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Gang Stalking – Good luck, Seattle Seahawks!!!

Yesterday, I had to pay my rent and had to go into the office. I stay away from the manager’s office at all cost. I only go into it when I have to.

I heard the manager got a new car and she paid cash for it, and I know how she got the cash.  She probably got a bonus for signing up a lot of perps to harass me.  The manager is the one who signs the perps up.  And anytime the perps have something to report, they report it to her and then she passes it on to the handler.  So when I went into the office I made a point of talking with her. I wanted some information on how she got the car and paid cash for it.  So I said to her, “One of the guys told me you paid cash for your new car? How you do that? She replied, “Oh, I worked 2 jobs.” There’s no way she worked 2 jobs.  I’ve talked to her  about earlier jobs and she never said anything about having two jobs, so I know she’s lying.  She either got a big bonus,  or she was given the car as bonus  for signing up all the perps in the complex. That’s how they get rewarded. So she can tell me all she wants about working two jobs, but I know  she did not work two jobs.  And how many people do you know in today’s economy, even working two jobs, who can afford to pay cash for anything? And someone has to have no sense of money to put it all into a car?

So after I got the information I was looking for, I decided to get away from the woman. I know while I’m talking to her she’s recording me on the land phone she keeps on top of her desk. I see her turn it on every time I go into the office, and if she doesn’t do it, she has a guy who’s she’s very friendly with, come into the office and record  the conversation. If she thinks I don’t know about the recoding, well, now she knows I know. And I don’t care if she knows.

As I was about to go out, she asked me if I had any children?  I said, “No.” and then she began giving me a look  that said she was making fun of me. She put her left hand to her eyes,  made believe she was wiping away tears. I ignored her. And while I stood them, she took her legs and began opening and closing them very fast, in a sexual way.  Like a man does when he’s feeling sexual. I stood there and looked at her.  She didn’t take her eyes off me for a second. She was gauging my reaction all the time.  Watching to see how I’d react and then they can get to me if I react.  I didn’t say anything. She was trying to imply that I am  a Lesbian.  And I nothing against Lesbians, to each his own. I calmly walked out of the office. I even told her to have a “nice day”.   I don’t know if she reads my blog, but what I think of her I can’t express here. This is another way they try to insinuate things about us. It’s a psychological game. Another way of getting at us. She can imply anything she wants about me, but I’m going to stay calm. She’s nothing, but a dirty dog! And the next time she does the same thing with her legs, I’m ready for her! Bring it on, idiot!

P.S. I’m sure you’re all aware it’s Super Bowl Sunday.  If I were a betting woman, I’d bet on the Seattle Seahawks to win. Everybody thinks the Broncos will win, but I don’t. Good luck, Seattle Seahawks!!

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