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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – What other person or animal could you have been in a former life?

I’ve often felt the call of the wild. Sometimes I feel a stronger connection to animals than I do other human beings.

My body tells me that in a former life, I was a lion (Panthera leo). I can see myself on the Serengeti sitting down calmly with my pride looking dignified. I’ve always had very thick hair and it remains me of a lion’s mane. And my eyes look lion-like. And I’m always ready if someone decides to come at me. A lion doesn’t go looking for trouble, but if someone wants him, he’s ready to fight. And that’s the way I am, too. I don’t go looking for trouble, but I don’t back down if someone wants to harm me. As a lion does, I look them straight in the eyes,and give them a warning that I’m won’t put up with bullshit. If they persist in coming at me, I’m ready like a lion.

Also, I was born in August, the sign of Leo the lion.  What more proof do I need?

Countdown: 111 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Who annoys you more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?

Off the top of my head, I would have to say Lady Gaga.  Justin Bieber is very young and so for that I excuse a lot of things he does and says.

Lady Gaga on the other hand is a grown woman. Lady Gaga is full of herself. She thinks before she came along, no one existed that is as fabulous as  herself.   She thinks that she’s going to  reinvent “shock value.”  Before her, there was Cher who did her best to shock us with her see-through and strange clothing.  And then, there was Madonna with her religious shock value, using rosary beads and statues of the Virgin Mary to shock the public.  At least both have lasted in the public eye for over 20 years.

Lady Gaga wore skin as clothing. She said it was because she didn’t want to be considered a piece of meat. Lady Gaga, if you think about it,  you are a piece of meat.  You have a heart, lungs, veins, just as the meat we eat does.  I’m a piece of meat. You are all  pieces of meat. It’s kind of gross thinking of myself  as a piece of meat, but it is what it is.

Lady Gaga  usually arrives on stage in all sorts of gimmicky ways.  One time she was carried in inside an egg, which I heard she spent 72 hours in  without leaving it.  She spent all the time in the egg to get a feel for being born.  Another time, four men  carried her in.  It reminded me of Cleopatra being carried in by her servants.  That’s probably where she got the idea.  Lady Gaga, you’re no Cleopatra.  At least she was a pharaoh.  And you’re not that original.  Get over yourself!

I do like some of her songs, but none of them is anything I haven’t heard before.  She hasn’t broken any new ground with her singing, nor  invented a new style of song.  What exactly is her gift to us mere mortals?  There is nothing about her that says “new.”   Everything she’s done has been done before by someone else.  Lady Gaga, will you still be around 20 years from now?

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – Make a prediction about next week.

Barack Obama at the University of Nevada, Las ...

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Two Towers Las Vegas

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You’re kidding? Right? I can’t even predict what I’ll be doing the next minute, never mind predicting what is going to happen next week. But that’s the topic for today, so I’ll look into my crystal ball and see what it says.

The crystal ball tells me that next week there will be more information on Osama and his death. And it will continue for a while.

Obama’s popularity will see an upsurge. Donald Trump will still be harping on Obama’s birth place;  and is Obama really a citizen of the U.S.

The weather in Las Vegas will be in the 100s. Las Vegans will be complaining about the hot weather and how they can’t wait for cooler weather.

Gang stalkers will still be gang stalking me every day. And I will try to get even with them as much as I can.

Bloggers at WordPress.com will all be writing their blogs. Some of them will get lucky and end up on Freshly Pressed and get a slew of new readers to their blog.

The crystal ball also tells me that the world will continue as it is.  It will rain somewhere, the sun will shine,  the moon will appear at night and the stars will glow to give us light.  People everywhere will fall asleep, wake up, some will die, some will be born, some will lose their jobs, some will find a job, some will make love to each other,  etc., etc., etc.  And that’s all I’m getting from the crystal ball.  It’s telling me that it’s time for me to quit and get going.

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