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Gang Stalking – Entering another year of hell!

That woman I told you about yesterday at the library, showed up again today. Of course, she showed up exactly at the same time I did. And she was wearing “pink” as I am. And today she’s just as high as a kite.  She sat next to me, of course. She put her arms up to show me she’s wearing the same color, and smiled at me. What a coincidence she’s wearing the same color! Yeah, sure! I turned away from her and paid no attention.  She began babbling to herself in the way “druggies” do. She turned and began babbling to a man.  He gave her a dirty look and walked away. Oh, life is just so wonderful for us targets! How ever did we get so lucky? It’s one exciting adventure after another?!!

One thing, always stay calm no matter what. Even if I want to grab someone and do something, I just keep myself calm. That’s the only way to survive what we’re going through. They want us to lose our “cool”.

I must admit, I don’t always stay cool. It’s hard to always stay calm with what we have to put up with every day.  And we’re only human. But considering everything I put up with every day, I do a pretty good job staying calm when the perps take over the library.  If I did half the things the perps do, I’d be thrown out of the library and escorted out by a security guard.

I told you about the time a woman harassed me and I said a few four letter words to her. She went to the librarian and complained. And I was thrown out of the library for a whole year. A guy recently said to me “FY” in front of a librarian, but she did nothing. If that had been me, I wouldn’t be in the library now.

The woman is still in the library blabbing some nonsense.

Well, entering another year of hell!

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