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Gang Stalking – I’m now the outsider.

I had to get off the computer to let someone get on.  What I typed someone erased, so I have to begin again.  To the bastard who deleted my blog, go straight to hell, no stopping on the way. Bastard!

At one time I used to be  a nice woman.  I cared what happened to gays, blacks, homeless people, disadvantaged,  etc.  But I no longer do.  The same people who I  cared about and did things for have become  the very same people who now make my life a living hell.  I used to  hand out sandwiches to the homeless women and men I saw on the street. I voted for gay rights,  freedom for all to vote, etc.

But now that I have no rights, none of these people are worrying about my rights. They’ve become insiders and I’ve become the outsider. They could care less if someone is breaking into my apartment every day, that at the library my computer’s hacked, that I’m followed everywhere,  that I get hit with electricity all the time, that there’s nothing I can do where someone will not harass me. They only care about theirs rights now.  They no longer give a shit about my rights. Their rights mattered, but mine don’t!

But what makes these idiots think that  their rights will always be there for them?  What makes them think that some day the same thing won’t happen to them?  By not caring about my rights, they’re making a big mistake.  When I lose my rights, they will also eventually lose theirs. That’s the way the world works.

So now, I can’t say I’m still a nice woman.  I’ve learned that just because someone  suffered that when the time comes to be there for the ones who helped him/her that person will be there for him/her.  Don’t bet on it!  The ones who longer have to worry about their rights won’t give a shit about yours.  But I can tell you, next time I wont be there for them! Let them fend for themselves – that’s a lesson I’ve learned and won’t forget.

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