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Gang Staking – Parents should pay for their kids’ bad behavior.

I have to retype what I just wrote. The hacker next to me took over my page so I had to delete to write on my normal page.  (Hacker, 3-20 years in prison for hacking.)

Yesterday, as I walked, a black  boy,  about 9 or 10 years, tried to run me over with his bike.  I was heading toward him and he a  made a left to hit me with the bike.  I saw him coming toward me and did not move. He was so surprised  that I did not move that he went into the fence. And then he tried to get away and almost got hit by a car. The driver was paying attention to what was going on and stopped just in time to avoid hitting him. If he hadn’t, the boy would have been killed.  I’m sure the parents of this boy encouraged him to do things like this to targets. What kind of parents encourage this kind of behavior?

This morning, as I took a walk, another black boy, about the same age, also try to hit me with his bike. He came at  me and I did not move. He, also, went into the fence. This time, I did not stay quiet. I said something to him which was not very nice. I won’t repeat what I said here. It was not a racist remark. It was what I hoped happened to him.  When he heard what I said, he looked shocked.  He did not move.  Well, I can tell the others who are planning to do the same thing to me, I ain’t moving. If you run into me purposely, your parents will have to pay my medical bills. If these parents encourage their kids to misbehave, they should pay the price for my medical bills.

I’ve been  beaten up quite a few times. All of the beatings have been by black people. I’ve never had anything against black, but I’m beginning to think, they’re all after me. I think people of black heritage are taking out on us targets what they haven’t been able to do to other people. No one will defend us if someone who is black beats us up. Other perps will encourage them to beat us.  All of them are now all one color. When it comes to targeting us, there is no color divide, just get at the targets and abuse them.

I’ve always believed that people of every color have a right to live in peace and live the best life  they can. But I guess for us targets, we shouldn’t even exist. It’s all right for anyone of any color to abuse us and no one of any color will defend us.

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