospital and went back to foot patrol.  And again, he wouldn’t arrest anyone.  The upper, upper brass even went to visit him at home and told him to improve his numbers. The told him to “pay the rent”.  Meaning, arrest more people so the police department looks good.

His harassment got so bad,  he decided to quit.  But, no, the top brass wouldn’t let him quit.  They knocked on his door and broke into his apartment.  They told him to get up and go back to work. But feeling as sick as he felt, he said “no”. They yanked him out of bed and told him to get dress.  He wouldn’t get dressed.  They called EMT and had him put in a mental ward. He lives by himself and no one knew he’d been put in a mental ward.  His father didn’t hear from him and went searching for his son.  He eventually found him in the mental ward and took him home.  Both  father and son moved to upstate N.Y.  But the harassment by top brass didn’t stop.   Police officers still show up at his door, knock loudly and say nasty things to him.

He decided to sue the police department.  He had proof of everything that happened to him.  He tape recorded every word from every officer.  But he lost.  And till this day, he’s not left alone. He’s still harassed.

He’s  sued the department again and his trial is coming up soon.

So, I have to believe there are decent police officers out there, but if they follow their conscious, they’re in for a hellish time. I guess that’s why a lot of them just do what they have to and keep their mouths shut until they can retire. This office officer made me realize there are decent police officers out and we shouldn’t judge them all with the same broad brush stroke.  They also are victims of harassment.

P.S. I ran out of time on the computer I’m using, so I had to get in line again.  Yesterday, no one in the library. I used the library for three hours without stopping. Today, gang stalkers waiting in line to use computers, of course. What a surprise!!!!

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Gang Stalking – How many terrorist acts has the National Security Agency created?

English: Brooklyn Bridge, as seen from the Man...

National Security Agency Seal

National Security Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I just discovered the perps were in my apartment and tore my dictionary.  They torn the first five pages, and folded over a section which pointed to medical, and the section under the folded section pointed to doctor.  I guess the crazies are trying to tell me that I need a doctor.  If anyone needs a doctor, it’s those evil sub-humans who would break into someone’s apartment and take apart a dictionary.  They also tore the binding which holds the pages together. I’m glad I didn’t pay too much for the dictionary. I’ve learned my lesson a long time ago about buying anything expensive.  Oh, I’m sure they thought it was a funny thing to do.

Every day when I wake up, I think “what will the jerks do to me today?”  Right away, I want to get back in bed and sleep all day.  But I force myself to get up, take a shower, put on some make-up, make breakfast and get ready for whatever miserable things come my way.  No freak is going to defeat me!

I hope the investigations on the National Security Agency continue.  And I also hope Snowden gets out of Hong Kong and can get to a safe country where he’ll be allowed to tell the truth on what’s really happening to American citizens.  To listen to all those politicians tell it, there’s nothing going on in the U.S. except phone records kept and never looked at.  If anyone, anywhere believes the garbage the U.S. government is letting out, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.

All the politicians are all the television trying to smear Edward Snowden’s name.  How he’s an egomaniac, crazy, an enemy of the U.S., etc.  But it’s not looking good for the politicians.  The only people who believe the politicians are all the American sheep who think spying is good to keep America safe.

With all the internet spying that the U.S. is doing, other countries are thinking twice about doing business with the U.S.  They don’t want the U.S. spying on them.  And I can’t blame them.

The National Security Agency stated that they prevented fifty terrorist acts by spying.  My question is, how many terrorist acts did they create?  I’m sure that if we got a look at all the information the NSA has that we would discover a lot of the names on the list were victims of government targeting.  The NSA created the terrorist. And every day, it creates more of them.

I hope the press continues to investigate the National Security Agency and the truth comes out about what the government is doing to innocent American citizens.

As I’ve written before, nothing lasts forever;  the truth will eventually come out about the National Security Agency and what it’s really doing.

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