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Gang Stalking – Perps missing a lot of brain cells.

English: Bathroom Refacing

English: Bathroom Refacing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, as is typical when I come into the library, the place is full of perps.  All of them trying to hit me with electricity from their computers, or from their phones. The s–t just never stops. These people are so stupid that I can’t even fathom how they think. I don’t think most of them have too many brain cells.

I don’t know who lives next to me anymore.  I don’t know if it’s the Moroccans, or someone else.  I saw the Moroccans moving a lot of boxes, so I don’t know if they were sending care packages to their family, or moving somewhere else. But whomever lives next to me is ridiculous.  She/he spends all day long sitting around waiting  for me to go into the bathroom.  Every time I enter the bathroom, he/she has to turn on the water.  Boy, that must be really exciting.  Sitting around waiting for me to go to the bathroom so she/it can run the water.  Stupid, isn’t it?  No brain cells!

Anyway, I’m not going to stay on too long today, I must go apartment hunting.  I just came into the library to answer any comments made by my readers.  Readers, you keep me going. Thank you.

P.S. Since I have to come to the library to use the computer, I’ll be slower in my responses to your comments. So, please, be patient with me. Thanks.

Hi, I decided to come back to the library. Of course, everybody’s gone home. There are two computers unused.  I sat right down and began typing.

While I was gone, I went shopping for  food.  I went into a “unname” store and got a few things and water.  I finished shopping and went to the front to pay.  I was behind a man on-line and the cashier took his finger and twirled it around his ear and pointed in my direction.  All of us did this as a kid, so you know it means crazy.  So I  took my finger, twirled it around and pointed it at the cashier. I did it over and over. The cashier dared not look. The man in line began laughing at what I was doing.  The cashier put my water in a bag, which they usually don’t do. I became suspicious.  When I left the store, I took out the water to see what he’d done.  The water was squirting all over the place.  Ok, I said to myself. You want to f–k  with me, I’ll f–k with you, too.  I went back into the store. put the water on the that turnaround thing with the plastic bags, and the water squirted all  over the plastic bags, on the cashier, and everything got wet.  The cashier ran to get paper towels and tried to dry himself and the floor.  In the meantime, I’d left my food by the cashier and ran to get another water. When I came back to the front, the cashier was no longer smiling and still cleaning up the mess. He also had another helper.  Since I’d left my food by the cashier,  I loudly checked to make sure nothing been taken out. Before I left the store, I put on a big smile and told the cashier to have a good day.  He sure did not look happy.

When I left the store, I went to pay my rent.  The manager asked me, “Do you want a receipt?”  She knows I always want a receipt so she purposely always asks to annoy me. I said, “Yes, I do. I don’t trust anyone in here.”  She got a call while she was writing my receipt. While on the phone, she took her middle finger and ran it up and down the crack of her breast.  So I took my finger and did the same thing. She looked at me and was going to say  something, but stopped herself and her finger.

You want to f–k with me, I’ll do the same thing back. I know it sounds childish what I did, but, hey, we targets need to have some fun, too.

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