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Gang Stalking – Thank God those days of women fainting are over.

I decided I needed to rest for a day, so I took a day off from everything. I didn’t clean, cooked something from a package, and rested by reading a book. One of those Austen books. Have times changed for women? I don’t know  if we’re worse off today or not. It seems there’s not been much improvement in how women live. But thank God those days of women always fainting are over!

Anyway, to get back to how my day went.

At about 10:30 a.m., the electronic hitting began. I got hit from every direction, south, north, west, east. I got hit in my face, teeth, knees, stomach, etc. Any body part that you can think of got hit.  I was getting hit from the west really hard so I decided to go out and see who was doing it. As soon as I stepped on the walkway, a woman in a black car from across the street backed up and made a U-turn and took off like lightning. I’m surprised she didn’t run someone over. Then my instincts told me to go right. I went right. And there was the man who’s always outside in the morning waiting for me to come out.  This man looks like a billy-goat. He has one of those beards that resemble a goat’s. He was sitting on the wall looking toward my apartment. He didn’t know I was coming and looked very surprised. Well, I got my gadget out and hit him back. He made believe he was feeling nothing, but I could see him moving his fingers around trying not to seem as if he was hurting. I hadn’t locked my door and  suddenly felt I had to leave and go check my door. My door was open.  It’s amazing the instincts  I’ve developed dealing with the devils.

I went back into my apartment and the hitting began again. It was coming from the idiot upstairs, downstairs, diagonally across from me. From everywhere. They weren’t going to leave me alone for the rest of the day. They were going to make sure I didn’t rest. And for the rest of the day that’s what went on. Non-stop electronic hitting from everywhere.  These people are like rats and roaches. They only come out when no one’s around. They don’t have the guts to look someone in the eye and face them. So all day, I had to protect myself rom the rats and the roaches. I didn’t get one bit of rest. And the night was even worse.  But I won’t go into every detail because if I do, they’ll only make my life worse. And believe me, my life can’t get any worse, or maybe it can?

These sub-humans really need to get a dose of their own medicine.  But, of course, they always go running to their monitors and tell them what I’ve done and that they can’t get to me. And the monitor always comes up with a new plan to make my life even more miserable. And the babies go back to feeling smug. But it doesn’t last for too long, because I always have a back up plan.

Ahh, poor, poor babies. I guess they need their mommies around to protect them. They can’t do it themselves.

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Gang Stalking – I hate the perps for making my life so joyless.

For the first time in about three and a half  years I went to the park.  I used to go to the park all the time.  But there came a point, I decided it was too miserable an experience to go there.  As soon as I’d enter the park, parents would show up  with their children.  Of  course, they just had to sit where I sat.  They’d tell their brats to make as much noise as possible, to scream and yell at the top of their lungs.  Not only would they tell them to do this, but they’d tell them to jump up and down on the tables.  Nice thing to teach their kids. To become as wild as possible.  I took it for a while, but then I began to feel like I’d like to take the kids and turn them around and just hit their bottoms to teach them to behave. I decided it was safer for me to stay out of the park. I didn’t want to be accused of child abuse.  So I passed by the park, but  stayed away from entering it.

Now, I decided to give the park another try. How much worse can it be than what it used to be?   Well, honestly, a lot worse.  I went to the park yesterday and sat on a rock, far away from everybody in the park.  Well, as usually happens, the area I was sitting in became the area to sit.  Immediately, mothers with their children, women with dogs, men walking, boy/girlfriends, etc. just had to sit  near the vicinity of where I sat.  The park’s surrounded by apartment complexes, people put their chairs out and watched me non-stop.  Every way I turned, someone was watching me.  I did not leave the park, I moved and sat in another area. Again, the area became the newest place to hang out.  Some of the people sent their dogs my way, so I’d pet the dog and then they thought I’d start a conversation with them.  I paid no attention.  A lot of  women  passed by me talking as if they were miles from each other, not next to each other.  I  had a book I was reading and totally absorbed myself in the book.  And I  managed to stay put for an hour.  After an hour, I’d had enough of the ridiculous idiots. I left.

I can’t even sit in the park for an hour without someone annoying the hell out of me.  I can tell you I hate these people for making my life so joyless.  I can’t sit in the park, go for a walk, the store, get on the bus, etc. without having an entourage.

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Gang Stalking – Go out and live life!


door 212

door 212 (Photo credit: Aunt Owwee)

English: Twigs, 55294 Bodenheim, Germany

English: Twigs, 55294 Bodenheim, Germany (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where I live, I can see signs of other people who are victims of gang stalking.  I make it my job to see what’s really going on around me. I don’t want to fool myself  into thinking that this is not happening to anyone else.  I know it is.

I live in apartment 208, and I know that the person in 210 is also a victim of gang stalking.  There are signs all over his front door.  Someone has placed twigs right in front of it.  No one else has twigs in front of their door, not even me.  I see twigs in front of my door and remove them.  The twigs in front of the man’s door are very neatly arranged, so  it’s not done by the wind.  I’ m tempted to knock on the man’s door and tell him  what’s happening to him, but I don’t.  I know that if I knock on his door, it’s just someone who they’ll turn into a harasser.  I don’t need another perp in my life.

There’s also a person who lives in apartment 110 who is a victim.  I see signs everywhere.  Lots of papers in front of his door, tree limbs, lots of cracks in the cement, very dirty looking, uneven blinds.  I’ve never seen the person who lives in 110.  He has a sign in  front of  his/her  door that tells the delivery man to leave all packages in the manager’s office. But I also won’t knock on the person’s door and tell him what’s happening to him.

On my floor, there’s me and another target.  On the first floor, another two targets. And diagonally across from me on the second floor, someone recently moved on who was also a gang stalking victim.  There are now wires hanging from the ceiling.

So just in the immediate area where I live, there are 8 targets.  There might be more.  I don’t really know.  This is a large complex.

There are between 10 – 12 buildings (I have to count them some day).   If I multiply the number of targets times buildings, I get the  total of at least 80 – 100 targets.  Can you imagine, just in this complex, that many targets?   And if you think about it, there must be about  100 targets in all the complexes surrounding me.  So I figure there must be at least between 500 – 1000 targets in the immediate vicinity.  That’s a lot of targets.  A lot of people going through hell. I have a lot of company.  If I could harness all this target power, we could give the perps a run for their money.

But most  targets hide.  I’d wish they come out and live life.  They shouldn’t let the perps stop them from doing what they want.  They’re letting the perps rule their lives.  And that’s exactly what they want targets to do.  They want  targets to be isolated from other people.  To become totally paranoid.

If you’re a target and reading this, don’t isolate yourself.  Go out and live life as best you can.  Don’t let those losers ruin your life anymore.  Get out more.  Go for a walk, take a book out of the library, sit in the park and enjoy the good weather, do something! Don’t let them isolate you anymore.  Take a chance on life.  You only have one life and you shouldn’t  spend it hiding away.

If you’ve hidden, I know it’s going to be hard for you to go out.  Take baby steps.  Every day, go for a short walk, and then make it longer each day.  And pretty soon, you won’t even think twice about going out.

Now, go live life!

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Gang Stalking – Off Topic – PostaDay 2011 – How do you know when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em?

I’ve always thought this expression applied only to gambling, specifically poker.  But I guess if I think about it, it can apply to anything that happens in life.

Let’s say you have a good friend and you trust him or her, you hold ’em. If a good friend becomes an annoyance, then you fold ’em.

If you have stocks that are earning you money, you hold ’em. Not earning you any dividends, fold ’em.

You have a job that you really like and you’re happy with it, hold ’em. Hate your job and wish you’d get fired, so you can get  unemployment while looking for a job, fold ’em.

You’re reading a book you can’t put down, hold ’em.   A book you’re reading is absolutely awful, you fold ’em.

The place you’re living in is a really nice place, and the thought of moving makes you unhappy, hold ’em.   If it’s a place that you absolutely hate, as I do this place I live in, fold ’em.

So I guess I just learned  a new way of using the expression “when to hold ’em, and when to fold ’em”.  I’ve always liked this expression, and maybe I can use it in other blogs I write.  The expression has many useful meanings.  It can describe the yin and yang of life.  Who would have thought…?

Countdown:  104 blogs to write.

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Gang Stalking – PostaDay 2011 – Have you ever considered writing a book?

If so, what would it be about?  Make a list of the ideas you want to cover, or themes it might have. If you’ve never considered writing a book, what other major works have you thought about (a movie? a symphony?). Write a paragraph or two about what you imagine it would be like  ( I feel as if I’ve written a paragraph already).

I’ve thought of doing all the above at one time or another.  If I’ve been at a symphony and the music just takes my breath away, I’ve felt that it would be wonderful to write beautiful music. If I’ve read a really good book, I envy the writer his power with words and dream of writing a great book some day.  Or if I’ve seen an excellent movie, I’ve thought of how fantastic it would be to make a great movie.  But I doubt I’ll ever write a great symphony or a great movie.  But, there’s still the option left to me to perhaps write a really interesting story. 

If I wrote  a  book, it would probably be a family history (ala Alex Haley).  It would include my family’s journey from Spain to Puerto Rico.  From Puerto Rico to New  York.  New York  and scattering of family throughout the U.S.  It’s a journey many Americans could write about from their ancestors’ starting point.  It would show a family’s journey through hardships,  triumphs,  losses, learning new languages as  newcomers, customs, etc.  The book would be historical.  The book would  be passed on to future generations of my family.  It would be like a  sort of  family bible.  All future generations would be given a gift of the  book when old enough to understand the family’s journey.  I’ve always thought you have to know where you come from to move  forward.  And someone is less likely to get in trouble if he/she is aware of all the family history he/she carries within them.

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